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Reaching Space: On The Search For A Better Planet

Words: 1969
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Is planet earth the only planet we can live in? or can we explore our external space to find another planet that may fit the environment we live in? to address life beyond our solar system require an instrument with truly unique capability and complex telescopes and more space-traveling missions. The previous breakthrough was possible by missions like Hubble space telescope and more (Andrews, 2019). Hubble, for example, the space telescope was sent to orbit the earth in 1990 and it is still doing its job to this day Hubble is known as one of the largest telescopes that have been used in the space industry. But this won’t have happened without the space race between the USA and the Soviet Union the space race realized an enormous insurgency in space investigation as every nation attempted to out-pace the other in the progression of space innovation and accomplishments. After the Soviet Union propelled two progressive satellites, the Americans were not to be beaten, and they propelled their first successful satellite Explorer 1 on January 31, 1958, and this was just the beginning the next step for them was that mankind can step on the moon and that what happened in 1969 when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon after a safe flight in the Apollo 11 which was piloted by Buzz Aldrin and it was launched by NASA as we know but unfortunately not all space missions were successful there were several tragedies involving the industry, for example, the Apollo 1 which caught fire during the launch (Sullivan, 2010).

But no matter what the pursuit for a better future has made humanity explore and innovate. It’s a matter of time for the earth to be a planet where no one will want to live in so the best idea is to reach for the stars and reach for planets nearby. Some may think it’s a bad idea but in fact, it will benefit able to humanity and earth itself. We reached our limits on earth so aiming for better goals and objectives will lead to inventions that will help humanity and evolve them. For example, we can identify new raw materials that we can use and let us not forget about the main thing which is to start living in an outside planet that we may consider as our new habitat, a place where we can start in it from the beginning in a new page to do things that we couldn’t do back in the earth.

Counter Argument

some people are not convinced that exploring space is the right idea and it’s a total waste of money, effort and time that be applied in the management of our own planet we are experiencing famine, drought , and climate change and we are investing the money needed to solve the problems in exploring the space and during the exploration we may face a collapse of civilisation rather than the risk of killing people during the prosses just like what happened to the Apollo 1 mission., some may even that spending money for ecologists well help save the planet (Bartels, 2019), but let get more in to details for example sending a the satellite Falcon 9 which was send by SpaceX costed them 62million dollars the Alliance Atlas V costed 73million dollars this is it when it comes to satellites but when it comes to space exploration missions and sending humans to the outer space the cost for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs was more than $25 billion at the time which will weigh about 110billion dollar in today’s money and to add on that 196 billions dollars was paid to manufacture the shuttle (Fowler, 2014). So the question here is did we got the money worth of it? Few missions to space have produced any notable scientific result so this doesn’t justify the cost, for example, NASA claimed that they are planting a zero-gravity protein that can cure cancer but after a while, they dropped their claims as an experiment has shown that it was the only way for us to save money is to be more efficient and to recycle the shuttle and so on.

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So why do we have to travel to another planet to start over again can’t we just reinvest in planet earth and bring it to its old days. It’s known that the planet getting warmer the oceans are filled with plastic and it’s devastating, so is spaceflight is an escape from reality after what have we done to earth we can’t just leave we need to restore the earth and bring it back to its feet, countries spend a ton of money trying to reach the unknown but they barley try to correct what happened to earth by funding scientists and engorging to save the planet. even if we left the planet we won’t know what happens in the planet we live in and there will be a risk of us being wiped out by an asteroid just like what happened to the dinosaur so the point is to find a new planet to settle in we need to study it for a long time so while we wait in earth perhaps we should work harder at looking after this planet rather than looking for another one to damage. instead of chasing an elusive dream. There are practical ways in which we can deal with the problems of our planet, and we must pursue them with all the resources and all the political will we have available.


