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Psychological And Physical Effects Of Prostitution On The Prostitute

Many prostitutes extinguish their emotions while they are with customers. At least that is the case for Roberta Victor, a prostitute who was interviewed in Working by Studs Terkel. At the outset of her interview, Victor claims that “The role one plays when hustling has nothing to do with who you are” (57). However by the end of the interview, she states that “You become your job. I became what I did. I became a hustler. I became cold, I...
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Prostitution as a Feminist Issue: Argumentative Essay

Why is prostitution a feminist issue, and what should feminists say about it? Prostitution is often referred to as the world’s oldest profession (Dylewski and Prokop, 2018). A long debate stands regarding prostitution amongst feminists and sex work in general. In order to fully understand the issue of prostitution and what feminists should say about it, it is important to understand what we define as prostitution. Prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual intercourse, especially for...
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History of Prostitution in India: Analytical Essay

Abstract This research paper focuses on Prostitution. It focuses on the history of prostitution in India, types of prostitutes, prostitution in various places in India, prostitutes’ story, causation of prostitution in India, prostitution’s impact, legal perspective of prostitution, remedial measures, agencies for rehabilitation of prostitutes, and conclusion. Prostitution is legal in India. What is illegal is soliciting sex in a public place or keeping a brothel.[footnoteRef:2]A large number of sex workers are driven to earn their livelihood by indulging in...
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Argumentative Essay on Prostitution: Profession Versus Exploitation

In October 2014, Sweden became the first country to launch a feminist foreign policy that was aimed at creating gender equality and full enjoyment of human rights for women and girls (The Government Offices of Sweden, 2018). In this policy handbook, they emphasized the importance of the Sex Purchase Act enacted in 1999. This act criminalized purchasing -but not selling- sex. They wanted other countries to consider putting in place legislation that is targeted at the person who pays for...
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Morality of Prostitution: Analytical Essay

Prostitution when examined falls under the morality code and can be argued to be morally acceptable. Most prostitutes that partake or solicit this activity do so for monetary payment. A payment earned is then used for survival in the world or to help maintain a standard of living for themselves and/or loved ones. Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment. Prostitution is sometimes described as sexual services, commercial sex or, colloquially, hooking....
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Street-based Prostitution and Public Health Concerns: Analytical Essay

Prostitution is known to be one of the oldest professions, and today remains an active professional in countries all over the world. Despite its prevalence, prostitution is an ongoing source of public, academic, and moral debate (Benoit, Jansson, Smith & Flagg, 2018). Prostitution can be defined as “the trade of sexual services for items, money or a place to stay” (Williamson & Baker, 2009 P.28), with street-based prostitution involving a prostitute soliciting from a public place. Street-based prostitution is one...
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Essay on Why Prostitution Should Be Legal

Prostitution is the act of providing, or offering to provide, sexual services in exchange for compensation. Laws are in place to penalize those who sell sexual services, as well as those who purchase the services. Laws also punish those who arrange prostitution or benefit from it in any way. In the U.S. Prostitution is against the law in altogether states apart from Nevada, where it’s regulated by very strict laws. Prostitution laws specify that offering, agreeing to, or engaging in...
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The Financial Aspect Of Prostitution In The United States

It is said that money makes the world go round, and that there is nothing money can not buy or fix. When you stop to think about it, that statement holds true for everything. With money, you can save an endangered animal, you can donate to great causes, you buy yourself all the luxuries your heart desires, you can lobby policies to your favor, you can even pay for someone to have your child. In this capitalist world, everything has...
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Should Prostitution Be Legalized: Essay

As far as we know the earliest recording of prostitution began in Ancient Mesopotamia around 600 B.C. (Prostitution, SexInfo Online). Prostitution has been around for forever and opinions on it have been mixed the whole time. Prostitution is defined as the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations, especially for money (Prostitution, Merriam-Webster). In the U.S. there have been many examples of prostitution being punished for different specific things throughout history. Regulations seem to have revolved around STDs...
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Decriminalization Of Prostitution Issue In The World

My audience would be both women and men who are opposed to the idea of decriminalizing prostitution. They would have strong moral views more than likely influenced by the teachings of their church and how they were raised. Their ages would fall between 30-60+. The audience would be middle and upper class. They would be a more educated audience who live in a more urban area. Their ethnic background should not affect their stance. This audience would also be more...
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The Perspectives Of Criminal Justice To Adult Prostitution In Canada

Introduction Basic morality is widely known as the guiding principle for our legal system, explaining why things like murder and assault are criminalized; but what about adult prostitution? Reasonably, the law argues that it is because prostitution often comes alongside dangerous activities such as drug use and violent crime, thus its heavy regulation is in the best interest of personal and public safety. Nevertheless, the nature of the issue still sparks controversy to this day. As a result, I will...
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Analytical Essay on Prostitution and Sexual Autonomy

Selling sexual service is morally worse than selling massages as the prostitute (1) damages bodily integrity by treating her body as a commodity (2) damages sexual autonomy by relinquishing her body sovereignty, and (3) reinforces discriminatory beliefs of female sexuality. Selling massages, on the other hand, (1) does not involve objectification of the female body, (2) does not involve surrendering of body sovereignty, and (3) has significant less effect in reinforcing sexist beliefs. This essay will only discuss the case...
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The Movie 'Pretty Woman' and the Problem of Prostitution in the Modern Western World

In alone there are 80,000 female prostitutes alone. It can be seen that the origins of prostitution come from males who were unable to be bound by stipulations and their appetites created a demand for illegitimate pleasures of which the female weakness supplies them with. This exhibits the patriarchal society that has always been current in society as the male dominance was able to persuade vulnerable women to do what they wanted them to do showing how much power they...
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Prostitution Should Be Legal: Argumentative Essay

Areas to be discussed with pros and cons: Health, international policies, crime, and economical benefits/cons. Moderator Questions If prostitution were to be legalized, what would stop illegal sex trafficking from working under the guise of a licensed brothel? How much income would the state earn if something like prostitution were to be legalized and taxed? What are your opinions on women or men being empowered by having the right to choose what they are able to do to their own...
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Laws Of Child Prostitution In India – Sritical Evaluation

MEANING OF CHILD PROSTITUTION Child prostitution is a form of sexual abuse involving the commercial sexual exploitation of children in which a child performs sexual acts in exchange for some form of payment. Most countries have strict laws surrounding the sexual exploitation of children and so many customers engage in what is known as child sex tourism, travelling to foreign countries to evade the laws within their home country. Technology has also allowed children to be prostituted over the internet,...
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