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Problems and Solutions of Cyberbullying

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What are the problems and solutions of cyberbullying? Introduction The topic of cyberbullying was chosen because I am interested on learning how much of a problem this is and how to decrease this problem. Cyberbullying is linked to the topic of digital world. Social media and phones have become a necessity in most people’s lives. Although most of these online experiences end up being positive, many can also be negative. Using a form of technology to threaten or harass someone is known as cyberbullying, it is dangerous because it is usually anonymous or very hard to trace. (Ben-Joseph) This includes sending or sharing false, or mean content about someone else. ('What is Cyberbullying.') It can lead to depression, anxiety, and other health problems, especially for teenagers. There are many problems of cyberbullying, but there are multiple ways we can prevent cyberbullying from happening and solve this issue that is affecting many people all around the world. Often, cyberbullying can break anti-discrimination or sexual harassment laws. (Ben-Joseph) Global Perspective Analyse information The Cybersmile foundation is a global organisation committed to tackling all forms of digital abuse, harassment and bullying online. (Who we are – Cybersmile.) This organisation provides support for others, and provides resources and consultancy to governments, individuals, corporations, and educational institutions around the world. Cybersmile makes many campaigns across countries (Cybersmile Campaigns), and aims to make bullying “uncool”. On June 15th, Cybersmile Foundations set up Stop Cyberbullying day, in which celebrities and famous brands helped spread awareness to stop cyberbullying. Celebrities gave away signed merchandise, and these giveaways encouraged internet users to share their supportive and inspiring messages on social media using #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY and reached more than 1.2 million internet users.

Furthermore, this organisation is very helpful to everyone and has been extremely successful in making everyone aware of this issue, as well as preventing and teaching others how to respond to bullying. Their mission is to make sure everybody has the right to access and to enjoy the benefits that our new modern digital world offers – without the fear of bullying, threats and abuse. (Stop Cyberbullying Day | About. ) Personal response Although cyberbullying does not cause as much physical harm towards the victims than physical bullying, it creates emotional scars and can lead to self harm in many cases. I believe that The Cybersmile Foundation is doing the best they can because cyberbullying isn’t addressed often enough and people need to acknowledge there is a very big problem that needs to be solved. For this particular concern, I think that the global approach to this is for more people to become aware of this issue. Cyberbullying is especially harmful because for bullies, online bullying and harassment this could potentially be easier for them because they do not have to confront the person. (Ben-Joseph) This organisation is trying to help as much as they can, but without the help of others being aware of this issue, online bullying will continue to increase even more at a faster rate. The amount technology is being used nowadays is expanding, and the amount of cyberbullying has to decrease. Future scenarios/courses of action By talking more about these organisations, and telling close friends, relatives, classmates about how these organisations help to solve the problem of cyberbullying. Participating in the campaigns and supporting them will also help this problem. The No Bully organisation has come up with a No Bully System. Schools that use the No Bully System are solving 90% of the bullying. Using this system could ending a lot of the bullying happening.

Recently, findings from neuroscience, positive psychology and evolutionary biology indicate that all youth, including those involved in bullying, demonstrate compassion and inclusiveness when their school invests in the culture that support these behaviors. Sources evaluation These sources are reliable because The Cybersmile Foundation is a global organisation which has held many campaigns and is very well known. The website also explains exactly what it does and how it has helped spread awareness and try to prevent cyberbullying. National/Local Perspective Analyse information In Hong Kong, there aren’t that many people that are that aware of cyberbullying. Many of my relatives and close family do not even know what cyberbullying is, or just vaguely. Cyberbullying is an increasingly serious problem that needs to be solved as fast as possible. Self-harm and suicide is not unknown as a result of cyberbullying. These risks needs to be prevented and they need to be stopped. (International ) 300 out of 1,900 pupils from 28 secondary schools in Hong Kong, said they were cyber bullied while using social media apps. (Zhang ) According to a study by the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society in 2012 found that one in three students between Year 4 to Year 9 were victims of cyberbullying. (Rachel Blundy, Yupina Ng, Sarah Zheng ) In England, the rate of cyberbullying is similar to Hong Kong. There is so much technology used and it is so advanced that everyone can be an easy target to be bullied online. ('You can End Bullying | no Bully.') Comparing countries such as Hong Kong and England to a place like Sweden, the effects of cyberbullying on people are a lot different. In Sweden, 91% of people were aware of cyberbullying and its effects on humans. If people are more aware or this, they can prevent it. This is the reason rates of cyberbullying in a place like Sweden is a lot less then somewhere such as Hong Kong or England. In April 2018, statistics showed the overall awareness of cyberbullying in select countries worldwide. While in the UK, only 71% were aware of this big issue. Sweden has one of the best education systems in the whole world, so they often educate students about cyberbullying to make everyone aware of it.

