Pro Life (Abortion) Essay Examples

The Pro Life: Adoption Is Always A Better Option

“The pro-life Center for Medical Progress released last month an undercover video of Ann Schutt-Aine, director of abortion services at Planned Parenthood, Gulf Coast, admitting to using forceps to hold a fetus inside of a mother’s womb while ripping off its limbs to prevent a...
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Pro-Life: Abortion and the Church

A big controversial topic that has boomed in the most recent years is abortion. Abortion has become so controversial because of the two set standpoint categories. The standpoints being prochoice and prolife which is also considered antiabortion or antichoice. People might ask, ‘what is abortion?’,...
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Pro-Life Movement against Abortion

Introduction Nothing in this world is black and white, there is always grey, so when it comes to abortion everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else. People can argue all they want whether abortion is right...
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A Priceless Gift: Student Activism against Abortions

In an era of rising poverty and inequality among many social issues; today’s high school and post-secondary students are taking initiative and educating themselves in public matters through school and any means necessary, in order to be a part of the change. Many people dismiss...
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The Peculiarities of Pro-Life Social Movement

In 1973, the court case of Roe versus Wade established that women had the constitutional right to decide to have an abortion or not. An anonymous woman sued the district attorney of Dallas, Texas, because she believed that her right to choose to have an...
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