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Pythagoras' Contributions To The Numerology

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Pythagoras made a lot of mathematical and mystical contribution to the modern numerology. But after his death, people’s interest in mathematical mysticism and all his teachings on numbers waned. Most of his teachings were now restricted to secret use. Sometime after his death however, a group of neo-Pythagoreans emerged and brought up his teachings again. But eventually the non-mathematical works and theories Pythagoras faded away. In addition to the death of Pythagoras, the ruling of the first council of Nicaea in the Roman Empire also contributed to the decline of numerology. After the council, alterations and antithesis of the beliefs of the state church was considered a civil violation all over the Empire. It was clear that the Church authority in the Empire didn’t fancy numerology and its principles; it was further classified under the unapproved beliefs of the time alongside magic and other types of divination. Regardless of the religious attacks and disagreement, the numbers of numerology still has a high level of spiritual significance. Some philosophers came up with some spiritual numbers like the Jesus number plus the fact that some Greek orthodox gatherings still find numerology useful to them. Also, in the course of the disapproval from the church, several numerology faithful argued that the principles of numerology can also be clearly seen in the bible where numbers like 5, 7 and 3 have a lot of spiritual significance and meaning. For instance, God created the world in three days, Jesus is said to have been dead for three days before he resurrected, the numbers 7 and 3 was highly associated with the activities of God in the bible more than any other number.

Other philosophers like Cornelius Agrippa wrote on numerology during Pythagoras time and even after his death. Cornelius Agrippa in his work occult philosophy (1533) provided parts of the ground in which western numerology is practiced now. He strongly was of the opinion that numbers have inherent powers in them and can be used for both physical and spiritual purposes. For example he identified some numbers as tools used for healing, casting out evil spirits or summoning good ones. For example, he pointed out that the number five has the power and energy to cast demons and to serve as anti-poison.

Apart from the studies of Pythagoras, the origin of numerology has also been attributed to some alchemical theories which have closely related principle and beliefs with that of numerology. This is evidently seen in the work of Arab alchemist Jabir Ibn Hayyan whose experiments and researches were basically founded on principles and assumptions of numerology. They were based on the names of substances in the Arabic language. Another notable work that highlighted numerology before the modern numerologists was the literary discourse of Thomas Browne: the Garden of Cyrus. In the work, he established the sacredness of the number five and its corresponding Quincunx pattern which can be seen clearly in nature and designs, mostly in botany.

After the contributions of Pythagoras and his followers, other modern numerologists began to write and most of them were building on the works of Pythagoras. One of the most notable works among others was that of Mrs. Dow Balliett who published lots of books and articles on vibration, music and colors. She particularly built from and integrated her works with the Pythagoras teachings and principles. Her work “The romance in your name” published by her student Juno Jordan in 1965 served as a major foundation of the numerology system used in modern or western numerology now. Balliett and other modern numerologists, posits that every number has a vibration unique to it. Not just numbers in fact, everything has its own vibration; colors, foods, colors, people etc. these unique vibrations play a very important role in the lives of every individual. And if anybody will have a good and productive life, they have to make sure that their vibrations are in perfect harmony with the other vibrations around their environment. This particular concept of numerology is also seen in other astrological and new age practices asides numerology and is described to be as a result of the movement of subatomic particles. Although this is a main concept of numerology, there is not enough scientific research that identifies, measures these vibrations and the effect it has on people and the environment generally. Some other numerologists have often established a kind of connection between these vibrations and the sounds that comes from the planets and the sun while orbiting the earth according to Pythagoras. According to Pythagoras, all the planets are enclosed in a kind of transparent physical sphere and that there is a corresponding musical ratio with the distance between the planets. Some of Pythagoras assertions relating to vibrations as well as that of the sun orbiting the earth have been nullified by science.

Modern numerologists have also made a number of modifications on some of the principles of Pythagoras. For example, they attach numbers to people and also attach intangible concepts to numbers. Most of them believe that the numbers one to nine have corresponding unique properties due the different vibrations natural to them. The properties and connotations of numbers are derived from the peculiar ways different cultures use numbers and then from some of the principles of Pythagoras. Due to the differences in culture and approach to numbers, different numerologists attach differing attributes to numbers.