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Personal response I think using Sweden’s approach on trying to solve cyberbullying is better because from using the different techniques, Sweden’s percentage of cyberbullying has decreased and is a lot less than England. Comparing the national and local perspectives of England and Sweden showed that the more people were aware of how to handle the situation, the less people that suffered. From this we can see that because more people in Sweden knew about cyberbullying and how to deal with it, there was a less percentage of cyberbullying in Sweden than England. Negative online reputation could even end up affecting your university admissions, employment, etc. ('What is Cyberbullying.') Future scenarios/courses of action To help this problem, we could set up organisations and campaigns to try to put an end to it. This issue should be talked about regularly, parents should ask children if anything weird has happened lately online, or if there is anyone trying to harass or bully them. (Forssell ) Schools can set up more talks and bring guest speakers into school to talk about how to respond to online bullying, and how to prevent it from happening at all. ('How to Handle Cyberbullying: A Parents' Guide | Swedish Medical Center Seattle and Issaquah.') The evidence that supports this is that even though the amount of technology used is increasing and that this problem is increasing hugely, the more people aware and the more organisations spreading awareness are helping people respond to bullying better. Sometimes bullying online is not recognised until it is too late, if people are more cautious online it will cause less harm to people online. Sources evaluation My sources and statistics of this section are reliable because I have cross referenced them with a few other websites and the facts are the same and accurate. Other information also matches the information we have found out. Some of these websites are organisations. Personal Perspective Analyse information Technology is a big part of our lives, a necessity nowadays.

Technology has benefited us in many ways, but as technology advances, more harmful things can start to happen online. There should be a rule enforced upon cyberbullying. This can prevent damage to our community and those of us in danger. Cyberbullying affects our lives greatly. It is everywhere and we do not notice it enough. Friends are getting bullied and getting abused digitally. Not enough people know about cyberbullying and the effects it has on others and themselves. Personal response Sometimes, my friends can get called inappropriate names and they start losing self-esteem. Peers have started to feel anxious and depressed. This can lead to even more serious health issues like self-harming and suicide, people can end up doing things they would not normally do all because of a cyberbully. A few have even been harassed online, and this needs to be put to a stop. I have seen numerous films and short clips on how cyberbullying can affect our everyday lives. In particular, a video on Amanda Todd. She was a victim of cyberbullying . Prior to her death, she posted a video on Youtube telling us her story on what life was like for her and how she had suffered. Amanda started to self-harm, diagnosed with depression, and tried committing suicide three times. She drank bleach, overdosed, and ended up hanging herself.

People sent her nasty comments and called her horrific names. If people had given her more support and stopped threatening her online, there is a chance she could still be alive today. Future scenarios/courses of action In the future, simple but effective solutions can be used to stop cyberbullying. Support your family and friends if something has happened to them. If you have noticed something unusual or there is an incident, talk to the school, your parents, and find a solution. Notice straight away if something surprising has happened, prevent someone bullying you online. Cyberbullying can easily be prevented if you are cautious online and be careful when talking to someone, especially if you do not know them. Conclusion Cyberbullying is a severe issue that is not acknowledged often enough. I think if people are more aware of this issue, it will put less people in harm’s way. Often teenagers are lured into the deepest, darkest voids of the internet and as a result end up being affected. Cyberbullying whilst dangerous tends to be an overlooked subject because many people are unaware of this. It only started to become an issue when the internet started to develop and social media became the only way people communicated with one another. In some case social media can help you connect with old friends or family across the world, however it also creates a space for strangers to seek you out. Social media platforms create a vulnerable outlet for strangers to attack, which reinforces the common saying we were told as children ‘stranger danger’.

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