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Pros and Cons of Cell Phones in Relationships: An Essay

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According to Meredith David and James Roberts (2017), “It is ironic that cell phones, originally designed as a communication tool, may actually hinder rather than foster interpersonal connectedness”. Even though this wonderful device was initially created for communication can create a communication gap among users. Hence, cell phones hurt as well as help friendships.

Relationships and technology are far two different concepts. One is emotional and requires feelings whereas the other is technical and more logical. The growth in technology has increased the usage of cell phones which as a result has increased human communication. These days most of us use our phones all the time, even during meals and family functions. Cell phone has become an indispensable tool in people’s life.

Cell phones help individual connection as well as disconnects us from the immediate surroundings. For instance, during weddings or family functions, individuals these days use their phones to the extent of annoying the people right beside them by not attending them. Besides that, children feel disregarded if their parents keep working and texting their workmates on their phones. Hence, the use of cell phones is enslaving because it often results in misunderstanding due to a lack of communication and interaction. It has become a natural human tendency to check phones every minute or two. ‘Phubbing’ is a term defined as when one is constantly looking at his or her phone instead of spending time with the people around.

Nowadays, everyone spends a lot of time on social media instead of working towards their goals and aspirations. Also, social media helps people get to know their friendships and relationship. The applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. give notifications of people one might know. It makes people’s social circles bigger. We can get more information from social media about our friends. The social activities can be posted on the Internet which will let more people meet each other. It gives a chance for people to have freedom and talk through texting. For example, students on-campus should get into more and more conversations, because everyone has a different point of view. Talking and giving time to one and another builds creative ability. Hence, people use cell phones and social media to share their ideas to let more people know about it.

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This topic is very relative to our real day to day life. Even though this seems to be casual, it is very much important to spread awareness. Moreover, it is very controversial, and each person has a different point of view. During the interview, the person interviewed could relate to his or her own personal experiences which made it much easier for him or her to answer the questions. A survey was conducted around campus. The interviews were conducted at the union, the residence halls and the library. The interviews were on random basis. People interviewed were staff and students (international and American). Fourteen individuals were interviewed. Views on topics such as the amount of time spent on cellphones, important aspects of healthy relationships, usage of phone during family time, notifications, face-to-face interaction were interviewed. Most of the students and adults spend about 4 to 8 hours on their cell phones each and every day. The interviewed folks believe that communication, trust, and mutual understanding are the most important aspects of healthy relationships. The impact of technology on relationships is both positive as well as negative. The effects are that it pulls away people from one’s direct life as well as brings distant people closer. Most of the people answered that they do not use their phones during family time. They believe that if they get an important call, they excuse themselves, apologize and then attend the call or message. Relationships can be strengthened if the counterparts keep their issues to themselves and try to understand one another’s viewpoints. The results of the survey were impressive and people related to things very deeply and explained well. Surprisingly, international students, as well as American students, had similar thoughts on this topic.

These studies show how distracted people are on their phones. This adds a lot of pressure and problems. Individuals who are addicted to their phones are leaving out on the most important things in life such as family and friends. Technology is no doubt beneficial, hence we need to understand tech for the future, manage time and not misuse the growth in technology. Quality time is very important for one and all.

Most of the people believe that cell phones cause a communication gap. International students believe that cell phones are a beneficial source as they help them communicate with their distant family and friends. It creates a link for them and connects them. Social media is very distracting as if one gets addicted to it and loses all their focus i.e. their own real life. Cell phones and social media create opportunities for introverts to interact and make friends. In our survey question, there is about the most important aspects of healthy relationship. We asked people, most people said it is communication. If we use the technology properly, it will give us more the maximum benefit. This project reminded people to spend more time in real life rather than on electronic devices. It also left some individuals in surprise when they realized that they aren’t living their present life and are addicted to their cell phones. This project also made us reflect ourselves because it gave us more insight and in-depth understanding of this issue.

In conclusion, the usage of cell phones has pros as well as cons on relationships. Cell phones help distant friendships to stay connected but harm the real friends who are right in the very immediate surroundings. Cell phones, a major branch, and growth in technology hurts and well as helps friendships. One should be responsible and know how to manage the two different worlds. Positive uses are entertainment and work which is convenient. Negative uses such as social media can lead to depression and anxiety due to misuse as well as false perception. Hence one should be very mindful while using these sources. We cannot get rid of the electronic devices because they have helped many major industries in growth and development. There is no going back and therefore we can try to balance our two worlds.

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