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Essay on The Uncanny: Analysis of Freudian Concept

The uncanny is a Freudian concept1, entirely psychological in nature, where the unknown becomes eerily recognizable, both deplorable and desirable; this perverse attraction to the taboo results in either self or societal rejection. Within the Gothic, the uncanny simultaneously evokes feelings of terror and attraction,...
1 Page 467 Words

Music Is a Universal Language: Essay

The connection thought music They say music is the universal language of mankind, attracting people from all different types of cultures, and uniting them as one. Each musician is born with their own heartbeat which essentially is the source of said language. Music isn’t simply...
4 Pages 1806 Words

Music Appreciation Essay

Who doesn’t love music? We use music to express our emotions, to make us feel better when we feel blue, and to take us to places we can only revisit through our memories. But how does this appreciation for music start? As adults, when did...
2 Pages 809 Words

Is Psychology a Science: Essay

On the off chance that one is a science or even has a passing enthusiasm for the field, one has likely experienced the inquiry regarding whether psychology is really a science or not. The discussion has been noticeable since psychology’s origins in the second half...
4 Pages 2008 Words

Grit and Growth Mindset Essay

In today’s society, there is a belief that intelligence is tied to GPA. There is a stereotype about intelligence. It is the idea that you are either smart or not smart. You either understand it, or you do not. What happens if you are between?...
1 Page 530 Words

Gender Nature Vs Nurture: Essay

The emergence of the transgender movement has raised many questions for psychologists as to its root causes of it. We find ourselves asking, much like homosexuality, is gender dysphoria a product of your environment, or are there underlying natural causes? While we still don’t know...
3 Pages 1535 Words

Essay on How Should Intelligence Be Assessed

Intelligence testing is the testing of someone’s cognitive ability that can help diagnose people with any method of disabilities that may hinder their everyday life. However, influence testing every day is susceptible to barriers such as patients not following up, proper scoring, and miscommunication. Intelligence...
1 Page 412 Words

Who I Am: Defining My Self-Concept

The question, ‘Who am I?’ is simple yet profoundly difficult to answer. Oftentimes, I thought I already have a definite picture of who I am, but when pushed to articulate it I falter and fail to form a clear overall picture. I could respond with...
4 Pages 1984 Words

Who Am I? Post-Course Reflection

I used to think that I was a strong person. In the face of difficulties and challenges, I would overcome the difficulties without fear of hardships and move forward alone, but later I found that I was wrong. Great achievements can never be achieved by...
2 Pages 912 Words

Importance of Food

There has been research-proven by scientists that there needs to be a balance between stress levels. If it is too much, it can either lead to dangerous side effects like depression, heart disease, fatigue and much more, however, having a low to moderate amount of...
7 Pages 3259 Words
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