Essays on Psychological Theories (28)

Psychoanalytic Theory In The Film Lalaland

Psychoanalytic theory is about how to understand the characters’ deep feeling and emotion from their actions and conversation. ‘Lalaland’ tells the love story between a jazz pianist and an actress who both have dreams. In 2017, ‘Lalaland’ won the best film of the 74th Golden...
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Psychoanalysis Of Alex From A Clockwork Orange

Alex from A Clockwork Orange seems to be two different people living within the same body. As an extremely horrible human during the night raping and committing acts of ultra-violence. Where as during the day he is depicted as a more elegant man. This is...
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Attachment Styles & Their Influence On Later Life

The parental interaction towards children during their development is what shapes their further development into later life. This review of secure-attachment, sensitive parenting and later social-emotional development will examine literature that supports the hypothesis that secure-attachment in infancy predicts a positive development and benefits compared...
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The Influence Of Attachment On Childhood And Adulthood

Childhood has played a critical role in human’s life. It constructs the enormous rest portion of people’s life which involve in relationships with an intimate partner, reactions with an unfamiliar stranger or even the using the approach, experiences once receive in childhood and to pass...
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Psychoanalytic Theory Analysis Of The Criminal Behaviour Of The Serial Killer Edmund Kemper III

Throughout history, many theorists have attempted to explain the mental and physical behaviour of humans, specifically, when trying to analyse criminal behaviour. Psychologists are absorbed in; learning, personality, aggressive behaviour, intelligence, developmental and cognitive theories (Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, 2016). Within this...
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