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Persuasive Essay on Texting While Driving

Texting while driving at the same moment jeopardizes the life of many drivers every day. Many people feel that staying associated with the outside world, despite the reality that it is not, could readily be compared with focusing out and about ahead. It can harm others who are doing nothing but trying to create it safely to their objective. On the off chance of individuals opening their eyes to texting risks while driving at the same time, fewer auto collisions...
1 Page 407 Words

Drinking and Driving: Persuasive Essay

Have you ever seen a drunk driver? According to, 28 people die every day from drunk driving. That is a lot of people that everyone is losing. Every day people are losing family and friends. Never say I will be ok, I have only had a couple of drinks, even if you feel fine, you need to get a ride. When someone drinks and drives, they aren't just putting themselves in danger but the other drivers too. According to...
1 Page 431 Words

Persuasive Essay on the Dangers of Teenage Speeding

Before they know it, their life could be flashing before their own eyes. Speeding isn’t the way to go. There are multiple crashes a year involving teens, some can be fatal. 32/100 of fatal crashes involve teen drivers. Speeding for teenagers is bad, it not only puts you in danger but also others. Around the world, teens are dying from speeding and crashing into objects such as cars, trees, and other things. Kids sometimes do it to look cool in...
1 Page 620 Words

Problem of Social Awareness on the Examples of Distracted Driving and Environmental Issues

Social awareness is the ability to accurately interpret a social environment as well as infer the emotions of others in the same environment. In this essay, the problem of social awareness shines through. Both of the examples that will be presented in the paper use powerful, emotionally charged images to raise the audience's awareness of two major social issues. Texting and driving and saving the planet Earth beam powerful images to show the world what we’re doing wrong. Imagine: a...
2 Pages 760 Words

Essay on Why Teenagers Should Take Driving Courses

Teenagers should be encouraged that driving is a task that is unpredictable and demanding. Parents know how much knowledge a youthful motorist has, and they realize precisely how badly arranged it is the point at which they should drive with their teen all over while they have their permit. Teenagers will in general be the reason to cause most auto collisions in grown-up’s eyes since they are not experienced at this point, and regularly neglect to focus on others out...
1 Page 634 Words

Report on Campus Driving: Role of Driving Age

It has been statistically proven that teens are the most dangerous and reckless drivers in the country. In 2016, in the United States, over 2000 adolescents between 16 and 19 died and approximately 300,000 were treated in emergency rooms for injuries suffered in vehicle crashes. This means that six adolescents between 16 and 19 died each day due to injuries caused by vehicle crashes. Also, in 2016, young people aged 15 to 19 represented 6.9% of the population of the...
3 Pages 1425 Words

Texting and Driving: Argument Essay

Distracted use is an exercise where the driver takes his eyes off the avenue and diverts his or her attention. Distracted riding consists of texting, using a cell phone, ingesting or drinking, reading, speaking to passengers, searching the GPS, etc. When people are using they need to focal point on the road, their lifestyles are in their palms when driving. It`s a public tutorial almost everybody has carried out while driving. I have gone to faculty with someone who received...
2 Pages 780 Words

Should the Driving Age Be Raised to 18: Persuasive Essay

Research shows that the crash rate of drivers aged 16-17 years is nearly double than that of drivers aged 18-19, which is why the legal age for driving is 18 and not 16. Some of the important reasons why the driving age should not be reduced to 16 are to do with accidents, lack of maturity, and due to irresponsibility. One of the main reasons why people aged 16 should not be allowed to drive is because the rate of...
1 Page 509 Words

Raising the Driving Age to 18: Persuasive Essay

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), “In 2017, 2,364 teens in the United States aged 16-19 were killed, and about 300,000 were treated in emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes.” From this, one can acknowledge how extremely dangerous teens tend to drive and cause many deaths and serious injuries. The lives of many innocent people and children are also taken away by reckless driving by careless teens. Why should teens under the age...
2 Pages 1136 Words

Laws Limiting Drunk Driving: Examples from US and Europe

For as long as people can know, alcohol has always been a major part of human society. When drinking responsibly, alcohol is great for social aspects and even for relaxing nights. Whether it is going out to the bar with friends, or having a glass of wine at dinner, alcohol is consumed for many different purposes in order to make life just little bit nicer. However, alcohol is also an extremely dangerous product when misused, and is more often than...
5 Pages 2051 Words

