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Quantitative Research In Different Fields

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The Importance of Quantitative Research in the field of Education, Business, Medical and Health Allied Services and Science and Technology

Education is definitely the broadest concept in this world. Everything starts from here. In our curriculum, Practical Research is a core subject that each student, any strand, must take. Some students perceive this subject as something that is hard and complex. Some even question the significance of it. Research, particularly quantitative research, plays an essential role in the field of education. These statistical methods mold us to be critical thinkers with numerous potentials. Quantitative research is taught at school because we, the young researchers, are the future of our nation. Every single student will choose his/her own career path and whatever may that be, research will always be important. At a young age, we are given the opportunity to understand how variables should be recognized and how the data should be analyzed. This will help us in the future, chained to situations where we can use our knowledge with the aid of these numerical tools. Whether it’s me or you, him or her, anyone of us can eventually change the world by means of these studies. Moreover, not only students can benefit from quantitative research. Even professors can use this method to utilize better teaching strategies. They can identify which teaching style works best for the students, what activities can shape their minds and how do several factors affect their performance in school. By doing so, teachers can make predictions and prove if the student is actually learning something or not. The school administration can also make use of this method to experiment or test which environment works best for students and more. Our knowledge about research starts from here because it will lead us to the path of changing the world.

Quantitative Research in the field of business is significant because through statistical methods, high possibilities of risk can be prevented. Eventually, businesses are prone to several uncertainties. If these companies can identify statistical relationships, effect and differences through various researches then the percentage of risks can be reduced and positive cash flow in the future can be ensured. Moreover, thinking outside the box provide businesses numerous opportunities. This method of research will give a competitive advantage to Entrepreneurs because it will help them innovate new products and services that can positively affect their operating efficiency. Business directors also make tough decisions for their companies. By means of several analysis like factor and regression analysis, these directors can make wiser decisions because they are mindful of the different positive and negative factors that affects their business. Furthermore, Quantitative researches are essential to businesses because the study uses a big sample of the population. This will contribute to marketing strategies because the needs and concerns of the target market will be acknowledged. Doing researches in the field of business is really important because it can give opportunities that can be used to be ahead of competitors. This will help them analyze internal and external factors that can be an advantage leading towards wiser decision-making strategies and this will also leverage the percentage of the business profitability.

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When it comes to the field of medical and health allied services, Quantitative researches are important because it can be a key towards the invention and innovation of several medical interventions considering the fact that the main strength of quantitative studies is its usefulness in generating reliable outcome data. There are many issues concerning health nowadays. Theres a rapid growth of diseases and they can either be curable or not. The medicines for diseases, vaccines for viruses, vitamins for protection and the like are all products of various researches. Through experimentation and analysis, some of the fatal diseases are now curable. As the world progresses, different inventions had been created in the field of medical services. These inventions are very useful because they improved healthcare drastically. This study can utilize which treatments work better for patients. Although there are still some diseases that cannot be cured, I believe that with the continuous studies and researches, nothing is impossible. After all, research is the safest way to find treatments. Quantitative research provides a systemic and more integrated approach that will always help us to cure, prevent and solve medical issues every now and then.

In science and technology, Quantitative research is significant because this field requires innovation. In science, scientists test the hypothesis and theory with the data. An evidence-based study is what they need the most. In order to make new advancements, they need to analyze correlation, comparison of means and statistical significance of findings. In doing so, Quantitative approach will help them the most. Numerous inventions and ideas had been formed by researches. With these advancements, other fields just like the medical and health allied services are also beneficiary. A good example is the discovery of Maria Isabel Layson, a 16-year-old Filipina who found that the Aratiles fruit can be a cure for Diabetes. Weve long known that Diabetes is very hard to cure and people diagnosed with it rely to insulin because it is known to be the only efficient weapon against the effects of Diabetes. Who would have thought that Aratiles, which is often ignored, offers the possibility of curing an incurable disease? This is exactly why quantitative research is important. It is the key to doors which can lead to a lot of discoveries and possibilities that still remains unknown.

When it comes to technology, this area had been emerging from time to time. Technology brought this world to a whole new level. Our mobile phone, computer and such are all products of technology. Nevertheless, these would not be possible without the efficacy of quantitative research. Engineers and architects also make use of this method in order to provide services with the help of modern technology. They innovate their structural designs and they use this to improve the quality of service. For situations whereas an engineer needs to assure that his or her project will be constructed with durability, he/she can use causality method where he/she can analyze the factors that can affect the result of his or her project. This is because Quantitative Research looks at relationships between variables which can establish cause and effect in highly controlled circumstances. Through researches, computer technicians, computer programmers and such are able to innovate new applications that helps us to attain convenience. Just like when Bill Gates launched Microsoft. Quantitative research played an important role in this aspect because without this type of study, he wouldn’t possibly come up with this idea. Nonetheless, with the help of research presented in numerical and statistical aspects, he discovered the need for such programs leading him to create it. Now, Microsoft is a very successful innovation. It is used in the academe, in the work place and in the whole world. There are a lot of inventions that exist nowadays which can prove the significance of Quantitative research in the field of Technology. There are online shopping and payment applications that we can use for convenience because it will save us time, money and effort, there are also mobile games which gives us entertainment and a lot more. Innovations and inventions with the aid of technology and research will continue to change our lives and our future.

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