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Racial Profiling Among Police Officers

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Racial profiling is a big issue its basically any police- initiated action that is only taken to place because of your ethnicity, race, gender, or religion rather than the action being required because of the behavior or someone or information that leads the police to engage in an arrest or any other stop (Schmalleger, 2017, p.196). In my opinion racial profiling is not a police problem only but a worldwide problem. I believe racial profiling happens everywhere such as the airport, school, grocery store, workplace, etc. Also, I believe racial profile happens because of someone hating something about a person or believing something about them that is not through. Racial profiling has become a big issue in policing today because I believe it is shown on social media how these cops are acting like and its showing what the police are doing is incorrect in these situations. Media is trying to make more awareness that racial profiling still happens and that it happens a lot. Due to the acts of some cops racially profiling the reputation of a police officer in the united states is decreasing. Lastly I believe that not all cops do racial profiling but, there are some that do and that I think it’s not right to pull up the race card when you are getting arrested or detained by an officer and then recording it and stating that the officer has pulled you because of your race, ethnicity, gender, or religion when this might not be true at all, you are degrading an officers reputation and the whole departments name.

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Police officers are only allowed to use force in some situations. Situations where the person being detained is hitting the officer or threatening the officer the officer has the right to protect himself by pulling his gun out, holding or restraining the person, baton, pepper spray, etc (Schmalleger, 2017, p.199). Also, if the suspect is resisting arrest or is under the influence of marijuana or alcohol the officer has the full right to use force (Schmalleger, 2017, p.199). I believe that there have been various amounts of situations where police have used excessive amounts of force. From 1986-1990 it was reported that there were about 1800 LAPD officers who used (Schmalleger, 2017, p.199). The amount of excessive force used by a police officer has probably increased by now. I believe some officers thinking that they have authority over everyone use their “power” they have in bad ways when their duty is to serve the people. There have been bunch of situations where an officer has used excessive amounts of force, situations where an officer has shot a person for no reason, where an officer has beaten someone for no reason, where an officer has tased someone for no reason, etc. These acts of violence need to be stopped, if higher authority takes action on these events there can be a change. By giving an officer a small punishment such as an admistration leave there will be no change because the person will think there’s no punishment for the crime he has committed.

The dangers of a police officer are very high when he is on duty because he can get killed at any time. Also, an officer can get infected by a disease while aiding a victim, the affect of fatigue, stress, and shock the police officers receive (Schmalleger, 2017, p.181). The amount of police life’s lost because of gun fires, heart attacks, automobile accidents, vehicular assault, fires, drowned, stuck by vehicle, vehicle pursuit, motorcycle accident, assault, duty related illness, etc has been outrageous high (Schmalleger, 2017, p.179). The way we can reduce some dangers are by making laws more harsher, making sure officers are trained to protect themselves properly from any danger, making sure they have first aid kits so they don’t receive any diseases, making sure officers get backup when they need it, maybe by having two officers in each car for extra support, making sure officers receive therapy, and etc. I believe by giving officers these benefits and types of help we can reduce the amount of police life’s lost.


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