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Psychopaths and Their Emotional Detachment from Society

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Psychopaths and criminals seem to be a big problem all around the world that people have been dealing with for centuries. To know how to stop and identify a psychopath, people must first learn the direct mindset of a psychopath. I think psychopaths are feared so much because they seem very unpredictable and can blend in with society very well. Society must learn how to think like a psychopath to understand what their motives and intentions are for disturbing the peace of American society. I am going to be talking about how people become psychopaths and how they are connected to emotional and psychological based crimes that can turn very violent that happen not just in America but also around the world.

Many people including I have always wondered what psychopath really is and how they affect society today. The simple answer is no one really knows until they become one because they can never understand the experiences they went through such as trauma and abuse as a kid. In my opinion, when people look at the background of all the famous psychopaths in American history, they all had one thing in common, they were unpredictable, and I think it is their feelings that drive them to be like that. For example, an author by the name of Robert Hare who has a certified PH. D says that “At times they appear to be cold and unemotional while nevertheless being prone to dramatic, shallow, and short-lived displays of feeling”. Robert Hare is basically giving people a deeper understanding of the mindset of a psychopath, explaining to society that these madmen have no sympathy for causing pain to others. Another thing that Robert Hare mentions is that psychopaths do not have the willpower or empathy to show any kind of emotion to their victims. Whether or not people believe it, there is evil out there and we as human beings must be able to help people out in desperate times so that they do not turn into psychopaths. The life into becoming a psychopath can involve many things, this evolves things such as emotional detachment, what behavior they experience, and how they are affected by personality disorder.

There are many things that cause emotional detachment, but the 3 best ones are probably failure to accept responsibility for actions, early behavior problems, and lack of remorse and guilt which are 3 of Robert Hare’s characteristics. Responsibility is a big aspect of people in general, but it is completely different from psychopaths as they want to keep their identity a secret so that he can get around certain consequences coming his way. Based on the characteristics represented in The Psychopathy Checklist it seems like this character has a lot to do with emotional detachment because they have never been taught about how important responsibility is which can cause psychological change. The next characteristic is behavior issues at an early age that can cause major attitude and emotional issues in the future. Psychopaths seem to always have a rough childhood and that is when they grow up with no sympathy for other feelings. The final characteristic is psychopaths have no guilt or remorse for the crimes they committed and the lives they ruin which might lead to the detachment of any kind of emotion that person once had because they seem to lack empathy as well. Emotional detachment is a very severe matter, too much of it and people might start to inherit predator issues because they have no feelings to help them recover.

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There are many characteristics and motives behind predatory behavior in psychopaths, but what exactly are they one might ask? Based on The Psychopath Next Door documentary, experts describe psychopaths as very manipulative and disturbing sorts of people that have no emotion, but they try to show that they do. The duration of the video basically explains how psychopaths act around others. Psychopaths will look for any opportunity they can get to attack you at your worst, for example; another fact off the video The Psychopath Next Door is that predators see us as prey because our emotions cloud your judgment and make us weak, which is when psychopaths will take advantage of that. Many people wonder what a psychopath thinks, and how they target certain victims. Predators can be depicted at a young age when kids start to develop predatory behavior problems based on a man named Dr. Michael Woodworth who is involved in advanced science and learning. Psychopathic behavior just as the video mentions can affect the mental state of even a small child. Believe it or not, psychopaths rarely kill them, they more try to get under your skin and make you do their dirty work for them. Psychopathic predatory behavior issues are one of the biggest problems in America and we must learn how to decline the rate of psychopaths. Based on a Criminal psychology writer named Fiona Guy, psychopathic predators will do anything to get their prey because they have minimal risk and stress factors holding them back. While some people grow up and become psychopaths they are still taught the right and wrong of society, they just do not listen and rely on their predatory instincts because they are already corrupted with this sense. Many people think psychopaths do not think about their acts and the consequences when they commit them, but psychopaths are some of the most successful people alive because they are highly intelligent. For Example, one of the most famous psychopathic killers in American History, Ted Bundy, was one of the most feared people in history but also one of the most brilliant in the ways he could manipulate or trick others and that’s why he was so successful as a psychopath. Physiological behavior in Criminals could be due to various types of disorders such as personality disorders which could be the reason why people act this way.

A personality disorder is having a huge impact on a psychopath, but does it really cause them to have behavioral issues, and should they be held responsible for their actions. This question can go both ways when it comes to a psychopath. But I believe we should try to help them instead of punishing them because that makes us no better than them. Based on the video psychopath next door psychopaths react to stimuli in the brain that causes them to change their personality and want things like money or sex. Based to an author named David Porter, “the annual prevalence of Antisocial Personality Disorder is .02% to 3.3.% when the criteria from prior DSM editions are applied”. As I mentioned before, personality disorder could be the cause uthor explains how psychopaths are prosecuted for experiencing criminal behavior and violating many systems of the law. So yes they should take partial responsibility for their actions because going against the law is never the right thing to do, but psychopaths just do not seem to understand that because they rely on their instinct to make the decisions. Based on an author by the name of Hervey Checkley who is a professor of psychiatry and neurology, psychopaths with personality disorders should be placed in hospitals that accept them because according to the standards of psychiatry they are not eligible or mentally stable enough to be put in state hospitals because they cannot face up to their crimes. One signature place where these types of psychotic patients usually are is at the medical center in Springfield where they try to treat and monitor the patients at a restricted and safe level of contact and learn more about how physiological behavior is affected by personality disorders in psychotic people.

For centuries people have been dealing with psychopaths all around the world. Psychopaths bond to this world in a different way than most people do, they cause physical and mental harm, but it seems like they do not always do it because they want to, it is because they feel the need to. People must learn to accept that there is evil in the world and it will do anything it can to bring you down. Psychopaths are not feared for how they kill people, they are feared for how good they are at blending in with the rest of society because your neighbor could be a psychopath and you would never know. The documentary, articles, and books mentioned here showed me a lot on how psychopaths are treated for their bad deeds; they showed how psychopaths suffer from a personality disorder which then leads to predatory behavior issues that cause emotional detachment from society.

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