Procrastination, Stress And Peer Influence Interrelation

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The phrase “Time and tide wait for none” is very well known, and the future of an individual depends on the correct use of time, hence time should always be valued. But there are a few people who like to do things on its latest possible time and like to indulge in more pleasurable things than to complete the intended task in a scheduled manner, such people are known to be “Procrastinators”. Procrastinators are those people who like to procrastinate things. Procrastination is an act of postponing and shifting the deadlines of the completion of the tasks to the later stage and rather than using the time for task completion the individual wastes time on the things which are more fun. Procrastination can have adverse effects on an individual’s life and in some cases it can be good as well.

The article titled “Academic Stress Predicted by Academic Procrastination among Young Adults: Moderating Role of Peer Influence Resistance” focuses on how academic procrastination relates to academic stress and to peer influence resistance. According to the article, in procrastinating people the level of stress observed is higher, that is more procrastination leads to more stress. Article also highlights that there is an inverse relation between academic procrastination and peer influence resistance which in turn leads to academic stress being negatively related to peer influence resistance.

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To support the prior statements a small survey was conducted, which compiled the data of 400 students of different universities out of which 200 were males and 200 were females. There were three parameters which were to be examined. First - resistance to peer influence, Second – Academic procrastination using Tuckman Procrastination Scale and Third – Academic Stress. After all the results were derived from different scales, it showed that students with higher procrastinating behaviour led to higher stress levels. Study also revealed that students whose peer influence resistance was higher their level of stress and tendency to procrastinate things was also significantly low. The survey further exposed a very interesting finding that male students have more tendency to procrastinate things than female students and also females have more resistance to peer influence than male students.

The article only discusses about the negative side of procrastination and doesn’t discuss about any of its positive effect, as some people perform better in pressure rather than in normal conditions. The article also doesn’t give any hint about the performance of the people who have less tendency to procrastinate. The article also doesn’t tell the effect of positive peer influence on the tendency to procrastinate.


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