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Dental Public Health Professional Development

The importance of aligning education with career choice cannot be underestimated. Given the importance of passion for work, it seems much easier to develop passion by being successful and being a good person. Choosing a career that you enjoy can ultimately focus your attention on pursuing your career path. While choosing a degree major that aligns with my personality, my career dreams and vison, the university also play an important role in providing coursework, support and creating a learning environment...
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The Role And Importance Of Modern Public Health

Healthcare is vital to all of us some of the time, but public health is vital to all of us all the time. C. Everett Koop. Public Health was coined many years ago, and the history of public health is derived from many historical ideas, trial and error, the development of basic sciences, technology, and epidemiology(Tulchinsky, &Varavikova2014).Public Health began in ancient times and many of its concept have changed. Historical public health measures include the isolating of leprosy victims in...
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The Evolution Of Public Health In England

This essay will critically evaluate changes of Public Health England and how it has historically shaped and developed over the centuries. It will highlight key political drivers, policies and practice in public health in England and internationally. This will be achieved by discussing historical events in public health, improvement of framework, the setting up of the National Health Service and establishment of Public Health England and organisations working closely with. Historically Public Health was not recognised. Industrial revolution at the...
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Public Health Issue: Breastfeeding In The United Kingdom

Introduction The public health issue which is being focused on this essay is breastfeeding and the community of practice that the essay will be based on is Newham, which is my placement area. Breastfeeding is an incomparable way of providing complete food for the healthy growth and development of infants (WHO, 2019). Breastfeeding is also an important part of the reproduction process which has very important effects on the health of mothers who breastfeed, which would benefit the mothers but...
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The Peculiarities Of American Public Health Act

The topic I have chosen to discuss is the Public Health Act 2005. This ACT allows the protection and promotion of the States’ public Health. In this essay I will describe the jurisdiction, context and principles, recent amendments and intent of the law in promoting and protecting population health and safety. I will identify target/ population groups affected by the legislation. I will identify the main stakeholders involved in addressing the law and the reasons for either supporting or opposing...
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The Roles And Duties Of Public Health Practitioners

The role of the public health practitioner is multifaceted. In the instance of Suffolk, and the proposed interventions, this involves overcoming a complex problem which requires partnership working across a range of stakeholders (The Open University, 2019d). Public health professionals can play a vital role in championing the needs of the local resident population (Bunton et al., 2003). This is particularly true for vulnerable populations such as children, as included in this proposal, who are not always able to have...
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Violence Against Women: A Public Health Problem

Women and Violence are two such terms that can be synonymous with each other. Every day, end number of women go through different forms of violence, be it intimate physical and sexual violence, female genital mutilation, rape, sex trafficking, early and forced marriages, domestic violence, or so-called ‘honor’ crimes. Mostly persisting expressions of violence against women lies in the remote areas of India where cultures and customs do not allow such cases to be dealt legally. One such example is...
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The Significance Of Yoga In Public Health

INTRODUCTION “Yoga is skill in events – Lord Krishna. ‘Yoga’ is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘to join, bond or yoke together’, and the essential purpose of yoga is to convey together body, mind and spirit into a pleasant whole. Physical Education may provide the right direction and desired actions to look up the health of members of any community, society, population and the world as a whole. An educational system encompassing the mental, emotional, social and physical scope of health...
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Strategies Used For Developing Public Health Policy

Public Health – Assignment 1 Public health is a complex subject that has positively affected our communities – it is complex as it does not refer to only one illness or condition’. We exist to protect and improve the nation’s health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities’ (Public Health England Online). The origins of public health here in the UK started with the establishment of the National Health Service by virtue of influential characters such as John Snow and William...
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Brief Overview Of Aspects Of Strategies Of Public Health, Emergence Of Public Health Policy In UK

Introduction Public health is basically the art as well as science of improving and protecting health of the people and entire community at large. In short, public health relates to changing the health behaviour of people and improving their lifestyle. The main aim of this report is to study various aspects related to public health along with the prevalence of various diseases and devise the various actions which could be taken for ensuring well-being of people. This report gives a...
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Appraisal Of Correspondence Plan For Public Health Informatics Venture: Project Management

Presentation and Background The report points in talking about and assessing the correspondence plan that is created for Public Health Informatics venture. The undertaking supervisor connected with the venture needs an exhortation on the correspondence plan that is set up for the task. Correspondence designs by and large have a huge job in guaranteeing effective execution of a venture. The correspondence plan distinguishes the mechanism for setting up correspondence with the partners of the task [2]. The Public Health Informatics...
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Public Health England: The Contemporary Issue Of Suicide In Adult Males

This essay is going to explore the contemporary issue of suicide in adult males. I will be using epidemiology to justify this; epidemiology is the study of the determinants and distribution of population diseases. It is the key quantitative discipline that supports public health, this is often defined as the efforts taken to prevent disease and promote health by society (Cambridge University, 2010). Within this essay, the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and the Clinical Commissioning Process (CCG’s) will be...
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The Effectiveness Of Public Health Measures In Fighting Tobacco In Gothenburg, Sweden

