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Project Management Peculiarities

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Project Summary

Japher Motors (JM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interaction with customers, Booking , and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes-principally booking and sales activities, customer services, and payment support.

Today’s organizations must manage customer interactions across multiple communications channels-including the Web, call centers, field sales, and dealers partner networks.

The Japher Motors- User Management and consist of functions like Organizational Management, Customer Management, and Inventory Management with Administrator..


Our purpose is to build user friendly system, to overcome the most of the problems occurring in the manual system by computerizing the existing system which can allow customer complete details and inventory and booking ticket information.

The purpose of this software is to provide faster retrieval of the confirmation. After computerizing the system, the user of the system can finish his/her work in least amount of time and efforts.

Activities Of Proposed System

  • Generating the Booking maintenance.
  • Maintaining customer details properly.
  • Maintain scheduling of Booking.
  • Generate the complaint of the Customer and provide the support
  • Payment Process


The company is facing problems with the existing system as mentioned in detailed description of the problem. So there is a need for developing a new system. The system revolves around customer as the main entity. Hence, the foremost objective of the system is to satisfy the needs of customers.

Following are other related company’s objectives:

  • a) To facilitate improved and fast communication with customer.
  • b) To maintain consistent customer base.
  • c) Fast and efficient problem solving of customer through complaint and feedback mechanism.
  • d) Access to customer account history, Booking information, and customer information at all touch points.
  • e) To lower communication and servicing expenses.
  • f) To cross sell products more effectively.
  • g) To increase sales as a result of enhanced system that ensures customer satisfaction.
  • h) Inventory Management

Project Management

Project Planning

Project Initiation include many goals, proposal include legal concerns, commercial arrangements, and intellectual property rights. Projects initiation start from analysis of the system, First System Analysis informs the approach the organization for the new concepts which is accepted by the organization.

First we compare the Propose system with the readymade software which is available in market. In comparison price is compare with development expenses, staff training, operational feasibility etc. The proposal for the second part, which includes the detailed cost estimate, is given after the first part is over. A general rate for manpower might be agreed on at the start. Which the first part is over and detailed requirements are available, a fixed price bid is given for the development part.

Project Development Approach and Justification

We are following spiral model for developing our system.

Spiral model combines the advantages of top-down and bottom-up concepts. Hence, we are using this model due to its following reasons:

  • Our system needs continuous development. We will describe the characteristics with high priority first and then develop a prototype based on these. This prototype will be tested and desired changes will be made in the new system. This continual and steady approach will minimize the risks or failure associated with the change in the system.
  • We will be developing the system in small segments that will make it easier to do cost calculations.
  • The client will be involved in the development of each segment and retains control over the direction and implementation of the system.
  • The client’s knowledge of the project grows as the project grows, so that they can interface effectively with the system.

Spiral Model

Milestones and Deliverables


When planning for the project series of milestones established. These milestones are end-point for software activity. It may be in form of report.

Some milestones which occurred in my project are discussed in below.

  • System requirements Study: In this milestone user requirement for system, like software requirements, hardware requirements and system’s functional and non functional requirements are decided.
  • Architecture design: In this milestone design for software, its architecture design and also it graphical user interface also generated.
  • Coding: In this milestone, the coding of the system is delivered that is the system is now partially ready to be delivered.

Deliverable Name Description Delivery

Project Synopsis This document gives an overview about the system of Content Management System and its features. 1 Week

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Software Requirements Specification The SRS specifies the system’s users and their characteristics, functional and non-functional requirements of the system.


  • Fact gathering
  • Generate flow
  • Create database with proper constrain.
  • Design forms with the help of css.
  • Apply validation with code.
  • Testing with proper data entry.

Risk Management

Software is a difficult undertaking. Lots of things can go wrong, and frankly, many often do. It’s for this reason that being prepared, understanding the risks and taking proactive measures to avoid or manage them is a key element of good software project management. Once the information is established, these are ranked by probability and impact.

An important task in this project is managing the risk which comes across during the development of project.

There are some important techniques in this Risk management:

  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk planning

Risk Identification

It is a systematic attempt to specify threats to the project plan. By identifying known and predictable risks, we take first towards avoiding them when possible and controlling them when necessary.

I had considered the following type of risks to identify the risks in proper manner:

Risk Type Description

Project risk It can threaten project plan i.e. if project risk becomes real it is likely that project schedule, personnel and requirement problems can have their impact on a software project.

Technical risk It can threaten the quality and timeliness of the software to be engineered. If it becomes a reality, implementation may become difficult or impossible.

Business risk It can threaten the viability of the software to be built. A business risk often jeopardizes the project.

Risk Identification

Technical Risk

This risk is derived from the software and hardware which is used in this project. If after some time these technologies fail against new technology, then this project may be fail.

We have listed out the minimum hardware requirements for the system but as new configurations are available providing better reliability and better performance, the system made in technology with older configurations may not be much in demand.

Tools Risk

Tools which are used for developing this project must be available at client side. If tools are not available at client side then there may be risk of project failure.

For project this risk has very little importance as the tools used in our project are widely popular and easily available.

Requirement Risk

Requirements which are derived from customer must be same. If requirements change after some phase of project development, there may be risk of project failure.


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