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Quran, Prophet Muhammad And Great Women In Islamic History

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Early Islam produced many prominent female leaders who would inspire and influence their contemporaries. Among the earliest Muslim women, the most influential were Muhammad’s women because of their closeness to the Holy Prophet. The Quran describes the women of Prophet Muhammad as the ‘mother of believers’. Indeed, the autobiographies of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad are set of excellent examples, which explains the importance of women in the development throughout Islamic history and in which they hold a special place in Islamic history. The Quran calls them Ummahāt al-Mu’minīn meaning “Mothers of the Faithful” (As mother of the faithful, ‘Ā’isha became one of the major students and pupils of the Prophet, and through him, ‘Ā’isha’s skills and abilities were developed and perfected.

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  • Whose work did she/he build upon?

The Story of Aisha bint Abu Bakr (may God be pleased with her) is one of divinity, fortitude, knowledge and love , wife of the Prophet Muhammad, had special skills in administration. She became a scholar in hadith, jurisprudence, an educator, and an orator. Aisha Bint Abu Bakr , became a key public figure in the earliest years of Islamic history. However, within the context of Arabian society, patriarchal social structures and attitudes continued to regard women as subordinate to men in many realms of public life. Although women continued to play supporting roles in subsequent wars, the notion that a woman could lead or advise an army was discredited after the Battle of the Camel. His Wife , Aisha became an important transmitter of hadith, or traditions of the Prophet. The hadith stand, second only to the Qur’an, as authoritative texts for Muslims searching for answers to daily questions. Upon his death, the companions of Muhammad, including his other wives, compiled stories of his saying and actions to assist Muslims in understanding how to live pious lives in the model of the Prophet. She is also regarded to be an authority for the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an. In fact the life of Aisha is proof that a woman can be far more learned than men and that she can be the teacher of scholars and experts. Though she was not formally educated, her utterances and legal pronouncements are learned and discussed by scholars of Islam in great centers of learning throughout the world. Her life is proof of Islam’s progressive stance on women. She was a prominent figure who challenged the prevalent stereotypes and taboos of society. She is proof that women share egalitarian rights in Islam. Her life ascertains that Islam does not discriminate between sexes, nor does it mandate marginalization of women. A wife, stateswoman, scholar and an enlightened thinker; she was an astute woman who exhibited exemplary moral qualities and became one of the most influential persons of the Islamic history. She was one the one who held the reins, the right hand of the one responsible for transmitting God’s word on earth, and also the person responsible for ensuring the continuation of the Muslim legacy. Aisha was a pioneer in the history of Feminism, and expanded the prophet’s message after his death. She took part in the continuation of Muhammad’s teachings, diffusing Islam beyond its geographic and historical limits.

Biographical information of significance

Aisha, the third out of twelve wives, was the most influential for her “holy” role as wife, and her political influence following Muhammad’s death. Many modern Muslim women looked up to Aisha for influence and guidance. Through this role as wife and public political figure, Aisha has circumscribed her prominence in Islamic history.

A’isha Bint Abu Bakar was born in Mecca in 614CE , the daughter of Abu Bakar, the 1st caliph after Muhammad. She was a prominent, early Muslim being the Prophet Muhammad’s third and young wife and she is also known to be the most loved one by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). “Allah’s Messenger (S.A.W.) married Aisha when she was six years old, and was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.” [Sahih Muslim: 1422 (b)].. Her mother, Umm Ruman, was from the Bani Kenane tribe of Mecca. Therefore, she acquired a great deal of knowledge that was transmitted over the centuries. As a wife of the Prophet (PBUH), ‘Aisha adopted a great position. She became a model for all women anywhere and in any time she was an ideal wife. She relieved the Prophet’s grief when suffering the hardships of life and the da’ wah. Among all wives of The Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH) , Aisha bint Abi Bakr, led society in religious and political matters as the closest witness of the revelations. She became one of the wisest people within the Muslim community after the prophet’s death. She was involved in religious matters and political events .

Aisha was probably not involved with politics immediately following her marriage to Muhammad; after all, she was just a young girl, and her political awareness only grew around Muhammad’s death in 632, at the time when Aisha was eighteen. However , the young wife of the Prophet (PBUH ) played an important part in shaping early Islamic women’s history in general. Through both her roles as wife and public/political leader, Aisha demonstrates not only Muhammad’s favoritism, but the influence she would have throughout Islam. Aisha’s role as wife and as a political and public figure makes her a prominent figure in the early developments in Islam. Aisha witnessed the rise of the patriarchy and made severe attempts to push past it; though these attempts to push past it ultimately ended in failure and place restrictions on Muslim women. Aisha’s strong influence continues throughout Islamic communities today, and because of her loyalty and dedication, should be labeled as the Prophet’s favorite wife. Aisha’s glimpse into the intimate life of the Prophet Muhammad, unlike the other wives, it is important for the continuation of the Islamic tradition and which makes her an influential source in Islam. While other wives did, in fact, contribute a lot to Islam and are revered in the contemporary era, Aisha’s own lineage, spiritual connection, and intimate practices set her aside from the other wives.

