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Influence of Race and Gender on the Structure of the International Trade Regime

How do race and gender structure the international trade regime? Race and gender are two forces which structure the international trade regime. In order to allow for a deeper analysis of the trade regime in consideration to development and neoliberalism this essay will focus on race rather than gender, to suggest these concepts give the regime an inherent racial bias. This is important because to speak of a post-colonial world conjures the inaccurate notion that decolonisation in the 20th century...
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Race And Gender As Social Constructs That Determine The Ordering Of Society

Throughout the centuries, human beings have been divided by their skin color, background or race in terms of their intelligence, abilities and treatment in society. Despite beliefs that genes are scientifically confirmed as the cause of human differences, there is no doubt that race and gender are social constructs that determine the “ordering” of society.(Wise, T., 2011, pp. 1). The aim of this paper is to explain how race is socially constructed and interconnected to the idea of privilege that...
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The Stereotypes About Race And Gender In Sports

Despite the idea that neither race nor gender can make a person being inferior or dominated by others, many people still fosters traditional stereotypes relating to racism and sexism in order to create cleavages and discrimination in our world today. One of the most common areas where gender and racial stereotypes have been established is sports. Being a professional athlete is a coveted dream for many, but one with numerous barriers to entry that have hindered people based on their...
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Race And Gender: Analysis Of The Article Race, Gender, And Refraction In Scandal

Gomez, S. L., & McFarlane, M. D. (2017). “It’s (not) handled”: Race, gender, and refraction in scandal. Feminist Media Studies, 17(3), 362-376. doi:10.1080/14680777.2016.1218352 This article was written by Stephanie L. Gomez, an Associate Instructor in the Department of Communication at the University of Utah, and Megan D. McFarlane, an Assistant Professor of Communication at Marymount University. The subject that the article addresses is how race, gender and the refraction of such is presented on ABC’s Scandal. Gomez and McFarlane argue...
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Race And Gender: Analysis Of The Article Memoirs Of A Gay! Sha: Race And Gender Performance On Rupaul’s Drag Race

Zhang, E. (2016). Memoirs of a gay! Sha: Race and gender performance on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Studies in Costume & Performance, (1), 59. This article was written by Eric Zhang, who is a graduate of New York University’s MA Visual Culture: Costume Studies programme. Zhang’s research primarily looks at the visual representations of Asian American women and queer men. In this article, Zhang focuses on the subjects on race, gender and sexual identity by providing an analysis of several...
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Implication Of Race And Gender In The Identities And The Society Of Africa In The Project Of Colonialism

I Introduction Global history indicates that humans continue to repeat the same patterns including repeated examples of Colonialism. Colonialism is defined by a foreign power gaining dominance over a country through state power. A prime example of this is Britain’s control of Nigeria during the period between 1900 and 1960. A key objective of colonialism on the part of the dominating country is the exploration of the chosen land, as evident during the occupation of Africa. The catalyst for the...
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Race And Gender In Anthropology Learning And Education

Anthropology Learning and Education Education is the process of instilling knowledge and wisdom into the mind of the learner. This usually happens based on a set curriculum, within a given time in the learner’s life. Education in the past was majorly through an informal system, where learning was based on role modelling and issuing of basic instructions to be followed by the learner. In most cases, the male gender learnt from the male adults while the female gender learnt from...
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Critical Analysis of Promotion of Racial, Class or Gender Diversity

Diversity in today’s world is one of the most exhausted words which has a relatively simple meaning yet it can be a world of a difference to implement it. The diversity of the legal profession has been the subject of debate for a while. Guardian (2015) states that ‘Despite recent initiatives, the legal profession remains a bastion of white, middle-class, privately educated males.’ This remains true even today, although they have been changes, compared to a decade ago when it...
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Ethnicity And Race In Ancient Rome

Some biases about ‘blacks’ in largely ‘white’ communities. Others have biased modern apparitions of the way Aethiopes were depicted in the Roman community, ensuing in a lot of misconceptions of the pertinent texts. Apparently, both Romans and Greeks owned specific words to term ethnicity or race. Such words, for example, ethnos, genos, and natio. Mentioned words are not very different from nowadays terms for what we would call culture or society (Joshel, 2009). In Roman insights groups black Africans, white,...
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Critical Race Theory Essay

Introduction to Critical Race Theory Critical race theory scrutinizes a paradox; how does racial subordination prevail despite international denunciation through state rules and norms of a moral society? (Harris, 2012, 1). This paper will argue that the main tenets of critical race theory maintain that one’s race, religion, culture, gender/sex and economic standing all intersect together to further oppress individuals (Harris, 2012, 1). Critical race theory is pivotal to the study of law and society as it establishes a framework...
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Essay on Race as a Social Construct

“Social Constructs are real. That’s what makes them so powerful” (Trombley 2013). Society accepts and determines these social constructs. Social constructs can be non-identical based on the community and the events neighboring the time period in which they live. In my essay, I will be defining what is a social construct. I will discuss my chosen example of a social construct and what it entails. I will also define and discuss what is classification. Toward the end, I will discuss...
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Essay on Racial Formation (Omi and Winant)

What is Racial Formation? Omi and Winant defined racial formation as the process by which social, economic, and political forces determine the content and importance of racial categories, and by which in turn they are shaped by racial meanings. The theory of Racial formation identifies that race is a social construct that cannot be varied, the main reason for this would be that those who seem to be at the top of the racial hierarchy implement it. This is a...
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Essay on Race and Identity

All individuals have their own unique points of view on racial identity. It is important because it gives us the right sense of direction in life. Racial identity is influenced not only by biological factors but also by the environment and culture in which one has lived. A person who has established an incorrect racial identity may have wrong prejudices, and this may lead to discrimination. We can analyze our racial identity through many different categories. I identify myself racially...
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Intersection Of Racism And Gender In Construction Of Power And Naturalization

The intersection between gender and racism is at the construction of variations of power, disparities in power, and the naturalization of entitlement/difference that is established in individual attitudes and behaviors through the consistent obscurance of power (Pettman 1992, p. 60). Racism and gender intersect in their construction of variations of power through individual attitudes identifying individuals by points of difference in race and gender and through individual behaviors of using differences in race and gender to distinguish other groups of...
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Gender, Class And Race Intersection In The Namibian Society

Gender identity is known to originate from experiences that happened in our lives and these type of experiences do not only differ based on gender but also by race and class factors. Stereotypes are formed under narrow structures of these different identities which creates a system of social control. Gender, class and race mechanisms are intertwined in these societies. In the race and class system there is a superior group and the inferior group and in the gender system women...
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Gender Intersectionality With Race Or Class

Intersectionality describes the position of women of colour in the social hierarchy, of females. Gender is ultimately a constellation of norms given to a culture based on biological differences however, are performative expressions dictated and controlled by our conventional norms, thus resulting in conventionalised behaviours. With these two phenomenal beings combined only creates an intersection with the issues of race and gender which political discourses often ignore due to supposed complexities, as well as ignorance on the matter. Generalisations made...
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