Avoiding Consequences of Drunk Driving among Teenagers

Drinking and driving is a gamble that you just can’t win. Drunk driving is when a person is under the influence of alcoholic substances and is behind the wheel. Some effects that come with this juvenile decision is the control of your body. Vision gets blurry, speech slurred, dizziness and loss of balance. An individual will feel so disoriented even; the most immune person couldn’t drive. Alcohol hinders the ability to make rational decisions, puts lives of the innocent in...
1 Page 552 Words

Consequences of Drunk Driving: Overview of Situation in US and Possible Solutions

In 2016, more than 1 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. That’s one percent of 111 million self-reported episodes of alcohol-impaired driving among the U.S. adults each year. Drinking and driving is never the way to go because people could injure or kill someone in just a matter of seconds. Then from there on people's lives are going to change forever. If the accident had killed someone they're gonna have to live with...
6 Pages 2710 Words

Solutions To Issues Related to Drunk Driving

Alcohol related crashes kill about ten thousand people per year in the United States. That is thirty people a day that's one person every forty-eight minutes. When under the influence of alcohol can have a slowed reaction time and the ability to act gone. In the United States the legal limit is zero point eight Blood alcohol Concentration (BAC) yet problems start at zero point two BAC. Drunk Driving is a major problem in my opinion that causes injuries and...
1 Page 534 Words

Drunk Driving: Observing Legal Background of Sobriety Checkpoints in US

Sobriety checkpoints are checkpoints that are randomly set up on the roadway and there is no fixed location when it comes setting them up. They happen randomly but more so on certain days of the year where there are high chances of DUI incidents such as Patrick’s Day, New Year’s, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc. Although they have no fixed location, they tend to set up at locations that have history of roadway incidents. During the checking process, they have...
1 Page 572 Words

Problem of Alcohol-Related Accidents in Today's World

Alcohol related accidents are far too common in today’s world for one for not directly involved or related to those involved to be utterly shocked and amazed by the outcome. Far too often the individual who decided to get behind the wheel inebriated often walks away from the scene usually rather unscathed with minor bumps and bruises, while the innocent family, person, dog, etc., are maimed or dead beyond saving. Most individuals have a hope that they will never be...
2 Pages 916 Words

Essay on the Negative Effects of Technology on Teenagers

Christian Lous Lange stated: “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”. Because technology has declined social interaction and caused major addictions, it has changed the way people live out their day to day lives. Technology is a growing addiction for teens and can have many negative effects on society as a whole. The use of social media can cause a rapid decline in mental and physical health. Technology is one of the main causes of lack of face-to-face...
4 Pages 1695 Words

Essay on the Effects of Using Mobile Phones While Driving and Strategies for Preventing Them Further

In our world today, mobile phones can be seen globally as they keep us in endless interaction which we use to communicate with others through messaging and social media. Hence, mobile phones today are one of the most common factors which ultimately contributes to death on all roads in the world, especially in NSW. As stated by RMS (Roads and Maritime Services), “Mobile phone use is prohibited while driving however it may be used by the passenger when making or...
1 Page 585 Words

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teen Driving

Driving is always a fun experience as you get older. Driving gives you more freedom and it allows you to feel in control. “An advantage for me since I got my license has been being able to drive myself around, and allowing me more freedom. A disadvantage would be that it’s tiring and I don’t like parking” Sophomore Chelsy Cortes said. When you start driving, you take on a lot of responsibilities. According to Sophomore Tyson Gradwahl, he personally thinks...
1 Page 409 Words

Teen Driving: Annotated Bibliography

Should the Driving age be raised? Annotated Bibliography Source 1 Citation: Steinberg, Laurence. 'Brain Development Limits the Decision-Making Skills of Teen Drivers.' Teen Driving, edited by Michele Siuda Jacques, Greenhaven Press, 2013. At Issue. Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints, Accessed 21 Jan. 2020. Originally published as 'Brain Development Science Sheds Light on Teen Driving,' Edmunds Auto Observer, 25 Feb. 2011. Type of source: Article Relevance: The relevance Of this article is that many people think that inexperience is the...
4 Pages 1759 Words

The Dangers Of Teenage Driving

Car accidents are the number one cause of death among teenagers in the United States. Per mile driven, teens ages 16-19 are three times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than drivers over 20 years old, especially in their first year behind the wheel. It is important for teens, parents and drivers who share the road to understand these dangers and how to prevent them. Although youth drivers account for only 14% of the overall population,...
1 Page 504 Words

