Project Failure: Potentials And Solutions

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Most administrations experience projects that fail at some point or another. Whether the project not meeting the programmed deadline, project going over budget, or a project not producing favorable or expected results, plans not going accordingly, and thus failed in one way or another. Numerous drawbacks that can cause a project to derail, there is never a hundred percent chance that a project will workout for an administration. Most administrations have their fair share of success and failure. A project is very unpredictable, unforeseen events occur when we least expect them, projects will fail and when that happens there must be a proposed solution for every failure that strikes the administration. Three reasons that can potentially cause a project to fail is poor planning, communication and risk management. I plan to discuss these reasons looking at each failure as well as propose a possible solution that could help eliminate and turn initiative into successful projects.

Potential Failure # 1

Poor planning is reason one for a project failure. There are many reasons why poor planning can occur, initial requirements examination has been poorly down; end users have been known to be brought into the very end, overgeneralized projects; control change lacking communication that is among stakeholders all show poor results. As the saying goes: “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Projects need to be taken seriously, a main reason why a project fails is poor planning, falling behind schedule, and missing or overlooking deadlines. (Time Thoughts. Resources for Personal Career & Success. Retrieved May 26, 2018.) When there isn’t proper planning, it could be difficult to comprehend what it would take to complete a project efficaciously.

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Proposed Solution

Poor planning is avoidable, guaranteeing that everyone involved on the project is on the same page and has a clear understanding of the overall vision, priorities, deadlines and knowing funds that will be used or spent. It is imperative to recognize a timeline and agenda that will reflect on the work requirements, deliverables, breakdown requirements and projects milestones. Development and approval should be done by management from the very beginning of every project. Ensuring that the party involved in the project is on the same page, has a clear understanding, aware of funds available as well as always knowing when the deadline is makes poor planning avoidable. Identifying a timeline is important it would reflect work requirement schedules, project goals as well as deadlines. Clear communication of what is expected, doing what and when what is due allows a team to be on the same page.

Potential Failure # 2

Communication is an important key link that happens amongst consumers and producers. Communication is not only important link but it’s important aspect for when it comes to how managers and executives communicate to one another and the rest of the administration. Managers are those who open the path for others through guidance, it should set an example of the outcomes of what is to be expected when it comes to communicating to other team members, managers, and everyone overall. Appropriate feedback is required to suitably guide a team for clear communication. Scheduling tools is very helpful for projected commitments. For possible outcomes, data should be foreseeable when it comes to meeting completion dates and how outcomes allow changes. Projects will fail due to miscommunication, communication between a team can and will be a part of project failure.

Proposed Solution

It is common for failure to be acknowledge when it comes to the most inconvenient stage of a project. Communication is extremely important amongst the team. It is one of the key guidelines to effectiveness. Subtle ways of communicating include body language, arrangement of furniture and the workspace. When miscommunication transpires, acknowledging and resolving these inconsistencies encourages a team that will assure project plans. If a discrepancy is caught early on, it can be stopped and thought out figuring out what has gone wrong allowing to fix before it becomes a bigger mess than it can become later down the road. A clear strategic plan needs to be planned out to avoid miscommunication which would be clearly thought out and planned. With a clear strategic plan, the process can be followed from the beginning of a project confirming managers to understand the process as well as efficiently communicating when it becomes necessary. The duty of communicating project hopes all employees are dynamic, communication will always be important to keep everyone on the same page.

Potential Failure # 3

Lastly, risk management can cause damages that eventually have potential to happen or give high possibilities of the damages that can occur during a project. A plan should always be modified during the current plan, if modified, it gives the identity of the project risks. Alteration of cost where all cost would be considered in the plan. Some of the cost will include; deterrence cost. This is typically the cost which is sustained when it comes to preventing risks that occur in modified plans. This also insures performance quality guarantee to the project. Internal project failure has its expenses. This expense is the projects team that will incur beforehand the project once its completed. Incurring while there’s failure to reach the project that is supposed to achieve a newly changed risk management planning the potential damage. Some damages include fire or loss of property that affects the project negatively causing it to disrupt the project.

Proposed Solution

Modified plans will consider factors of all potential damages being modified in the risk management plan giving it strategies that are meant to develop moderation of the risk. Allowing development tactics to assist and help all projects to create revenue.


In closing summary, project failure is unavoidable no matter the workplace, atmosphere, or organizational setting. Without the cooperative effort that happens to share the knowledge or information that focuses on personal gain, trusting the forefront of completed task factors, distinguishing and remembering the “why” for a project’s presence, mission success not possible to happen. By distributing all the information with one another, trusting within the organization, and working together to carefully strategize a project, looking over all difficulties giving credibility in its needs and values to ultimately result in an overall victory and team success. There will be several reasons why a project will fail in an administration, but its important to always be knowledgeable of possible failures a project could fail.


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