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Push and Pull Factors of Mexican Immigration: Analytical Essay

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For the research project, I am going to write about stereotypes towards immigrants. This topic interests me because my father is an immigrant, and experiences stereotypes as well as all descendants of immigrants. I will be talking about the effects stereotypes have on a person. Another topic I will be covering is the different types of stereotypes, and how they relate to a group of people. Meaning of stereotypes is any wide assumption used towards an individual. The assumptions are related to Africans, Mexicans, Asians, or any person of Latin descent. I will be using a source from, “ This misconception could cause problems such as discrimination. This is a big problem in our multicultural society”( This is a good piece of evidence because it relates to discrimination towards minorities is causing our diverse society to become segregated. I am going to use this as evidence to state stereotypes are a problem in our society. Another source is from, “It is important to understand that the person may experience a threat even if he or she does not believe the stereotype. Simply, in the context, the person perceives that the stereotype is a plausible characterization of himself or herself by others”( Shows the negative effects of racial stereotypes. For example, someone assumes that all Mexicans are criminals just because some are, does not mean all are. I also we talking about the positive side. In a way, it is good to hear about stereotypes, for when it does happen to someone one day. They would know how to take it in and react as well. In one of the body paragraphs, I will be discussing certain ways we can stop the use of stereotypes.


Throughout the past century, immigration from Mexico to the United States is still happening until now. Mexican immigration is one of the largest groups of immigrants to the United States. Since there is a greater population of Mexican immigrants in the United States compared to other ethnicities. Does Mexican immigration have an effect on today’s society? If so, in what way does it affect our society? It all began when Mexico took control of Spain in the 1820s. Later, the Tejanosin Texas supported the new Republic of Texas. Hispanics in New Mexico and California did not identify with Mexico City. Which took part in a small role in the Mexican- American war. As well as offering the decision of going back to Mexico or staying in the U.S., becoming a legal Citizen. The early history of Mexican Americans is Spanish-speaking Tejanos, Nuevomexicanos, etc., already existed in the southwest part of America because it was part of New Spain. These certain Spanish-speaking communities adopted English as their first language. It is shown the history of Mexican Americans, as well as Americans of Mexican descent, who began migrating to the United States during the late 1840s. In the late 1840s over 80,000 individuals became legal U.S. citizens(John W. Kluge).

One of the major reasons why Mexicans migrated to the U.S. was from 1897-1930, low-paid workers with no skills were needed in the United States for agriculture work, and road building(John W. Kluge). As well in the 1910s a large group migrated to the U.S. because Mexico was torn apart by the Civil War. It is shown after the Civil War, of 1911 Mexico fled over 60,000-1,000,000 refugees north to cross the border(John W. Kluge). Most of the refugees were well-educated middle-class families, as well as poor citizens. Hispanics who lived in New Mexico were known as the second-class social status by the non-Hispanic population. During the 1910s-1930s they came up with a new Spanish identity for their cultural citizenship. Around the 1920s the term Spanish-American took over the commonly used word Mexican(John W. Kluge). The new term Spanish American gave a sense of American citizenship.

A little after 1915 Tejanos from Texas proved their American citizenship, by founding the League of United Latin American Citizens, professionals, businessmen, etc. lead the organization. The LULAC organization promoted civic pride and civil rights(John W. Kluge). In the borderland towns between the United States, and Mexico the local Latino leaders who were a part of (LULAC) wanted to start preventing more new immigrants from crossing the border. The reason was the new immigrants were taking over Latino’s jobs and houses. Newcomers were seen by society as violent, and lazy, were as well putting negative stereotypes towards Mexican Americans. The League of United Latin American Citizens was formed based on receiving full praise for American social, educational, and as well as political values. It was the only way Latinos would improve their political, economic, and social background in American society.

Around the 1930s-1960s LULAC was focused mainly on citizenship training and strict immigration from Mexico(John W. Kluge). As well as promoted equality rights. Due to votes being low, there were little to no local movements around that time. Since the 1960s, around 1965 the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was strictly enforced to restrict the number of persons who would legally enter the U.S. Latin American nations, as well as new immigrants to the U.S. were limited to temporary and short-term visits(John W. Kluge). Since the 1980s Mexican immigration has been increasing very large. Around the time of the 1980s, more and more acts were being strictly enforced. Some acts were the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986 was for illegal immigrants who were working illegally with no citizenship, and were granted no charges(John W. Kluge). Which lead to a larger amount of Mexican Immigration to the United States. As well as the Latin American debt was increasing at a rapid rate because of the high rates of unemployment, which destroyed the middle class.

Many Mexican Americans were struggling economically. Which caused labor Unions to form. One of the famous well-known was the labor union called the Industrial Workers of the World. Focused on Mecican-American farm workers as well as miners. The organization’s very first strike took place in Southern California. They focused on fighting for better wages, and working conditions for laborers. One of the main reasons why laborer unions and movements were forming during the 20th century. Was because of the way society portrayed Mexican Americans in a negative way. The purpose of the movements, and organizations was to better the way Mexaican-American were viewed by society. Since society created negative stereotypes towards Latinos. Many other movements happened to gain more equality and rights for Mexican Americans. One of them was the Chicano Movement, which took part in the civil rights movement and evolved into politics as well too. The Chicano Movement focused on, “ Immediate issues confronting Mexican- Americans unequal educational and employment opportunities, political disenfranchisement, and police brutality”( John W. Kluge).

