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Pro Life (Abortion) Essays

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Abortion can be described in a variety of ways but the end result is always going to be the same as terminating pregnancies. Abortion can be performed in a variety of ways including unplanned, surgical, and medical abortion. 

For decades abortion has been a controversial topic or subject. Some people view, they see abortion as a sinful act taking an innocent infant’s life while some see it as a choice for an individual who is pregnant, and these people all fall into two categories which are pro-choice, and pro-life. 

Pro-choice supporters believe that the mom’s decision to abort a pregnancy is theirs alone and that the government and individuals have no power to engage in it. 

Pro-lifers believe that the embryo or fetus is living from the moment of conception. You have no moral right to abort a life because this embryo or fetus is alive and is a person if you proceed or abort the infant then you will be committing murder. Pro-lifers commonly use the term murder to describe what happens when an embryo or fetus is aborted. Murder is defined as the intentional and unjustified killing of another person. How can anyone tell a woman that she cannot abort an embryo fetus to end a pregnancy caused by rape or incest ( pro-choice)? A woman cannot handle the prospect of having a child who will serve as a continual reminder of what happened on such and such a day so many years ago. 

The mother does not want to kill a baby instead she wants to stop an embryo from developing into a newborn. The mother snuffs out the possibility of life. If the mother aborts the embryo at a young age, it is not even recognized as a human being. Each woman in my opinion has the right to choose whether or not to terminate an undesired pregnancy example rape, family finance, drug addict ect. Pro-choice might argue that terminating a pregnancy might have to do with the health of the mother herself, sometimes the mother is unable to meet the kid’s demands after birth, resulting in child maltreatment and mental illness. 

In these circumstances personally, abortion is the only option because the majority of the time abortions occur when contraception fails when a woman is raped, or when the mother has a terrible medical condition that could result in her death even the pro-lifers have agreed on this. In this case, abortion is frequently the only option or way for avoiding the birth of an unwanted child or saving a mother’s life. According to research, it is dangerous for young teenagers to become pregnant since their bodies are not mature enough to give birth. Because they are still children, many teenagers are unable to offer the necessary conditions for parenting a child. The impact of having a baby can lead to the termination of a future profession, putting the mother and baby at risk of living in poverty. The pro-lifer would argue that the teen should have the baby because it will allow the mother to mature. They would go on to advise that the mother might put the baby up for adoption in order to save the child’s life.

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Essay on Planned Parenthood Pro-Choice Versus Pro-Life Debate

Planned Parenthood, established in 1916, was built on the belief that every woman should have access to the information and reproductive healthcare required to live a healthy life without limitations. In the present day, this non-profit organization is not only a healthcare provider, but also an educator, passionate advocate, and a global partner to similar organizations. Planned Parenthood has existed as an organization in Texas for over 80 years; the first location to open in Texas was the Waco clinic...
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A Priceless Gift: Student Activism against Abortions

In an era of rising poverty and inequality among many social issues; today’s high school and post-secondary students are taking initiative and educating themselves in public matters through school and any means necessary, in order to be a part of the change. Many people dismiss student activism as they think it is only relevant to changes pertaining to within the campus such as, tuition, dress code regulation, censorship. However, student involvement has proven to be a significant agent of social...
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The Peculiarities of Pro-Life Social Movement

In 1973, the court case of Roe versus Wade established that women had the constitutional right to decide to have an abortion or not. An anonymous woman sued the district attorney of Dallas, Texas, because she believed that her right to choose to have an abortion was being violated (Oyez 2018). Harry Blackmun, Supreme Court judge, announced that the woman was correct in believing that her rights were being violated and that is was unconstitutional to have a law that...
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Pro-Life Movement against Abortion

Introduction Nothing in this world is black and white, there is always grey, so when it comes to abortion everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else. People can argue all they want whether abortion is right or wrong but the answer comes with the c-word; Choice. If you don’t believe in abortion thats okay but it doesn’t mean that you can take away someone else’s rights, because everyone should be allowed...
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Abortion as a Moral Intractability and a Pro-Life Movement

A moral dilemma occurs when there is a conflict in which you must choose between two or more actions and there is ethical reasoning behind each action. The conflict of abortion has been an ongoing debate since the early 1800’s. An abortion is the procedure a woman can choose to undergo to terminate her pregnancy. In most cases a woman would choose to take such an action if the fetus is unhealthy or the fetus is detrimental to her health....
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Abortion Opinion Essay: Thoughts

The topic of abortion issues is one with great controversy. There are many ethical, moral, medical and religious question. Many people take side as pro-choice or pro-life. There is strong feeling for both school of thought. We look at the public opinion of both positive and negative aspect of abortion issues. Abortion is one of about six major issues that the public considers when voting (Witwer). It is a complex issue that has been passionately debated for centuries. Many people...
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Pro-Life: Abortion and the Church

A big controversial topic that has boomed in the most recent years is abortion. Abortion has become so controversial because of the two set standpoint categories. The standpoints being prochoice and prolife which is also considered antiabortion or antichoice. People might ask, ‘what is abortion?’, an abortion is stopping the pregnancy in the female by terminating the fetus, most happening within the first 28 weeks of being conceived. Abortion is viewed in many ways, yet no matter how many times...
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Abortion Overall Must Never Be A Person's First Choice Of Action

As a person, one is faced with many dilemmas in life. A tremendous epidemic that has been debated for many years is abortion. Abortion is a major moral dilemma in today’s society, which most people do not take into consideration. The thesis I am arguing is that abortion must be liberated in society and it is unacceptable that innocent lives are terminated due to a lack of inhumanity and integrity. There may be certain situations that may be reasonable to...
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The Pro Life: Adoption Is Always A Better Option

“The pro-life Center for Medical Progress released last month an undercover video of Ann Schutt-Aine, director of abortion services at Planned Parenthood, Gulf Coast, admitting to using forceps to hold a fetus inside of a mother’s womb while ripping off its limbs to prevent a partial-birth abortion from taking place” (Richardson). Richardson explains a horrific story that gets spilled about Planned Parenthood. The practice of partial-birth abortion is horrifically abusive to a live human being. People have told many terrible...
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Every Person Has The Right To Be Born No Matter What

Has our respect for human life stopped? How can we deny something which is beautiful in its creation and individuality? How wonderful is an infant, to be given a chance at life? How beautiful it is to see the love shared between a mother and infant. This gift of life should not be a thing to dismiss from importance. Abortion is a grotesque thing, a despairing thing, a thing that brings dread, mourning, remorse, and regret. While I am advocating...
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Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice Essay

When the topic of abortion is mentioned in a conversation people often that something absurd is about to be said. Either an experience someone has had, a story to share about a friend of a friend or an unfortunate tragedy. For many abortions is a very controversial topic. This conversation can be dated back to the famously known landmark decision by the US supreme court called the Roe v. Wade case. The court ruled that abortions were banned unless the...
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Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Essay

Abortion is a medical or surgical procedure that deliberately ends a pregnancy before an embryo or fetus is born. Opponents of abortion typically object to the practice for religious or ethical reasons, contending that the procedure constitutes the cruel termination of what they consider to be a viable human life. Those who support a woman’s right to choose an abortion argue that access to safe, legal abortions is a human right. In Roe v. Wade (1973), the US Supreme Court...
6 Pages 2822 Words
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