Aisha was truly a “favorite” wife of Muhammad, and truly dedicated to the religion. Her role as a political and public figure further solidified her influential status. This interchange is an example of a key, yet under-researched aspect of ‘A’isha’s portrayal in a variety of medieval Muslim texts: her presentation as an intellectual figure. Medieval Muslim scholars refer to ‘A’isha as an authority in works ranging from legal texts to Quran commentaries. She appears in these works as a transmitter of hadiths , as well as a source of authoritative opinions on a wide variety of issues, and also, most importantly, as a transmitter of the Quran in both oral and written form. Typically, academic scholarship on ‘A’isha (as well as popular culture) focuses on several dramatic events in her life, how she has been idealized by Muslims, and also, how she is portrayed in polemical disputes. By the eighth century, ‘A’isha was evidently regarded as a noteworthy source of several kinds of religious knowledge. Yet, as her prominence is this regard was being both affirmed and augmented in works such as al-Bukhari’s hadith compilation, it is important to note that meanwhile, highly gendered theories of knowledge were being constructed.As Sa’diyya Shaikh shows in her analysis of the chapter on knowledge in Sahih al-Bukhari , for al-Bukhari, both the normative seeker and the teacher of knowledge are male. Today, even for many conservatives, ‘A’isha’s learning no longer functions primarily as an apologetic trope.At present, unprecedented numbers of conservative Muslim women,both in Muslim- majority countries and elsewhere, are studying subjects such as hadith,quranic exegesis, and fiqh at advanced levels.Aisha lived 47 years more after her beloved husband’s death. She acted as a wise person of the ummah in Medina. Many hadiths come from her. The prophet loved her much and called her ‘Humayra’ (White Face). However , Aisha was also a religious leader. Women always asked her what to do or what the prophet did in his life. Umar ibn al-Khattab also asked for her advice, especially for women’s matters. Aisha Bint Abu Bakr knew the Quran and Sunnah (sayings and actions of Muhammad) very well . Aisha (R.A.) died at her home in Madinah on 17 Ramadan 58 A.H. She was 66-67 years old. She was buried in ‘Jannat-ul-Baqi’ .

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The contribution to Islam

Because of their distinctive access to him, Prophet Muhammad’s wives became notably vital figures in hadith transmission, natural action their historic contribution to jurisprudence. She shaped a more robust understanding of the Qur’an thanks to her closeness with the Muhammad, by permitting her to form her 1st contribution to Islam and her main contribution that was the transmittal and enabling her to report an excellent range of Hadiths ,which was estimated to be over 2000 Hadiths (sayings and writings of the Prophet Muhammad) , an intelligent young women who had a deep memory and had a sharp judgment. To this point because the hadith or the sayings of the Prophet is accurate . Aisha was a crucial supply for Hadith writers, substantiating accuracy. Aisha is one in every of the four persons (this enclosed Abu Hurayrah , Abullah ibn Omar , and Anas ibn leader. Many of the companions of the prophet and their followers benefitted from Aisha’s knowlegde “ Abu Musa Al Ashari once mentioned : If we companions of the Messenger of God had any issue on a matter , we tend to asked Aisha about it.”

However, she had created several contributions to the event of Islam and devoted herself into the development in the Islamic tradition, decoding and being a transmitter of Islamic knowledge . Another important contribution that she has been involved, was in the shaping of attitudes towards ladies by making equality there ought to be between men and girls. Muslim feminists regard ʿĀʾishah as personifying figure in early Islamic idealization of women, because the social and legal equal of men, valorized for his or her contributions in each the personal and public spheres. To the ladies of Islam, she was seen as a task model, through the restrictions she had broken of a masculine society and excelled in a very world dominated by men. She would teach many ladies and kids in her own time and enjoyed educating other individual’s , giving alternative ladies hope to examine they will move in their religion and strengthen it. Her contribution in Islam impressed Muslims and still evokes all Muslims nowadays. Ā’isha contributed to the unfold of the message of Islam and served the Muslim community for forty four years when the Prophet’s death. ‘Ā’isha, as a scholar, acknowledged and respected in the community by each men and women. Several companions of the Prophet together with together with together with (the Rightly-Guided Caliphs) of times visited ‘Ā’isha to find out Islamic data. She was the supply of knowledge for each individual. However , she contributed critical intellect to the event of Islam. She was given the title al-Siddiqah, which means ‘the one who affirms the truth’. Aisha was legendary for her experience within the religious text, shares of inheritance, lawful and unlawful matters, poetry, Arabic literature, Arab history, genealogy, and medical specialty. Her intellectual contributions relating to the verbal texts of Islam were in time transcribed into written type, turning into the official history of Islam.

