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Re-do of Introduction Panel to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Museum

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For my assignment A paper, I chose to re-do an introduction panel found at Leonardo da Vinci’s museum located in Florence, Italy. In my opinion, this panel is not created in the proper format due to many things. According to my first source, the museum’s webpage, this museum is located at the address of Via dei Servi, building number 66 through 68; using the red-colored numbers. For any tourists who want to see the beautiful models, diagrams, and sketches of this famous scientist, the entry passes are not all that expensive (for all regular admissions it costs approximately seven euros, while youth under six years gets reduced price, as well as students). This museum also offers guided tours, as long as you make a reservation ahead of time. The Mueso Leonardo da Vinci consists of numerous services and rooms such as a gift shop at the front entrance, a place dedicated solely to paintings and sketches, a film room where lectures can be observed and an anatomy room which has diagrams of specific human bodily functions.

Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?

Before we get into the analysis of the introduction panel chosen, one must understand who Leonardo da Vinci was. Leonardo da Vinci was born in the year 1452 and is well known among scholars and historians. According to a website article found on, which was published/sponsored by A&E Networks Television on February 13th, 2019, da Vinci, was most famous for his paintings, inventions relating to essential pieces of architecture as well as an engineer. Ever since a young age, Leonardo admired the importance of having a higher level of intellect; thus during his mid-teen years, he was an apprentice to Andrea del Verrocchio. He learned how to work with metal, create different types of artwork mediums and learned perspective in regards to construction. Throughout his lifetime, Leonardo da Vinci accomplished many great things; however, according to my second source, he passed away on May 2nd, 1519. His cause of death is still debated by historians and scientists. However, there is speculation that his cause of death was of a brain stroke or aneurysm.

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Panel Analysis:

The panel I chose to analyze (posted below) is located in the very first room someone enters into after passing through the gift/book shop at the front entrance. The title of object is “L’Idraulica” or “Hydraulics.” According to the online website version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word ‘hydraulics’ means is an extremely specialized form of scientific research and analysis which revolves around the importance of energy and motion in a particular substance. The sign is taller than five feet in height and approximately three feet in width. It is made up a thick paper that is laminated on the front and back and then sandwiched between thick plastic. At the top of the sign supposedly is a self-portrait graphite sketch of Leonardo da Vinci. Located at the bottom of the panel is an example sketch of one invention diagram idea. In the center of the panel is a whole bunch of text, written in both Italian as well as in English. The Italian-written section seems to utilize the ‘Helvetica’ font and is neither italicized or bolded. However, the English translation of the same information is in italics. It is unclear what the font size of this panel is, but in my opinion, it must be at least be size 48 point font. Upon initial analysis, this panel can confuse its’ onlookers. There is just too much information crammed into one space. If I were to redo the introduction panel completely, there are many things I would change. For instance, I would change the background color from the tan color it is to regular white, re-write the passages into bullet point format with the elimination of extraneous words, make the self-portrait sketch smaller while the diagram on the bottom larger, as this room is dedicated to his hydraulic inventions.

According to the Western Australian Museum’s online website, they created an article stating specific panel creation guidelines. It is not a good idea to have too many words on each first panel, such as a panel having more than two hundred words is enough. There should also be included a few images which pertain to the topic being depicted; however, avoid too bright colors as this will distract from the written texts. If you write too much, the panel may be ignored. It is not easy taking care of and preparing an exhibitor room of a museum, and however, if done correctly, the positive consequences will be visible.

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