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Racial Equality as What the American Government Should Strive for

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Racism is an opinion of “discrimination against someone of a different race or ethnic background that is built upon peoples beliefs” of a superior race. The history of race in America is a true problem in society that the American people have overcame which left many with freedom, justice, equality, and citizenship. Many have felt terrorized by violence and wrongdoing of others who oppress diversity.

Diversity is what makes America whole and brings others of different cultures together. First, slavery had developed economic growth and prosperity. Post-Civil War many discriminatory laws are also known as “Black Codes” were created by slave states. These laws were created to limit the freedom of African Americans after slavery was abolished. During this time there was about 4 million slaved that had been let free, and blacks in the south were still so unheard of. Using black codes many states required blacks to sign yearly contracts with plantation owners if they refused some were subject for a fine, being arrested, and worked an unpaid job. Mississippi black codes became an achievement for Republicans. Many felt proud that they had finally achieved equality, and everything was finally going as planned. Although, many African Americans were freed there was still some that went through torture. Others were not allowed to leave their plantation and were still being treated with hatred and racism. People in northern states argued that these laws violated the rights of freedom. Different ideologies were perceived in throughout slave states and non-slave states. These rights did indeed help levitate economic and social structure in America. As time passed America was still undergoing racism.

In addition, Martin Luther King Jr. (also known as MLK) was a prime example of finding ways to receive justice with nonviolent movements or campaigns. On April 16th of 1963, MLK wrote a letter from Birmingham jail to its people on nonviolent strategies, that can be used to resist racism. Dr. King believed that “anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider” (2). If being present where you are made you who you are you stand up for what you believe in. He himself was there because of injustice and “white power structure” (2). As mentioned he had four basic steps for nonviolent campaigns “collection of the facts to determine whether injustices exist; negotiation; self-purification; and direct action” (2). In fact, in Birmingham these were the steps they had tried to settle several issues and nothing seemed to work. Birmingham was known to be one of the most segregated cities in the United States. Negros had experienced brutal treatment when trying to peacefully negotiate with the city’s fathers. The tension in the south was a necessary event in order to create peace and positivity. which all people will respect, and accept other of a different color just like any other human being. Martin Luther King Jr. sought peace and faith to hope for racial prejudice be over one day. Nevertheless, although these two examples (document #1 and #2) of injustice happened so long ago we cannot deceive the fact that many things as such have been passed down through generations. Many people who had grown up during these times and did not believe in equality were taught to do the opposite. Over generations, families have still raised their children with hatred and racism towards others of different skin colors, language, and ethnic backgrounds. People like Dr.King fought so hard to end things like racism and racial history. Things like a racial society still exist today, and as many still try to deny it. A handful of our brothers and sister of color are still facing inequality today. It still sits in my head to think “what would Dr. King do if he saw how today is shaped?”. To think that you gave your life for something and it’s still happening today would make things so much harder to believe.

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America is one of the most racist country’s in the world and people are being killed and treated like nothing. One issue in America today that relates back to these examples is the Black Lives Matter movement. Black Lives Matter movement is a new human rights movement that came forth in 2014. Which help set justice for police brutality after African Americans were killed such as Trayvon Martin. Throughout history, people of African descent have not had enough freedom and have been treated with hatred in this country. Black Lives Matter has been more about fighting for the dehumanization of Black lives. This movement has helped build black power all over the country. Many have developed Black Lives Matter chapters in their communities where people get together and try to build reach to changing one’s situation. There are still many other groups of people who try to oppress African Americans.

If you’re living in a white male society systems have used people of color to their advantage and oppress them for their desired benefit. However, one of the closest systematic oppression in today’s society, in my opinion, Is president Immigration Wall. The purpose of this wall is to lower illegal immigration to the United States. Many people of color are now considered “criminals and drug illegals” because of the opinions that our president has built upon society. There is no such thing as systematic oppression. There is just injustice in history that in many cases is unfair to many African American including others of color.

In conclusion, people who have power should use it in ways that affect society positively. Everyone should be treated like humans and Individuals that are as deserving as any others not by the color of their skin or religion beliefs. People should feel proud of their roots and color. In fact, color makes everything better and everyone should feel comfortable going out in their own skin. Now let’s make America colorful again and diversify our country with new people and great foods.


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