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Informative Essay on Radiology Technician

CTs, MRIs, and ultrasounds are all part of medical imaging that helps figure out what is happening inside the human body. Becoming a radiology technician is rewarding from how to become one, everything involved in the job, and how to differentiate from a radiologist. To become a radiology technician you need two years of college to get an associate’s degree from a radiography program. The program will cover “radiation protection, image production and evaluation, equipment operation, and patient care and...
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Survey on the Perspective of Staff of Radiology Department towards Radiography Students during Clinical Training

Discussion The purpose of this study was to survey the perspective of the staff of the radiology department toward radiography students during clinical training. It also aimed at finding out the factors that were seen as relevant to the clinical training of students, and the improvement that could be done to make the training experience better for students. Assessing the experience of radiography students on the attitude of the radiology staff towards their clinical training programme. From the perspective of...
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Investigating the Safety Standards in Injection of Intravascular Contrast Agents in Radiology

Abstract Introduction: The use of intravascular contrast agents in some patients may lead to unwanted and dangerous side effects. So it will be necessary to observe safety precautions. The aim of this study is to identify and investigate safety issues in the use of injectable contrast agents and evaluate their compliance with radiographers. Materials and Methods: At first, by distributing questionnaires, information was gathered about the level of knowledge of the personnel. Then, by observing the written safety instructions and...
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Essay on Radiology Registrar: Case Study

The NHS today struggles to maintain standards of care and deliver a comprehensive service to all [1]. For nearly a decade, the NHS has experienced a significant slowdown in funding growth while conversely, service demand (and cost of service provision) has snowballed [1]. Clinical radiology, predominately a service specialty, is an integral part of the majority of medical pathways with a vital role in the initial investigation and management of severely ill patients [2]. Patient-centered, high-quality care relies on rapid...
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Essay on Application of Radiology in Medicine

Radiology is a science term that refers to different types of tests that gives you a result in a picture for any part of the human body. Those tests provide the doctors with images that help them to see the body from the inside. Various imaging techniques are considered as a ‘part of radiology including x-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and more’ (History of radiology, 2017). ‘When X-rays pass through human tissue, the energy imparted can...
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Definition Essay on Forensic Radiology

Forensic medicine generally covers a heterogeneous group of various disciplines or subspecialties sharing a common interest. The application of specialized scientific and/or technical knowledge aim is to aid in civil and criminal law. Among those disciplines, forensic radiology is a specialized area of medical imaging using radiological techniques to assist physicians and pathologists in matters related to the law. The forensic application of diagnostic medical radiology can be applied in many fields where the prime target of evaluation is the...
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Argumentative Essay on Interventional Radiology: Reasons For and Against

Introduction Interventional radiology (IR) has evolved significantly since 1964 when Chares Dotter salvaged an ischaemic leg of a patient who refused amputation by dilating her stenosed femoral artery. Since then, the number and complexity of IR procedures have grown, ranging from diagnostic angiography to therapeutic embolization. Many of the procedures demonstrate lower mortality and complication rates allowing for faster recovery plus shorter hospital stays. A notable example would be NHS England’s clinical commissioning policy regarding mechanical thrombectomy for ischaemic strokes...
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Radiology Admission Essay

I am assured in my call to pursue a career in Diagnostic Radiology – a choice that’s the fruit of a lot of thought and investigation throughout my collegian medical studies. I was initially introduced to Diagnostic Radiology through drug lectures and my third year of grad school. These early encounters were principally restricted to viewing plain film radiographs. I used to be intrigued as I spotted the depth of knowledge one will get from one plain film. Up till...
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Effects of Weak Mobilization of Radiologic Services in Resource-Poor Areas in th Philippines

I. Introduction Many Filipinos nowadays are being deprived of their proper medications or rights to have high-quality diagnoses and treatments due to their distant places with no medical hospitals nearby or lack of financial capabilities. Because of that, the mobilization of services and resources is being practiced especially in rural areas. Radiology, also known as diagnostic imaging, is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by capturing images of parts of the body using...
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Essay on Human Anatomy: Types of Simulation in Radiography

Abstract In the radiologic sciences program, radiation is a major factor that causes students to practice positions in another way. The technique is called simulation. Simulation allows the student to go through an experience without it being a real event but still lets the student get an idea how it would be if it was real. There are a few different types of simulations that can be used. The different types are 3-D printing, virtual simulation, motion tracking, interactive human...
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