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Introduction Until the end of the 19th century, physics was able to expalin the mechanic, acoustic and thermal phenomena by Newton’s Laws and electric, magnetic and optics by Maxwell’s Equations at the macroscopic scale. Even though these two great phenomena showed separation between wave-like behavior and corpuscular character of matter, some observations could not be explained by classical physics while some of them, like emission, radiation etc., disproved the separation between particle and field. Physics had to be rebuilt, leading...
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Everyone has a significant activity in their lives in which they participate so that they can truly lose all worries of life and get lost in the novelty of that activity. For some, that activity may be basketball, skydiving, or creative writing. My grand activity is the challenge provided by advanced concepts in physics and mathematics. I’ve always searched for the best way to challenge myself, as, without a challenge, activities tend to become boring to me. In the case...
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Point of this paper and small introduction into Quantum Mechanics and Computing telling the reader about Qubits quantum states quantum phenomena quantum hardware quantum algorithms real world applications quantum states measurements observables quantum programming classical vs quantum history of quantum computing uses of quantum computing I will be outlining the philosophy of quantum computing mainly the quantum mechanical theory behind it, and then I will go on to show you the mathematical representation as well as hope to show you...
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Climatology Climatology refers to the study of climate which is considered to be a subdivision of the Physical Characteristics of layout of planet Earth, weather is a physical process that is most common indicator of climate variations, also amends the topography. In other words, it is the weather conditions of region recorded over long period of time, including peak intensities, occurrences and sequences of weathers. The topography of planet includes the amount rain, direction wind and floods that determine that...
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Quantum mechanics has been controversial since its birth, and its abstract, uncertain nature makes it hard for the public to understand. However, with the development of science, more and more quantum theories and interesting facts has been discovered. Some of the theories have already been applied to many fields such as the quantum computer. The purpose of this essay is to try to explain the basic theories of quantum physics as well as its history development in a simple language....
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The idea behind quantum computing is to resolve problems in various domains of mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. They are mainly deployed to perform operations that are super complex in nature and are beyond the computing of conventional computers. They basically work with the technology of qubits in which the control signals are operated upon. The qubits are represented using Bloch sphere, in which any point denotes a combination of qubits. The functionality of qubits depends upon two states spin-up and...
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One of Albert Einstein’s most famous quotes is, “God does not play dice with the universe.”But there are two huge errors in the way many people have interpreted this quote over the years. People have wrongly assumed Einstein was religious, believed in destiny, or that he completely rejected a core theory in physics. First, Einstein wasn’t referring to a personal god in the quote. He was using “God” as a metaphor.”Einstein, of course, believed in mathematical laws of nature, so...
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The Re-perception of Space and Time Ancient philosophers proposed many similar 'earth-hearted' theories through guesswork and subjective thinking to describe the universe, which then slowly became a classical universe based on Newtonian mechanics. In some aspects, however, it is still incomplete. Thus, re-perception of space and time provides another solution about the universe’s structure, which is established by the creation of relativity and the theory about stable speed of light. First and foremost, the discovery of the principle of constant...
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