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Racial Behavior Vs Profiling

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This is a topic I am so passionate about. I hope the justice system and our county leaders put a stop to this. I think it is such a shame and so sad to see that even though we have come so far, throughout the years of racism and bigotry. This is something that continues to happen. I think we have all questioned ourselves. I have no doubt about individual’s right being violated due to the way they look. I agree with critics, I think when it comes to an individual’s rights being violated, yes they are when it comes to racial profiling. I feel this has always been the case even back in the 1930’s. Now a days more and more people are aware of what racial profiling is because you hear about it more on the news. It is out in the open. What you read, and have learned and what they continue to keep on reporting these days. The violation of one’s right have always been violated. The difference is that, no one really took this into consideration and or did not care. For the fact that this is when prejudice was hitting hard. This continues to happen all the time. You hear about it on the news, more and more people are getting shot and killed. Because of being in the wrong neighborhood, walking along and not even doing anything wrong including a traffic stop. This needs to stop it is bringing the worst out in people and it is definitely bringing back the racism we all do not like. It is a huge contribution to why this world is so separated.

When it comes to behavior profiling, I think with some styles of employment yes it can be a viable method to a certain job. The reason I agree and disagree is because I have seen it myself. I worked for a staffing agency as an onsite manager. We worked with a tough client they were always changing their staffing needs especially in their production department. Our thoughts were, there was too many hands in the cookie jar. No direct manager over that department, everyone wanted to run it their way. We also felt that they knew very little about how to use a manufacturing production forecast in order to know how many we needed to staff for when it came to their production needs. There was days when they requested way too many temporary employees and too little. We worked with many different managers and their styles we had to learn to adapt and work with each one. There was one who was so difficult to work with. This individual had a sour attitude all the time, they felt they were always right, even if they made a mistake and it was staring them right in the face. There was no wrong and no apologies ever. After sometime of working with this manager and struggling to get where we needed to be. Our manager felt that she wanted to bring in someone who she felt would help the situation. They transferred over another employee who worked for another client. They said that this individual knew how to talk the walk and had an amazing way of capturing these types of personalities, in people and getting them on our side. Our manager also said this person will mainly focus on building that relationship with this manager, so basically we were doing all the work this person was only here to have fun and converse. What a joke we were all very unhappy. Our manager wanted us, who have been with that employer for several years before she even started to adjust our day shift schedule, to work a later schedule. In order that our new co-worker may work the same early shift as the manager we struggled with. I did not agree and did not feel it was fair.

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After sometime of having this new amazing co-worker working with us nothing improved. Yes they were great with not doing anything even when it came down to our boss telling them I need you to do this today. To think of it now I laugh this whole idea they had built in there minds of it working out did not. Our co-worker was there to get paid for nothing, even when told to do something nothing happened. Now we understand why this other client of ours asked for a replacement to replace them as there onsite manager. This person was nice and funny however, they had no work ethic they did not build the relationship we needed with that manager. They ended up running some of the relationships with had with other managers. In return we had to fix. I do not think behavior profiling is something employers should always look at, when interviewing or hiring someone. It would be smart for them to complete the research first, shop around with other candidates. Check there references and what they have on their resume. Allow assessments to take place, if they truly are experienced and know the position. Ask them questions tailored to that specific role and what they did at their last job and so forth. Behavior profiling can be a huge asset to a position and an organization. However, it can also damage it if you are not careful. Like you hear with sales job, I need a sales person who knows how to talk to a customer. Yes I agree however, they also need to know what they are selling and invest in the customer. The customer is who is buying them.

Having national uniformity in your organization is a vital aspect of your company and how it works together. It is indispensable when it comes to sustaining a stable business. There are many organizations that continue to operate in other countries and are very effective. I think if you are looking to go global and or open your company businesses and communications to other parts of the world. You need to understand the differentiations of all ethos. Look up and conduct your research, by each country and there nation. Do not go into it blind, look up training guidelines that will assist with understanding different cultural backgrounds. It is also good to look into other businesses that are very diverse and how they are doing. Researching how long they have been operating and what keeps them in business. How do they train employees? Keeping clam at all times as well, they have to also understand everyone is on high alert now with all the racial profiling, traffic stops that is taking place. All of the shootings as well. People are just as panicked and afraid of being targeted for this. Understanding different cultures is key to how you are going to create a successful plan to train staff on the different cultures. Having a distinct training that is will help all employees understand how to work together and value what they can bring to the table. Each one of them are resourceful, productive in their own ways. That will bring new ideas to reach the one thing everyone is looking to accomplish which is success in your business. Having a training that includes information on your employee relations, deterrence and instruction, and knowledge and guidelines to follow all Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions Laws. Set clear expectations and communication straight across the board.

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