Drunk Driving As a Major Issue in the World: Argumentative Essay

Drunk drivers are a worst nightmare to a loving family. If an accident ever occurs the life of an entire family will be struck with lifelong hardships. Not only financial oppression like medical bills or possibly a loss of a vital income, but the emotional tolls will be relentless. Those who must deal with the agony and the thought that the accident was preventable is truly hurting.o I know this because I experienced it first hand, although I didn’t personally...
2 Pages 748 Words

Drunk Driving: Critical Analysis and Summary of Relevant Sources

Source 1: Drunk driving and the law Koch, A. (2019). Drunk driving and the law - Driving under the influence in South Africa. [online] Insights into The Law in South Africa | Welcome to Go Legal. Available at: [Accessed 17 Feb. 2019]. Summary In the article written by Alicia Koch, published by GoLegal, it was said that South Africa is the worst country in the world judging by the fact that South Africa has the highest percentage of Driving...
6 Pages 2682 Words

Analysis of the Advertisement against Drunk Driving: Special Campaign of BMW

The advert is against driving under the influence of alcohol, produced by BMW a well-recognized automotive brand. This technique of using a known brand will surely be more effective as the brand has influence to the relevant public. The features of the advert is a picture of an individual missing a leg passing a pictorial image of an accident. This message is most probably under the assumption that the accident was as a result of an accident correlated to drunk...
1 Page 648 Words

Review of Related Literature and Studies on Drunk Driving

Review of Related Literature and Studies The literature and studies cited in this chapter tackle the different concept, understanding, and ideas, generalizations or conclusions and different development related to proposed system entitled SafeDrive: An Android Application for Alcohol Sensing Alert System and Automatic Engine Disabling for Merchandisers Riders Club Philippines. Technical Background It gives details the hardware and software requirements specification including information technology innovation that has been used in the integration of the proposed system Hardware Requirements Hardware is...
10 Pages 4479 Words

Arguments against Drunk Driving: Opinion Essay

You are a sibling, cousin, child, grandchild, partner, niece or nephew, aunt or uncle, friend. Your life means something in this world. Imagine that you decided to go out, have a good time, one thing led to another and… Now you’re dead. Your ‘friend’ was driving, it was in the middle of nowhere and now the car is totalled. He had time before the ambulance came. Time to pull your dead body into the driver’s seat because he survived and...
1 Page 587 Words

Analysis of BMW Campaign to Prevent Drunk Driving

Luxurious, sleek, and sporty are some words that come to mind when I think of a BMW. I picture a speedy automobile with an aggressive look and the performance that backs it up. I do not think of is a person that has lost their leg due to a drunk driving crash. Every two minutes someone is injured in a drunk driving accident (MADD). BMW wants to do their part to try to decrease the number of drunk drivers on...
2 Pages 819 Words

Legal Consequences of Drunk Driving: Analytical Essay

It is a criminal offense to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In case you find yourself drunk, it is advisable not to be in control of a car. Whenever you find yourself pulled over by the police you take a sobriety test. The test is done to establish whether or not the alcohol level in your system has exceeded the legal limit. An exceeded limit has legal consequences. You face jail time, paying a fine or...
1 Page 538 Words

Severity of Problems with Drunk Driving and Ways to Solve Them: Analytical Essay

Every year loads of teens across America receive their license to drive and join the thousands of other people already traveling the roads. For teens, it is necessary that they understand the importance of driving safely as it is a huge responsibility that they are being trusted with. In order to ensure that teens are properly trained on how to handle themselves on the road, all teens have to go through some type of program, be it online classes, or...
2 Pages 780 Words

Effect and Consequences of Drunk Driving: Analytical Essay

Introduction to the Tragedy of Drunk Driving There are red and blue lights flashing on every caution tape in sight. The traffic is gradually moving, as everybody gazes at the two crushed up vehicles. There's glass and broken bits of the vehicle everywhere throughout the street to uncover a guiltless body brimming with blood. Families racing to keep an eye on their loved one. Individuals who drink and drive put everyone in jeopardy including themselves. Driving while at the same...
4 Pages 1652 Words

Critical Analysis of the Harmfulness of Drunk Driving Behavior

Drunk driving has been proved to be one of the major causes of road accidents consuming thousands of lives. Driving under the influence of alcohol makes many people fail to obey the traffic rules accordingly or even fail to see the road signs at all. The large numbers of deaths resulting from drunk driving indicate the seriousness of the problem to society. However, despite the seriousness of the problem, there exists viable marketing solutions for Roads and Traffic Authority of...
2 Pages 735 Words
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