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Psychology of Mass Media: Influence of Media Violence

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The objective of this report is to share my personal experience on what I had learnt during psychology lessons and sharing my point of view on my own media consumption habits to had a better understanding on the influence of media.

Personal experiences through the media:

The 2 media consumption that I will be sharing under my personal experiences is Prosocial media and Media violence.

Firstly, I will share on why prosocial media had affected my behaviors. From what I had learnt about prosocial media during psychology Lessons, it had taught me that prosocial media is a definition of a type of social behaviour that are beneficial to other people. one of these examples is to help other people when they faced difficulty in life and distress through social media. One of my personal experiences that I can share is whenever I am stress with my academic results, I will always look through some motivational codes from social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep myself motivated again to study.

Whenever I had any bad experiences in school like getting scolded by some lecturers when I am bad, indecisive and slow in machining. I often will feel sad and depress by relieving my sadness and depression I often will read through some positive quotes in social media in Facebook or Instagram through a Facebook or Instagram page called “the power of positivity”. One of these examples of the motivational quotes are ‘what other people say to you or do to you does not define who you are”, “failure is not fatal, success is not final”, “If you don’t give up you still had a chance” and finally “failure is a path to success”. These are some examples of the quotes that I will normally see to help me distress, feel positive about myself, boost my confidence level, morale and also increase my self-esteem whenever I faced failures and difficulties in school and life.

Secondly, I will share on why media violence through social media had affected my behaviours. From what I had learnt about media violence through social media during psychology lessons, it had taught me that media violence is basically a definition of violence act towards another person can it be either through physical for example: fighting with another person or through verbally for example it can be done in social media or outside such as other people scolded and rant at you for nothing when they are in bad mood or like venting out all their angers towards another person when they are in bad mood or also can be done through social media like making fun of you verbally.

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One of the example that I experience are most of the time I will share all my personal experiences in school on what I had learn in school and what am I doing in school through social media in Facebook and Instagram some examples of my post can be like a photo of me drinking kopi-o-kosong and posting It on Instagram, Facebook and putting the location of my school and saying that every day is a brand new day to start school and learning something new.

But because of the fact that I share too much of my personal experiences in school and posting too much about my school life with the location indicated on it in Instagram and Facebook, it had caused a small popularity of me in school and I often get make fun of by other people in social media and outside which causes media violence at the same time.

Some of the examples that I experience are people calling me a failure, unsuccessful, no life, and some people will just call and shout out my name for fun during some lecture lessons when we use the kahoot app game in lecture to play the game on what we had learn through the quiz, before we can participate in the game, we need to enter our name but some people will just anyhow use and put my name by placing vulgarities beside my name and making fun of my name. When we play the quiz game on Kahoot on what we had learned at lecture during lesson.

Therefore, by going through these experiences, I can say that the media violence through social media had caused an impact in my life such as losing my self-esteem, confidence and positivity about myself and at the same time it had also affected my mood by being sad all the time.


In conclusion, I had explained my personal experiences on what prosocial media and media violence had made an impact and influence in my life and I had also state on what I had learned about prosocial media and media violence through psychology lessons.

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