Their work

‘A’isha’s example isn’t always handiest invoked as proof that girls can and need to undertake such study, however in some instances, additionally as a precedent for women looking for to play non secular management roles. I agree with that many Muslims around the world learn about such Muslim ladies in grade school, their relevance to modern time is frequently neglected. but, by learning approximately and celebrating their examples, women and men can higher apprehend and construct upon notions of “right” Muslim girls roles whilst the use of a culturally true paradigm. Indeed, Islam can empower girls as is evidenced by means of several instances of religiously observant Muslim ladies who try closer to and attain expert, economic and social achievement in accordance with their expertise of non-secular strictures.

As for those Muslim women who’re disadvantaged of similar possibilities, Islamic law may be used to empower them. but , Aisha’s lifestyles represents a effective version for Muslim women’s excellence in scholarship, political engagement or even army management. She excelled in public speaking, commanded an navy on the battlefield and advised both women and men in Islamic jurisprudence. For the ones Muslims weary of Western feminism and wherein Islam continues to maintain political, social and non-secular forex in society, Aisha’s standard offers a culturally actual paradigm for Muslim girls looking for a leading function in the political, judicial or non-secular spheres. Nowadays many Muslim ladies don’t forget Aisha Bint Abu Bakr as a reference body for all the Muslim women all over the global and over the generations have been exemplified as a really perfect relation to the status of ladies in Islam . The essential function she played in the scholarly efforts of Muslim women in learning and teaching knowledge desires to be tested and properly emphasized.

Nowadays Muslim girls might also take Aisha no longer simplest as a pious example, but comply with her intelligence, interest and reasoning. That they had made her a function version and an influential discern that impacted both Islam and different religions. She continues to be a position model and source of inspiration for Muslim and non-Muslim round the arena. The authors of the e-book : “Muslim women in the economy: development, religion and Globalization”, posted and edited by Shamim Samani and Dora Marinova, while it covers the areas of the improvement of ladies , whether it contributes to their monetary empowerment ,improvement of ladies in gender equality . Each authors desired to reveal that girls whom they belong right into a Muslim majority vicinity or Non-Muslim vicinity, will have the ability to exchange the political demanding situations that they face nowadays. But, then again it is important for ladies to do the desired adjustments. In the following rationalization, I’m able to give an explanation for how those powerful girls from Muslim and Non-Muslim international locations whom contributed to the changes , the achievements that have been executed by means of themselves, in order for them to exchange the arena that they live in. in spite of the chronic struggle for Muslim ladies’ location within the public sphere , examples of female management are obvious from even exceptionally conservative in a Muslim majority nations .Great female leader include , the late Benazir Bhutto who served terms as Pakistan’s prime minister.

In Bangladesh , Khalida Zia additionally served as top minister for a period of two terms. Different Muslim ladies who’ve been country wide leaders encompass the previous high minister of Turkey is prime minister Tansu Ciller inside the 1990’s , Kosovo ‘s third president , Afitete Jahjaga and Mali’s first lady top minister Cisse Mariam Kaidama. Women leaders in non-majority nations are the previous president of Mauritius, Ameenah Gurib and the incumbent president of Singapore, Hamlimah Yacoub elected in 2017. Those ladies proven the abilities and achievements of Muslim ladies in the maximum offices given the help and possibility. Muslim girls had been performed an crucial position in participating the financial area. Dora Marinova looked at how ladies in Bangladesh are progressing in the workplace and public sphere in what is considered a” guy’s global “ . Regardless of tenacious male dominance, Bangladeshi women have carved out spaces for themselves in the financial system via achievements in education and employment, and most significantly their contribution within the financial system on their own phrases while maintaining their religious identities. But, ladies also work out their businesses through negotiating the workplace and participating within the converting financial worldwide panorama in search of opportunities past the formal region. Muslim ladies had been extraordinarily lively whilst collaborating in economics as active members. These studies has captured important elements of the changing possibilities for Muslim women in these day’s globalized global intending to shift to a greater sustainable improvement course where no one ought to be left in the back of.


The Quran imputes a stage of religious authority to the wives of the Prophet as a group, directing them to take into account Muhammad’s revelations. But, Muslim way of life singles out ‘A’isha as the pre-eminent woman supply of legal rulings, hadiths, and also quranic version readings. As has been proven, the impact of traditions attributed to ‘A’isha, as well as medieval portrayals of her as a non-secular authority at the formation of the Islamic tradition, is a yet-unfolding tale.



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