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Purpose of Life and Its Awareness

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From a very young age I asked myself the question that many of us ask ourselves. What meaning does my existence have? The exact answer I have not yet found because it is a very complicated question and difficult to understand not only for me but for all. Talking to myself experiencing things to know myself better I could find that I came to this world with a purpose. I came with a purpose A compromising purpose, great and positive for the world. I came to this world to live every second as if it were the last, because life taught me that not everything is forever and that we have nothing more secure than death. To live every second as if it were the last one, I mean to value the people that surround my family and treat them as I would like them to treat me, to help people who need my heart and to put into practice my strengths and talents. Since, as the saying goes, if you do not put them into practice or take advantage of them, God takes them from you.

My talents are specific sports (basketball), sales and being very creative. Thanks to the sport I have been able to have scholarships in all the schools so I never paid for my education and I was able to travel, to know different countries to represent my island of Puerto Rico. I feel that thanks to that talent of being good at sports, I met people who helped me to be a better person and helped me to be where I am today in Miami. Miami has been a blessing since after the hurricane it is now my home. Life in Puerto Rico compared here is very cheap and here it is very expensive therefore I could not continue with the sport and I had to change to work to be able to meet my expenses. That has changed my purpose a lot since basketball was the most I liked to do, but I do not give up and I keep going because I think everything in life happens for a purpose and something much better God takes away to multiply us. In the times of now people live so busy, with many worries and with so many expenses that many work only to pay and can survive, they do not work in what they like and many times they do not do it with love. We live day to day so fast that we do not have time to stop and think about ourselves, what we are, the reason for our life, our purpose.

Many of us have felt lost on many occasions, we have thought that we have made a mistake or we have programmed what we are doing with our lives. That feeling of emptiness and many times of frustrations, anxieties, despair, that sometimes make us feel that our lives have no meaning is not a bad thing because we all normally go through that as humans, but that can serve as a turning point that makes us reflect on what we really want and how to achieve it. From my point of view, the purpose of any person is the purpose that one gives them. For me, it’s not that life has a meaning, but I think we’re here to enjoy the blessings that God and life gives us and just be happy.

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My purpose of life is to share each second as if it were the last with my friends and family, to help and serve others from the heart, to grow and evolve as a good person, to become my best version and to give the best of myself always for the world. I think that putting that into practice my life will have a good sense because each one of us finds happiness in his own way. The race that in my life the people who have had the most influence are my family and God they have been present in all my triumphs. They are my complement and my motivation to do things from the heart. At one point in my life, a moment has come to run away and give up everything and it is on that occasion that my family and God have been giving me strength, wisdom and faith to get through all the obstacles.

My main interest is to be a professional and build a family with the blessings of God that every decision and action that we take this with the union of a family. Besides working to pay expenses since I was very small, I love sales and business, my dad is an entrepreneur and I think that runs in my blood. My ability is to be a good seller since I was a little girl, I used to sell things on the street and where I lived. My career in business administration will help me to be successful in life and that will help me make great sense of my life and happiness. It will help me and to be able to create a better family that has financial stability and has no needs. I feel that working in a company or creating a company is what I would most like to do.

In conclusion, we all have a purpose in life is in us to be able to find it to shine and contribute to a better world. This kind of ethics helped me take some time and reflect on my values ​​beliefs in remembering that I came into the world and I believe that every student should take this class.

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