Rape: Reasons, Impacts And Preventions

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Rape is known as a type of sexual assault which involves sexual intercourse or different structures of sexual infiltration carried out with a person without their assent. The action may be carried out by using physical force,coercion,

Maltreatment of power or against a person who is incapable of giving valid consent, such as one who is unconscious,incapacitated,or even someone who is has scholarly inability or the specific individual is below the legal age. The term rape is similarly known as sexual assault.Moreover,the victims of rape and sexual assault comes from a wide range of the society. For instance,gender,ages,sexual orientations, ethnicitities, geological areas, societies and degrees of impedance or incapacity. The World Health Organization defines rape as a way of sexual assault while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines rape as a form of sexual violence. They records different demonstrations of coercive, non-consensual sexual action that could possibly incorporate assault, including drug-encouraged rape, acts in which an unfortunate casualty is made to enter a culprit or another person, inebriation where the injured individual can't assent because of crippling or being oblivious, non-physically constrained infiltration which happens after an individual is influenced verbally by terrorizing or abuse of power to power to assent, or finished or endeavored constrained entrance of a victim by means of undesirable physical power counting utilizing a weapon or taking steps to utilize a weapon.In addition,rapes can be divided into many categories,this also includes the relationship the perpetrator to the victim and setting of the rape. The types of rapes are such as date rape,gang rape,marital rape,incestual rape,child sexual abuse,prison rape,acquaintance rape,war rape and statutory rape. Not forgetting, forced sexual intercourse can be done over a time period.

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Gang rape is one of the major type of rape which happens frequently among the society in the present. Gang rape happens when a group of people jointly trying to rape a single victim. Gang rape happens when there is more than one rapist,in most cases its normally at least three people. This information is recorded from the worldwide data. According to a research,it shows that rapists ans the victims involved in the gang rape cases are younger and mostly unemployed compare to the one who gets raped by a single person. Moreover, the gang rape mostly happens when the rapist are drunk or influence by drug of the same race or religion or spot of living arrangement in this way framing an affectionate friend weight gathering, supported by the conduct of their kindred hoodlums.In addition, the research also finds that gang rape are more violent compared to the single sexual assault. The rapist who is involve in the gang rape mostly dehumanize their targeted victim before or during the rape.Gang rape carries the same meaning as group rape, multiple perpetrator rape and party rape according to the scholarly literature. The term of gang rape was introduced by Bernice Sandler.



The presence or absence of physical injury can be used to identify whether a rape is occurred.Someone who have experienced sexual assault but have not suffered from physical trauma may be less inclined to the report. Rapist mostly wont be using condom but in some cases yes they use that. Basically,condom reduces the chances of the woman involves from getting pregnant and from getting any disease from the partner from both the victim and rapist. The reasoning of using condom are to avoid contracting infections or diseases,especially HIV. In the case of sex workers or in a gang rape,it actually avoid infections or disease from the rapists. It also prevent from leaving evidence regarding the gang rape. The consequences for victim is not considered as an important factor.


Mostly, there Is a chance that the victim may not know on what happened to them is a rape. Some may stay trying to claim ignorance for quite a long time afterwards. Confusion about whether or not their experience establishes assault is average, particularly for casualties of mentally pressured assault. Women may not tell it out that they are raped for many other reasons,such as the feel shame and embarrass on what happened to them.The open sees these practices as 'unreasonable' and along these lines, as proof of a deceptive lady. Not everyone can forget things easily,some of them may suffer from anxiety, depression and nightmares on what happened to them. Moreover, the rape survivors summed up tension issue, may create one or more specific phobias, major burdensome issue, and may encounter challenges with continuing their public activity and sexual functioning for a specific period of time. Not forgetting,the victims who got raped have a high chance of committing suicide. Another impact of assault and rape is the pressure made in the individuals who study assault or advice the survivors. This is called vicarious traumatization.


The individuals who have been assaulted have generally more regenerative tract contaminations than those not been raped. HIV can be transmitted through assault. Getting AIDS through assault puts individuals danger of enduring mental issues. Securing HIV through assault may prompt the in practices that make danger of infusing drugs. Acquiring explicitly transmitted contaminations builds the danger of procuring HIV. The conviction that engaging in sexual relations with a virgin can fix HIV/AIDS exists in parts of Africa. This prompts the assault of young ladies and women. The guarantee that the fantasy drives either HIV disease or tyke sexual maltreatment in South Africa is contested by researchers Rachel Jewkes and Helen Epstein.


