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Problems Faced By an Indian Middle Class Family

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Before understanding the problems of an Indian middle-class family we should first understand what is a middle-class family. A middle-class family is a social group that consists of ordinary people who usually have good jobs and are neither rich nor very poor.

Monetary Problem: This is one of the most common problems a middle-class man has to deal with. With the slumping economy and the ever-increasing costs of everything from groceries to petrol, how can one expect something different? With a modest salary that can hardly even cover electricity bills and taxes, the middle-class man faces roadblocks every step of the way because there’s just no money left, no money to save, and no money to buy anything. Interest rates on loans are going through the ceiling; insurance premiums had never before been so costly; so now the middle-class man finds himself knee-deep in debts, mortgages and loans.

Quality Education: Along with everything today, education to has caught up in terms of cost. A decent education for their kids is something all parents think about. But maybe the middle-class man cannot even afford to think about it. Most children who go to esteemed colleges and universities think renowned private schools, tuition, coaching classes, etc all are a must. Also, there are additional expenses in terms of mandatory picnics, Industrial Visits, fees for other annual programs etc. But most middle-class children have to do with Government schools and maybe no tuition unless it’s very cheap. Sometimes even with an excellent academic record, the best colleges are out of reach without a scholarship due to financial constraints. In severe situations, parents even have to sell off their assets such as jewellery for their children’s education

Health-related and Medical Problems: Most middle-class people don’t have medical insurance. Not every doctor is kind, not every clinic is going to waive charges. What happens then if an unfortunate accident takes place or if someone has a medical condition and the treatment costs are way beyond their means? What happens is that they don’t go to the best hospitals and clinics, they don’t get the best treatments and operations, and they’re not in the best hands. Can you even imagine the risks attached to situations like that? Can you deal with it if you can’t get the best treatment for your sick child? That’s what a common man faces every day.

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Catching up with technology: The pressure of coping up with the latest technology is also a new issue faced by a middle-class family. People having jobs should necessarily have a smartphone and laptop as it becomes their part of work. Also, parents who manage to educate their children in good school face difficulties like e-learning for which tablet or smartphone is necessary. I am not against technology or school policies but all these surely have an adverse monetary effect on Indian Middle-class family. There are still things like hi-fi laptops, pads, Smart television sets, microwaves, ovens etc which they cannot afford.

Attention deficit and Tension is always a companion: No one takes notice of an average, middle-class family. A middle-class family person is overlooked, ignored, sometimes even spoken to and treated badly. Even if they have a million buck solution to a world-threatening problem, their opinion will not be asked.

Also, Tension is always on their mind. All the above-listed problems not only keeps the adults of the family but also the children. The expectation to work hard and earn more always tenses the adults whereas the expectation of socializing and pressure of fulfilling their parents dreams tenses the children of a middle-class family.

Can’t Afford to dream: The last point brought something to my mind. I’m not talking here about the dreams that we see when we’re up in seventh heaven. Nah, the dreams I speak of are the ones all of us have about our future: our ambitions, our goals, what and where we want to be someday. A middle-class man can’t do that because if he does, there will be a lot of disappointments, heartbreaks and ego-bruising things to deal with and again their practical life and difficulties bring them back to earth.

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