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Racial Equity And Racial Equality

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Before I started writing this essay I was very confused on the difference. I did not know what to write about because I did not know the difference between racial equity and racial equality. After researching racial equity, I started gathering notes until I understood the difference. Racial equity is when a race gets help or resources to get them equal to the other races. This may differ depending on how good or bad people are doing in life. Some races will be helped others will not. Racial equity to me is fixing systems that are out of balance such as, where people live and social justice.

“Racial equity is about applying justice and a little bit of common sense to a system that has been out of balance. When a system is out of balance, people of color feel the impacts most acutely, but, to be clear, an unbalanced system makes all of us pay.” -CSI President Glenn Harris. This quote I found has a very powerful meaning and it is very accurate. When a system is out of balance such as politics, or government they need to be fixed as many people are suffering and like the quote states it is mostly people of color. Mostly we suffer because we let it happen we let people treat us that way which we should not allow we need to show that with or without racial equity we can still succeed and prove everyone else wrong.

For example, in King County, Washington there is a 10 year life expectancy difference between a place where white people live and a place where people of color live. I feel this is a perfect example were racial equity should be put into work. People of color need help too be equal with the life expectancy of those of white. I think that the white people in King County live longer here because they have the better opportunities such as housing, food markets, doctors and jobs. These opportunities should be equal for both races to survive so both can have the same life expectancy. It is not fair that only the people of the white race get the good stuff and others do not everything should be equal for all races.

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Racial equity is also when all people get an equal chance no one is higher than the other. This helps people out tremendously as they get motivation and inspiration to keep going and get help to be equal with others. Without racial equity certain races feel they are superior to other races when they are not. They think they have everything and want to boss other races around which is not right. This is where racial equity could come in to keep those people in check so they would not think they are powerful and hurt other races. I also feel that racial equity plays a factor in racial discrimination. I say this because I feel like when one race is higher than another the lower race tends to dislike the higher race. Or vice versa the higher race could hate the lower race for getting help so they can be equal. I may be wrong but i have a feeling this plays a role in racial discrimination it has to be all looped in.

A powerful example of racial equity is food stamps and other food services. What I mean by this is how everyone who has a low income can apply for food stamps to get help whenever they go grocery shopping. This helps them be at balance with other people who have good jobs and are able to have enough money for everything they need. In some places certain races have better jobs and this is why the other races struggle with money and their income. Then racial equity comes into play and helps those families be up there to hold together and survive. There are many other examples of racial equity going on in the world right now. Such as the ,”City of Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative Report 2008: Looking Back, Moving Forward.” What they are doing here is helping all races in order to eliminate institutional racism and race-based disparities. They have many causes on why they are doing this some go back as far as 1942 when Japanese Americans were forced to leave the city of Seattle. Those are the kind of things they are trying to prevent by using racial equity so no race will be discriminated and all races will be treated equally.

In conclusion, racial equity should play a big role in our world today as it looks like racism is starting up again. Although everyone is not equal we were made equally. The world started with one person and evolved, we all come from the same place; therefore we need the opportunity to to be equal, which is not the same opportunity as everyone else, no matter what their race.

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