Society's treatment of exploited people can possibly fuel their trauma. People who have been assaulted or explicitly attacked are here and there accused and considered in charge of the crime. This alludes to the just world fallacy and rape fantasy acceptance that certain injured individual practices,For example, being intoxicated, flirting or wearing sexually provocative clothing may empower rape. In numerous cases, unfortunate casualties are said to have 'requested it' due to not opposing their strike or abusing female sex expectations. A worldwide review of frames of mind toward sexual viciousness by the Global Forum for Health Research shows that unfortunate casualty accusing ideas are at any rate halfway acknowledged in numerous nations. Ladies who have been assaulted are some of the time esteemed to have carried on inappropriately. As a rule, these are societies where there is a critical social gap between the opportunities and status stood to people.


Firstly, they can share their feelings with someone they trust and feel comfortable with it. Although, its normal that womens don’t talk about their rape,but then the sad truth is they cant heal if they don’t share with anyone else. But you can’t heal when you’re avoiding the truth. And hiding only adds to feelings of shame. As scary as it is to open up, it will set you free. However, it’s important to be selective about who you tell, especially at first. Your best bet is someone who will be supportive, empathetic, and calm. If you don’t have someone you trust, talk to a therapist or call a rape crisis hotline. The victim can also consider in joining a support group, this will help the other victim.By joining the group the victim can feel better and less insecurities.

Secondly, they have to cope with feeling of guilt and shame. Sometime later, it's anything but difficult to re-think what you did or didn't do. Be that as it may, when you're amidst an ambush, your cerebrum and body are in stun. You can't think obviously. Numerous individuals state they feel 'solidified.' Don't pass judgment on yourself for this common response to injury. You did as well as could be expected under outrageous conditions. On the off chance that you could have halted the ambush, you would have. One of the most troublesome things to manage following an attack by somebody you know is the infringement of trust. It's normal to begin addressing yourself and thinking about whether you missed cautioning signs. Simply recall that your assailant is the just one to fault. Try not to pummel yourself for expecting that your aggressor was a better than average individual. Your assailant is the person who should feel remorseful and embarrassed, not you. Notwithstanding the conditions, the one in particular who is in charge of the attack is the culprit. You didn't request it or merit what befell you. Dole out obligation where it has a place: on the attacker.

Thirdly, after the rape the victim mostly wont be connected with anyone. You may feel tempted to withdraw from social activities and your loved ones. But it’s important to stay connected to life and the people who care about you. Support from other people is vital to your recovery. But remember that support doesn’t mean that you always have to talk about or dwell on what happened. Having fun and laughing with people who care about you can be equally healing. The victim can join in many other social activities even if they don’t like it. They should try to be normal with the other people.They can also try getting back with their friends. They can take some effort to interact with them. The victim can also make new friends. Mostly after the rape the victim will be feeling lonely,so by making new friends they will be connected with the society.

Lastly, the victim can always nurture themselves. Recovering from a sexual trauma is not a joke and it doesnt happen in just a day. It is not easy for them to throw all the memories just like that. It is maybe easy to tell but then its really hard for them to stand in that situation. Not forgetting,there are steps to overcome that problem. They should take enough rest to restore their body balance. That implies taking a break when you're worn out and staying away from the impulse to lose yourself by dedicating yourself completely to exercises. Abstain from doing anything enthusiastically, including working. In case you're experiencing difficulty unwinding and letting down your gatekeeper, you may profit by unwinding procedures, for example, contemplation and yoga. The victim must also take care of them physically, which includes their diet. They can exercise and take enough rest. It is also better if they avoid getting influence by alcohol and drugs. Taking this will make them weak physically. They then tend to get addicted to it.


Firstly,women should listen to their intuition when they are going somewhere alone, especially at night. Although, you know that you are fully protected from potential sexual assault.It is good and important to avoid dangerous situation. They should always be aware on their surrounding no matter how much they trust that person with them.Its better if they avoid using isolated area alone. They should also walk confidentially eventhough they are not sure with the place they are. Everyone should keep their phone charged, especially when they are going out alone. This mostly, refers to womans. It is normal to go out with your new friends in this generation but then you should always have an eye on that person because you don’t really know their intention. Most importantly, you should never ever play music and wear your headphones when you are walking alone.

Secondly, The victim can always reduce taking risk in many situation. It especially refers to social situations. Mostly, joining night parties and social events such as birthday parties and annual dinners. In this kind of situation,they tend to stay back with their friends. Normally, with friends they are forced to drink although they have no interest to do it. The women especially, don’t really know the real intention of the people around them. This actually gives the rapist a chance to take advantage over that specific person. Its better if we don’t really accept drink from any stranger or someone you meet for a short time of period. This will reduce the chance of the rapist taking advantage over them.

Thirdly, we should always have a limit for us. We should be careful about what we are posting in our social medias. Revealing too much information in social media can be a big threat for us maybe not now but there is always a chance to happen. There is lots of application that can be used to track our location.For instance,Foursquare. This application can actually track us and show the location on where are we. This can be used in emergency situation but then it is actually dangerous for a stranger to track our location. So as a precaution we should always turn off the location feature from mobile application on our phone before going out anywhere.

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