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Rational Arguments for the American Revolution

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American Revolution had taken place between the years 1775 to 1783 in demand of full independence of American colonists from the shackles of Britain by American patriots. Many political and social abuses from the part of British government finally led to this revolution as a result of which America got their freedom after the revolutionary war. It has been noticed that many American colonists supported the British and sided with them when the war started. This implies that the decision of revolution was supported by some while it was not recommended by some of the inhabitants of America at that time. The patriots were inspired by both republicanism and liberalism as political philosophies while battling with their opponents. This is so because these two philosophical outlooks justified their cause that states the value of equality without marginalizing anyone on any ground. Thus, abolition of monarchy had been justified because of its autocratic and aristocratic nature of ruling common people.

As an American colonist, I prefer to be in the side of those patriots who fought for American independence and not in support of the loyalists. This is not only because the rule of a monarch rejects the claim of equal opportunity of common people but also because the British government, at that time, were responsible for many political chaotic situation that needed to be taken seriously. On the other hand, being an American colonist, it seems that an independent democratic state is capable of providing more for the people of America than an autocratic, self serving monarchic government. Moreover, a new and independent government was highly needed in order to establish notions of individual rights, natural rights, property rights and more.

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After reading articles like ‘Thoughts On Government’, ‘The Declaration Of Independence’ and articles written by Thomas Paine, I believe that each of them are persuasive in their own way and each of them supports the cause of American revolution from their stand points. However, I believe that Thomas Jefferson’s ‘The Declaration Of Independence’ is the most persuasive in its arguments in the support of American revolution of 1776. As per the article, human beings are born equal and thus any government needs to support this claim. Equality can only be given by the citizens by coming up with policies that reject discrimination and give liberty to live equally. On the other hand, it has also been stated that revolutionary steps against the government should not be taken for any trivial cause whereas abomination of natural rights cannot be ignored by anyone. Thus, the article states that it is the utmost duty of colonists of America to overthrow British government that is unable to protect equal rights of all. On the other hand, it has been mentioned that George III, king of Britain, was involved in 27 abuses and also was responsible for forcing tax to be paid by the colonists. Thus, the colonists decided to revolt only after trying to sort out the matter by demanding from the government to make peace with them.

So, I think that this article persuades me the most as this has multiple rational arguments in favor of American Revolution.

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