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Racism And Struggle For Identity In The Book Black Boy

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“Hunger baffled me, scared me, made me angry and insistent.” (Richard Wright). A giant writer in American literature, known through his book “Black Boy” and other books as well, was written in 1943 and was published two later in 1945, which is literally about himself, and his story is a response of his experience that he was grown up with, his father turned back on his family and his mother was not able to feed her boy at the age of 10. His work is particularly about the discrimination, violence, and conflicts besides that, suffering from depression and poverty. Even though he suffered from social problems all that didn’t even stop him to be a successful writer and in his mind, he doesn’t have to use communism to join up with his surroundings. Richard Wright displays the struggle that black had and felt for identity in American society, apparently in his book “Black Boy” shows hunger and suffering, his memoir of racism, and his movement.

To begin with description of tough surviving an African American man in south Chicago. At an early age, he, therefore, noticed the reason some people have different skin colors and others would be able to distinguish their race. However, he understood these distinctions mean through different observation cultural and political, Wright tried to explain how southern society explores racism. Yet he demonstrated that racism was a product by a society itself and that is economically and politically unequal. Richard explained in his prestigious book, white families in the south are a privileged class versus black families serve them in need, and majority of white families behave in eagerness against them sue to black skin, though wealth class had the right to send their children to a special school which is absolutely an extreme disagree with black children who were disrespectfully treated. Richard Wright had still been finding a constant job, even though he joined the communist, which was supposed to be racial equality. Foremost, he found out that only white men could control their activities, afterward, he identified that black workers would not share their beliefs.

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Secondly, Hunger, illness, and suffering in Richard’s family as he said:” hunger had always been more or less at my elbow when I played”, “but now I began to wake up at night to find hunger standing at my bedside starving at me gauntly” (1,1,156). When Richard’s father left the house, he with his family would become destitute. From time to time, his mom was usually working in the kitchen, cooking for families this was a huge objection to Richard, at that time didn’t want any food comes from rich families, he was very proud of himself, hunger became to him one of the dominant emotions of his youth young life. However, latterly his mom was ill and paralyzing of matter her extreme pain thus he made a decision to move in with his grandmother, despite the fact that wright moved to Jackson (Chicago), he still believed it was not a paradise for him, all the time he was struggling only with white society and there his negative emotional feelings with hunger connected to his old souvenirs further not removed from his mind,

Thirdly, behind his movement there were a bunch of consequences to prove his status in society, this pressure caused him separation with his classmates and friends, in his memoir he highly mentioned that, he was feeling a distance between him with member of his family, in his mind will never abandon the side or part of southern Chicago his life condition let him move from apartment to other apartments, experimenting life between white and black, he was always overthinking, his moving caused him tough life due to lower-wage, somehow his movement is community proved him as a rebellion, he was definitely grabbling for freedom.

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