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Rape Culture In Australian Society

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By definition, rape culture is an environment in which rape is not only pervasive but also trivialised due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality shaped by customs and stereotypes formed by society (Waweru Nduta, 2018). Although the term was generated recently, this horrendous pattern of ignorance reflects on an already existing custom that dates back to medieval time. Rape culture is present in our nation like cutlery in a house and has intensely increased over the years. Reports of rape and attempted rape recorded in 2017/18 has increased up to 60 per cent compared to ones recorded in 2011/12 (WordsWorth Matt, 2018).

We, as a sophisticated community is no longer oblivious to the disputes regarding rape culture- what we don’t realize is that we’re encouraging the issue by overlooking it. We cannot turn our backs on our fellow citizens. We cannot choose to walk away from our problems my longer. We cannot afford to ignore this serious matter anymore. We need to take a stand in order to support our fellow Australians for the sake of the wellbeing of our country.

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Rape Culture hasn’t only affected Australia’s past, but also has a gigantic impact on the present and by the looks of it, it will continue to influence our future as a community. The new generation is developing in a society where rape culture is often overlooked or treated like a social norm, which is consciously directing them to not only accept but also perform the injustice. Health experts claim that Children behave in ways they perceive their environment expects them to. Gender roles are influenced both by genes and environment. This implies that children copy adult role models such as parents or teachers.

Therefore, if they see their parents doing fixed jobs- such as, father always fixing the car and mother always cooking. They will start believing that specific jobs are only meant for women and some are only for men preventing them from doing jobs that aren’t supposedly made for them. This is where gender inequality emerges. Children grow up with stereotypes and social pressure to be a certain way which shapes their behaviour and personality. At a young age, boys are expected to act tough and always take control of situations. Whilst on the other hand, girls are expect to dress a certain way, take extra precaution with their behaviour and have limited time to stay out. These stereotypes start off insignificantly, but in the bigger picture, majority these children grow up with to be narrow-minded adults who have been too focused on pleasing their society’s standards that they cannot differentiate between justice and injustice. They say all the little things add up. This is not the message we want to send out children, is it?

The insignificance of a woman’s identity is contributing to the rape culture in Australian society and normalizing the injustice of what is righteous and what is not in our communities.

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