Background: According to a World Health Organization (WHO, 2019), “every year, more than 8 million people die from tobacco use, and more than 1.2 million people die from secondhand tobacco smoke-related diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.” (WHO). Furthermore, smoking costs the global economy more than $1 trillion a year. when reflecting on the extent of tobacco use and diverse products and harms including but not limited to (smoking-related illness, lost productivity, passive smoking issues, agricultural, environmental). The...
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The Interrelation Of Public Health And Gun Violence

“Gun violence is not something that appears just in a bad neighborhood or in another part of the world. It appears right here, right outside your door.” (Mendell, 1998,) This large world we exist in, presently there is gun violence right outside our own front doors. Gun violence is the beginning of upsetting the human race yearly in the United States. Watching the news on television we constantly see and take notice of in relation to the shooting of many...
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Public Health Measure Against Infectious Diseases In Japan

Infectious Disease Control Act In Japan, there are the acts against source of infection mode of transmission and host susceptibility. There has five laws against infectious disease are Infectious diseases control law, TB prevention law, rabies prevention law, preventive vaccination law and quarantine law. Infectious disease control law focus on particular infectious diseases (e.g., Tuberculosis) and particular health care services (e.g., Vaccination). In 1987, there was Contagious Disease Prevention Act (CDPA). In 1948, Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention law and in...
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Infectious Diseases And Public Health

Meanwhile, Kathleen A. Alexander and others identified different factors that contributed to the most recent Ebola outbreak, during their paper called “What Factors Might Have Led to the Emergence of Ebola in West Africa” (2015). Some of their identified factors were the potential infection due to the consumption of dead apes, meteorological factors could have help in the spread of the disease, seasonal influences of forage and wildlife as potentially increasing during the contacts between wildlife species, the used of...
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Human Rights Approach In Public Health

Being born into a certain area, income, or skin color can either advantage or disadvantage you in today’s society, especially when talking about equal health rights. A public health initiative known as the human rights-based approach, HRBA, has a goal to support better sustainable development outcomes according to the World Health Organization. This approach “analyzes and addresses inequalities, discriminatory practices, and unjust power relations which are often at the heart of development problems.” (WHO, 2017). HRBA is a way of...
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Balance between Individual Rights and Public Health: Analytical Essay

Throughout the years, various epidemics, pandemics and diseases have affected the world and when they occur, citizens demand and expect the government to eradicate the disease, prevent and minimise its spread. This is where public health thrives, it may be defined as the protection of individuals health and well-being through the duties and powers of a state for the greater good of the public. It is, however not, an excuse for the infringement of human rights, even-though it subtly encourages...
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Racism in Healthcare Essay

Critical Race Theory Application: Racism in Healthcare Introduction: What is Critical Race Theory? Critical race theory (CRT) is a framework for examining the effects of race and racism. We use CRT to dissect the systems of racism, including how it affects those being oppressed by cultural representations of race. This theory understands the social construct of race as well as intersecting discriminations behind it (Daftary, 2018). Comment by Whitney Olsen: I would use “a” unless it’s the sole definitive framework...
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Japan Vs US Healthcare System: Essay

When people think of the United States of America, they think of a country that strives for perfection among other things, but is the U.S. really the best at what counts? Healthcare is one of the most important systems within the United States and should be the most important system in most countries. There are 195 countries in the world, but today I have chosen to compare the United States healthcare system to Japan’s healthcare system to see how they...
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Street-based Prostitution and Public Health Concerns: Analytical Essay

Prostitution is known to be one of the oldest professions, and today remains an active professional in countries all over the world. Despite its prevalence, prostitution is an ongoing source of public, academic, and moral debate (Benoit, Jansson, Smith & Flagg, 2018). Prostitution can be defined as “the trade of sexual services for items, money or a place to stay” (Williamson & Baker, 2009 P.28), with street-based prostitution involving a prostitute soliciting from a public place. Street-based prostitution is one...
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Developmental Implications of Lack of Sanitation in Nigeria

Sanitation refers to public health conditions related to safe drinking water and adequate treatment and disposal of human waste and sewage (Oxford Dictionaries, n.d.). Nigeria is located in West Africa and has the largest population of approximately 200 million in Africa (UNDP, 2019). Nigeria has a Human Development Index of 0.534, which ranks the country as 158th in the world (UNDP, 2019). The Human Development Index (HDI) is a summary measure of average achievement in key dimensions of human development:...
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Essay on Public Health Issues in Vietnam

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has become one of the fastest-growing economies and has plans on becoming a developed nation within the next decade. With a population of 96.1 million, Vietnam is a densely populated developing country that has been adjusting since 1986 from the rigors of a centrally planned, urban economy to a more industrial and market-based economy, and it has raised incomes significantly. While the government of Vietnam has made commendable efforts in improving the health of the...
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