In today’s society, the Chicano movement has helped because minority students have a better education than before. As well as more jobs, better working conditions, pay is up too. Even though police brutality still lingers on today, now in the present, we are addressing the problem. The immigration of Mexicans to the United States affects our society. Since Mexicans Migrated to the United States. They have been changing the way society portrays Immigrants. American society usually sees Mexican Americans as lazy, violent people. Many people in society have had, “portrayal of Hispanics have included “ the Frito Bandito” the lazy Mexican taking a siesta, and images of bad, seductive women who seek to take good white men from their good white women” (Cortes 1997). This is a negative stereotype portrayed to Mexican American, women.

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The way society sees Mexican American women as people who steal husbands is not at all true. Society does not see each Mexican American individually, but they rather just put a label on women. This is an issue because American society is becoming racist and judgmental Towards Latinos. Another negative stereotype that is viewed towards Mexican Americans is that “The overall effect of immigration is bad because immigrants take their jobs, hold wages down, and take more from the economy than they contribute”(Balck-Brown Relations and Stereotypes). These certain stereotypes are often used towards Mexican American immigrants because society feels as if immigrants steal their jobs. When in reality there is a huge amount of immigrants that are unemployed and in need of jobs. Which is why immigrants mainly work hard for any amount of money. Society still sees minorities as lazy, and useless.

Another stereotype often used towards Mexican Americans is education. Latinos are often viewed as dropouts in high school, and not very smart. Society views immigrants as poor, which means they see students as not very smart. Due to the fact as society sees minority students as not having the correct resources to succeed in higher education. This is why the DREAM Act is very important in today’s society.

The purpose of the DREAM Act is, “ The DREAM Act is common- sense legislation drafted by both Republicans and Democrats that would give students who grew up in the United States a chance to contribute to our country’s well-being by serving in the U.S. armed forces or pursuing a higher education”( Luis Miranda). One of the reasons why this act is important is because it gives a chance to undocumented students to have a successful future by pursuing higher education. This is very beneficial for students that are immigrants because if they file for the DREAM act they can earn legal status as American citizens, but they have to pursue higher education. The DREAM Act changed American society in many ways being beneficial towards military recruitment efforts, more competitive in the economy, security, and many other benefits.

The act will help the MIlitary by, “the DREAM Act represents an opportunity to expand [ the recruiting] pool, to the advantage of military recruiting and readiness”( Luis Miranda). Some of the children that are part of the DREAM Act that are students are boys and are required to register for the military. This would contribute to the military because gaining more citizens to register for the military will gain more readiness for future emergencies. It as well helps our society by knowing that our country is well-prepared, which will keep citizens safe. As well the Act will create a more global economy, “ these young people to live up to their fullest potential and contribute to the economic growth of our country”( Luis Miranda). These are one of the many reasons why immigrants help our society. The reasons the students that are called dreamers, are part of the DREAM Act have to pursue higher education. Once they reach the level of higher education, can later pursue their career of any choice as well. Once they achieve a higher level of success, will give a great contribution to the economy.

Another contribution the DREAM Act does to the economy, “ This income is substantially higher than the income they would earn if they were unable to attend and complete a college education”(Luis Miranda). By pursuing higher education will do better for than economy rather than every citizen just pursuing a high school level of education. Imagine if each citizen pursued some level of higher education, which will cause an economic boost. Another change in our society is that it will cause stricter enforcement of security on the border, “ The Department of Homeland Security can dedicate their enforcement resources to detaining and deporting criminals and those who pose a threat to our country”( Luis Miranda). The DREAM Act will create stricter border controls by enforcing better security for those who are a threat to the country. In a way, it will improve our society by deporting all criminals out of the United States, but on the other hand, not all immigrants are criminals.

The DREAM Act opened a new opportunity for Mexican American Students. Who is not legally living in the United States? It gave undocumented students a chance to have a higher level of education. Some of the requirements to qualify for the DREAM Act. Some of the requirements are that the students have entered the country when they are at least 16 or younger years of age and have to at least live in the United States for at least 5 years. The students must have graduated from high school or received a GED. One important thing is that the student must have a good moral stance, and have no criminal record. If, so the student may have a dismissal from the country.After the student has maintained that good status, they have to meet a few other requirements. Such as must have attended college, or served in the military for at least 2 years. It is important that they have to maintain good behavior and a clean criminal record. Must meet all requirements in order to apply for the DREAM act. The DREAM Act is and will continuously evolve the immigration of Mexican Americans to the United States. Earlier I asked if the immigration of Mexican Americans Affected society. Well in fact yes society would not be the way how it is today. Without the migration of immigrants, The United States would not be how it is so diverse now in days. Mexican Immigration to the United States started more groups of migrators to America.

Now with the DREAM Act rules and regulations are strictly enforced, towards other people who are trying to cross with a criminal record. One of the many reasons why they deport students with a criminal record is because they just can not find anyone. Mexican Immigration to the United States just did not affect society, bust well affected how Mexican Americans were seen by American society. American society often viewed Latinos as lazy and useless. Often portrayed as people who stole the rest of non-Mexican- American jobs. Mexican Immigration has affected American society. It has changed our amount of population size. Since Mexican Americans are one of the largest groups of migrants to the United States. Our society has evolved because of Immigration. Without any immigration of any ethnicity, the United States would not be as diverse as the way it is now. Gave a sense of open-mindedness to American Citizens. Even Though there are still some people who still use stereotypes toward immigrants. Especially Mexican Americans open new doors for other races such as Asians, and African Americans as well.


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