Mankind must continuously battle to expand its skylines. They crave to know what lies beyond current information, the curiosity that always pushes at the boundaries of our understanding is one of our noblest characteristics. The investigation of the universe could be a tall perfect – space genuinely is the final wilderness. The intuitive to investigate is fundamentally human; as of now a few of our most astonishing accomplishments have taken place in space. No-one can deny the sense of pondering, world-wide, when for the first time a modern man-made star rose within the sky, or when Neil Armstrong begin with ventured onto the moon. Space investigation talks to that part of us which rises over the regular. Space exploration is an investment in the future. Our world is rapidly running out of resources. Overpopulation could become a serious worldwide threat. In this position, it would be foolish to ignore the vast potential of our solar system – mining resources on asteroids or other planets, or even the possibility of colonizing other worlds. If we fail to continue to develop the ability to take advantage of these possibilities, we may in the future find it is too late (barnatt, 2016). Space investigation has also driven many indirect benefits. The challenge and the difficulty of the space program, and its ability to draw on a few of the finest minds, has brought almost awesome jumps in technology. They have to diminish weight on rockets drove to scaling down, and so to the micro-chip and the advanced computer. The need to create secure but effective power sources for the Apollo missions driven to the development of common-sense fuel-cells, which are presently being investigated as a conceivable future power-source for cleaner cars. The effects of zero-gravity on space, travelers have substantially included our information on the workings of the human body and the aging prepare. We are able never to know exactly which benefits will rise from the space program in the future, but we do know that we’ll continually meet new obstacles in the interest of our objectives, and in overcoming them will discover unused arrangements to old issues. The curiosity of humans leads us to do numerous things. It is probably the reason for outer space inquire about. The prove that has been assembled supporting interesting data has just fueled this interest. Interest is the root of all sciences. Archaeology, science, chemistry, physics and numerous other branches of science were as it was done because of interest. Without curiosity, the human race might still be within the Stone Age. Isaac Newton was inquisitive almost the falling apple and why it fell. Big curiosity has made us do big things. Space investigation might lead to a great thing as well there are many examples for inventions that happened because of space investigating and spaceflight, Artificial limbs that were designed for space vehicles including artificial muscle system, robotic sensors, and temper foam after a while we started using them in human beings, Water filtration in 1970 NASA developed a filtration system that utilized iodine and cartridge filters to ensure that astronauts had access to safe, tasteless water. This filtering technology is now standard.

It doesn’t only have to do with inventions because space exploration has long term benefits, the boost in the international relationship (Dunbar, n.d.), Multination space programs are important for international diplomacy Since the ‘historic handshake in space’ when a US Apollo and Soviet Soyuz capsules docked in 1975, the two countries have grown increasingly close. This relationship involves sharing technology (which is almost all ‘dual-use’ i.e. it could be used for military purposes as well as civilian, thus requiring a high degree of trust), scientific knowledge and working side by side to build and support the ISS. Space is one of the fewest spheres where government and nations can put aside their differences to purist after the future. It has been tested that we can plant and grow veggies and fruits in the outer space where NASA built a space garden resenting in the space station it was built to help the industry to study the plant’s growth process in microgravity while supplying astronauts with fresh food for their diet The Veggie garden is about the size of a carry-on piece of luggage and typically holds six plants. Each plant grows in a ‘pillow’ filled with a clay-based growth media and fertilizer. The pillows are important to help distribute water, nutrients, and air in a healthy balance around the roots. Otherwise, the roots would either drown in water or be engulfed by air because of the way fluids in space tend to form bubbles. So, what if we took this successful project and turned it into a large scale so we can supply the earth with the needed amount. Last but not least the economy, mining meteors in space or discovering new raw elements can boost the economics of nations and help the process of discovering and inventing for humanity’s purpose.


In conclusion, whether you agree on space exploration or not, exploration is a part of us and a part of our history it’s the legacy that got us here to where we are, and it has been the way we live since the beginning, we stay in a place for a while and whether the condition of place we stay in was good or bad some of us leave and go to somewhere else to explore we’ve been doing it for thousands and thousands of years so we reached the limit in this planet affords us the ability to expand throughout the galaxy and beyond, as well as redundancy, should the earth be damaged. The challenges involved force us to advance technologically. Space is truly the final frontier, it a matter of time before the earth will be a planet that no one will want to live in and on top off that space exploration benefits humanity whether it’s economic-related or material related and other (csa, 2018 ), in July this year NASA will launch one of the most ambitious Mars mission ever by sending a rover to the red planet so it can set the groundwork for a manned mission shortly, it’s a big leap for human mankind to build a place where we can a comandante in another planet



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