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Quantitative Research Importance And Use

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Education for me is the most important part of a persons life. This is the part where we are absorbing every single learning that we need in order to have a better chance of getting a good work or a stable financial capabilities. In order to have that we need to have a good educational system and one of the things that can help improve it is by doing a quantitative research.

By doing a quantitative research we will be able to see how we can improve the education system not only in the institution we are in, but also in the Philippines. If we can improve more on our education, we can have a better Philippines because the children will be more knowing because they are improving through time. Also, by improving the education the children will have a better and secure future because of the type of system that they will have.


With the increase of numbers of businessman and entrepreneurs at the same time it also increases the number of products that are sold in the market. As a business owner you have to think of different ways on how to standout with all the product that are coming out in the market and one thing that can help you is by doing your qualitative research in doing your product.

In order to standout you have to be new and innovative in order to capture the eyes of your consumers and by doing your research you can see the things that are new. Also, by doing your qualitative research you will be able to see not only things you can sell but also problems. Problems are opportunities fo businessman and by doing several study you can identify problem and solution that can give you a product that is new.

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Medical Field

One important yet nerve-wracking job in the world is being in the medical field. Just imagine taking the life of another person in your hands just makes it even harder. That is why we need to improve better medical system in order to satisfy the need of the patients such as good medical facility, services and doctors. By doing a research you will be able to look deeper on how you can improve as a hospital and a life saver.

By doing your research in many medical things you can look in the numerical value of how satisfied is your patients when they enter your hospital, in that way you can improve more until you satisfy the needs of your patients in the hospital that you are working.

Science and Technology

We all know that in science and technology most of the time it always proves a theory by doing various researches. One thing about quantitative research is that it is mostly based on numerical conclusion and that is why it can help you in proving your theory.

One thing that quantitative research can help is giving you satisfaction. Satisfaction in answering the question such as ‘Is it true?’ or ‘do you believe in my theory’ I believe that research is an avenue for us to learn more, discover more and Improve more. That is why I believe that qualitative is important specially in science.

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