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Even though there are slight differences here and there in the origin and development of numerology, the centrality of numerology has consistently been to predict the future and outcomes of all kinds of relationships, regulate people’s behavior, have deeper insight into people’s personality, and to built a productive through the aid of numbers unique to individuals, in other words their numerology. For instance, if an individual’s number is 7, it is assumed that the number 7 has its unique vibration and so if the individual in question will be productive with his life, all hi choices must have a corresponding vibration to the number 7. Due to the different schools of thought attributed to the origin and development of numerology, different methods have been used in practicing numerology. However there are three major methods or types of numerology.

The Chaldean numerology: this type or pattern of numerology is popularly considered to be the oldest of all the types of numerology; it originates from the ancient Babylonian kingdom and their practices. The Chaldean numerology is deeply embedded in the culture of the Chaldeans who were occupying Babylon at that time. Although this type of numerology is not commonly used by a lot of people, it is still considered as the most accurate type of numerology. This is due to the fact that it is assumed to have been evidently proven consistent and efficient for thousands of years. The Chaldean system differs from the other two major types of numerology in some important ways. Unlike the other Pythagorean and kabbalah systems for example, the Chaldean system doesn’t really use your original and first name written on your birth certificate. It rather uses the name you are mostly or commonly known by. It can even be your nickname, your marriage name or your real name; so far you are most commonly known by the name. Another interesting difference is that Chaldean numerology doesn’t use single digits alone; it also makes use of double digits. The single digits are used to portray the outer influences in a person’s life while the compound numbers is used to portray someone’s inner aspect. In other words, the single units shows details about you that can be seen by people in the physical world while your double digits represents any unseen or hidden traits or influences in your life that affects your past, present and even your future. The single digits are also know as the physical numbers while the double digits are known as the metaphysical numbers in Chaldean numerology. The single digits have similar meanings but the double digits are much more complex; they have a life of their own.

The name of an individual is the most important factor and has a lot of significance in Chaldean numerology. After the name, the date of birth will now be considered. The date of birth has its occult significance and has a lot of effects on the health, personality and other aspects of an individual’s life. Basically, the Chaldean numerology holds that every letter has a vibration unique to it and numbers assigned to it based on the value attached to its vibration. The numbers in the Chaldean system starts from one and ends in nine, unlike that of the other two systems which is from one to nine. The number nine is considered a holy number and thus is set apart from the other numerical vibrations. However, it is included when it is the sum of all the vibrations.

Kabbalah numerology: this method of numerology does not take account of the numerical value of your birthday, it only uses the person’s full name, words that when said can effect changes on our mood or even our entire life, it provides a remarkable way for people to learn or say, become aware of their true nature, covering into why they behave a certain way, which can even enable them to unlock the mysteries of people around them.

Each person has their peculiar set of numbers related to their names and can be translated to give a personalized numerological chart, the value for the kabbalah numerology is also a factor that differentiates it from other methods, following this factor is the fact that kabbalah also has a much wide range of numbers. An example is that there can be up to 400 different life paths based on 22 different vibrations, which is exhausting and so most numerologists prefer to work with the more accepted life paths numbers. However, because the kabbalah system of numerology uses the full name instead of the birthday number it has been touted to be the less accurate system of numerology when compared to the other two systems by majority of the numerologists.

Pythagorean numerology: Pythagoras numerology is also called modern or western numerology. It is the most widely and commonly used of the three main systems. Its popularity can also be attributed to the fact that it is not ambiguous to interpret letters into digits and master their meanings. The Pythagorean system gives a lot of attention and analysis to the names of individuals. The results of this analysis give a psychological insight to what influences and motivates someone, the natural traits and talents of the person and also predicts certain challenges and/or impacts the person will face or make within his or her environment. With this system people will be able to define the natural talents, tools and abilities inherent in them from birth. And for it to be very effective you have to use your full name given to you at birth.

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