Abortion Opinion Essay: Thoughts

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The topic of abortion issues is one with great controversy. There are many ethical, moral, medical and religious question. Many people take side as pro-choice or pro-life. There is strong feeling for both school of thought. We look at the public opinion of both positive and negative aspect of abortion issues. Abortion is one of about six major issues that the public considers when voting (Witwer). It is a complex issue that has been passionately debated for centuries. Many people argue about what stage of pregnancy abortions should be allowed, if there should be an age limit, if abortion should be allowed only in certain cases. The Supreme Court Case of Roe versus Wade has had a huge impact on abortion laws in the United States. Before 1973, abortions were illegal and criminal, with few exceptions. The court decision in the case legalized first trimester abortions while leaving the specifications of the other trimesters up to the individual states. This case has led to many debates over the value of life and when life begins whether at conception, independence from mother, or first breath. All of these can be defined by religion, law, or individual beliefs. Unfortunately, none of the policies before or after Roe versus Wade have define when life begins. It should be clear that all the laws and restrictions on abortion do not make any legal or public health sense. What makes abortion safe is simple and the most important, is when it is available on the woman’s request and universally affordable and accessible. From this viewpoint, few existing laws are fit make decision or make restrictions on a human being choice.

There are no answers or roadmaps showing what is correct, because in every state and every country certain factor must be considered. Here we can motivate thinking about whether any criminal law on abortion is needed. Treating abortion as essential health care is a major step forward, and where the national setting insists on some sort of law, advocates could draft the simplest, most supportive law possible, increasing women’s awareness of services and the law, aiming for universal access, integrating Women Health Organization (WHO)approved methods, and addressing social attitudes to reduce opposition.

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If it were up to pro-choice advocates, all criminal sanctions against abortion would be revoked, making abortion available at the request of the only person who counts—the one who is pregnant. And as with all pregnancy care, abortion would be free at the point of care and universally accessible from very early on in pregnancy.

However, abortion remains as both a political and moral issues. Americans are genuinely split. The opinions on this controversial issue remain unchanged since 1995. There are two primary moral and legal questions related to the abortion debate, which will continue to divide public opinion: a. Are abortions morally wrong? b. Should abortions be legal or banned?

All three branches of the federal government can have a huge impact on reproductive freedom nationwide. While 7 in 10 Americans support the right to abortion, our government doesn’t reflect our views. We’ll be fighting with everything we’ve got to block attacks on reproductive freedom from the anti-choice Congress and president. Donald Trump’s presidency are a danger to reproductive freedom. The president believes that women should be punished for choosing abortion, and he has filled his executive Cabinet with anti-choice extremists. Here are some of the ways Trump is threatening reproductive rights:

Trump repeatedly promised he would nominate anti-choice justices to the Supreme Court.

Trump has nominated judges to both higher and lower-level federal courts who could threatened reproductive rights by upholding dangerous anti-choice state laws. These laws affect health services nationwide. His pick for attorney general, former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions an anti-choice extremist who voted not to fund Planned Parenthood, ban some terms abortions and not punish anti-choice terrorists who attacking clinics.

Congress creates laws and determines the budget for the federal government. The Senate also approves the president’s nominees for the courts and for federal agencies. With extreme anti-choice politicians running both the House and Senate, and an anti-choice president, American can expect constant attacks on reproductive freedom. Pro-choice organizations continue to challenge anti-choice laws in the court system. These cases can make their way through the federal court system all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has the final say on whether a law violates the Constitution.

Anti-choice extremists use threats of violence, vandalism, harassment and intimidation to endanger the lives and safety of abortion providers and their patients across America. Women seeking medical services and the medical professional helping them should not be afraid of being attacked and intimidated

Some countries provide a responsible abortion care. “Since 1988, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has successfully managed abortion just as it does for every other medical procedure.” (Arthur) Doctors abide by CMA policy and guidelines and follow best medical practices. These countries believe criminal laws are inappropriate and harmful in medicine because they constrain care and negatively impact the health of patients.

Since the Supreme Court handed down its 1973 decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, states have constructed many of their own abortion law, regulating and limiting whether, when and under what circumstances a woman may obtain an abortion.

Meanwhile, other policymakers in some states have approved laws to protect abortion rights without relying on the Roe decision. Most of these policies prohibit the state from interfering with the right to obtain an abortion before viability or when necessary to protect the life or health of the woman. Nineteen states have laws to restrict the legal status of abortion. Thirteen states have laws that protect the right to abortion. Two state has the right to abortion throughout pregnancy without state interference.

Then we take look at religion and abortion issues. The religious community have taken strong positions on abortion; it is believed that the issues deals mostly with the issues of life and death, right and wrong, human relationships and the nature of society. Many in the community call abortion a major religious concern within its communities. It is believed women involved in an abortion are usually affected very deeply not just emotionally, but often spiritually, as well. They often turn to their faith for advice and comfort, for explanation of their feelings, and to seek atonement and a way to deal with their feelings of guilt.

Because abortion affects heart as well as mind, and because it involves life and death, many people find that purely intellectual argument about it is ultimately unsatisfying. For them it's not just a matter that concerns a human being and their conscience, but something that concerns a human being and their God. Many believed that a religious woman would not choose to have an abortion, even though women of all faiths have abortions. Many faiths recognize that women are

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