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Rationalism, Empiricism And Industry Revolution

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On this assignment, I’m going to Exploration and research what is Rationalism, Empiricism and industry revolution. What’s the definition of these words? What’s the relationship with Social Science, how is that work is our Society? First, what is Rationalism? In philosophy, rationalism is the epistemological view that 'regards reason as the chief source and test of knowledge'[1] or 'any view appealing to reason as a source of knowledge or justification'.[2] More formally, rationalism is defined as a methodology or a theory 'in which the criterion of the truth is not sensory but intellectual and deductive'.[3] retrieved from When it comes to rationalism and empiricism, Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke have to be said. They are the representatives of rationalism and empiricism, respectively. In rationalism, knowledge falls from the sky. Once you have mastered the principles, you have mastered the world. Rationalist thinking is like a person flying into the air and looking at the world from the perspective of God. In the process of overlooking, it seems to see the laws of the world, and then return to the ground. The rules of this world operation are put to use in the real world. For Thomas Paine, everyone is written into the American Constitution, the French Declaration of Human Rights. This is an example of a set of theoretical principles he has mastered and applied to human political life. This is an example of a set of theoretical principles he has mastered and applied to human political life. Because since the scientific revolution, we have known that after Newton had some formulas for nature and physics. These formulas are applied to the humanities and social sciences. Use these formulas to observe the human world and find that these formulas can also solve the problems of human society. Now that I have mastered the formula of human society, I will substitute it into it. Then problem can be solved. That’s why Paine wrote the constitution and allowed future generations to modify it, because he knew that the times would advance and the problems he faced would be different. He could make some minor adjustments to the principles.

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In philosophy, empiricism is a theory that states that knowledge comes only or primarily from sensory experience.[1] It is one of several views of epistemology, along with rationalism and skepticism. Empiricism emphasises the role of empirical evidence in the formation of ideas, rather than innate ideas or traditions.[2] However, empiricists may argue that traditions (or customs) arise due to relations of previous sense experiences.[3] retrieved from For Burke, the way to obtain wisdom is not just rational thinking, not formulaic thinking. Burke believes that the world is complicated because everyone is different. Everyone is not only rational, but also emotional. People cry and laugh. So Burke believes that the way to master the world is to study from the experience of each individual, so as to master the world. He emphasizes practical wisdom. He believes that wisdom comes from practice. There are two sources of practical wisdom, one left by the ancestors and the other obtained by the wisdom of the crowd. From the on 1215s to the on 1689. It all shows the empiricism. In Britain and the United States there will be a jury system, which is also an example of wisdom gathering people. And unlike today, people think that a political party is for the benefit of their own party. Burke thinks that a political party is composed of a group of people with rich political experience. They will discuss what is best for their country.

The Industrial Revolution, now also known as the First Industrial Revolution, was the transition to new manufacturing processes in Europe and the United States, in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840. This transition included going from hand production methods to machines, new chemical manufacturing and iron production processes, the increasing use of steam power and water power, the development of machine tools and the rise of the mechanized factory system. The Industrial Revolution also led to an unprecedented rise in the rate of population growth. retrieved from It created an era when machines replaced manual labor. This was not only a technological revolution, but also a profound social change. Take the steam engine as a sign. From the perspective of the social system, the industrial revolution has eliminated the backward self-cultivating peasant class. The industrial bourgeoisie and industrial proletariat have grown stronger. The first industrial revolution brought infinite convenience to today's society. Is the beginning of everything. Our current cars, trains, and ships all started with the first industrial revolution. It was also because of this revolution that Britain became the leader of the world at the time. The first industrial revolution also led to a substantial increase in population. It has promoted the progress of human society.

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