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Reading and writing are both significant factors in an individual’s life since it helps with day-to-day activities and most careers, and it also inhibits the mind into the form of imagination or creative thinking. Reading and writing help sort out much information about the many individuals living in this century. For one, reading and writing develop in our minds during the period of young childhood and as we mature into adults. It helps us understand the world around us as it provides clarity and focus, a voice for ourselves, ideas, and themes.

Personal Experiences

As a young girl, I had never put much effort into reading or writing because I thought it was uninteresting, and also because I was not very good at it. But as I progressed throughout the years, I have come to a realization that writing is a significant aspect of many things including education or careers. With writing, comes reading. Reading was something that helped me develop my writing skills significantly and I believe that the two come hand-in-hand with each other as they helped me grow my mind and ideas. Also, I received much help from my English teacher, who strongly critiqued my papers in order to make them almost perfect. He taught me a deeper meaning of writing and reading. From this, I want others to understand the fact that reading and writing can help you in multiple things throughout your lifetime. It builds confidence, creativity, and comprehension. Both are great tools to have for a profession or for your own beneficial use.

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Why Reading Matters

I read in an article that, “reading is fundamental to functioning in today’s society.” From reading the nutrition facts behind your protein bar to the instructions on how to build your furniture, reading helps many individuals throughout their day-to-day activities. “Since the mind is a muscle, it needs exercising which is why reading is important” (Learn to Read). It develops the mind into something that’ll be able to understand multiple things such as communication, or the comprehension of new ideas. A person who has the ability to read has the ability to educate themselves in any area they are interested in. There are millions of books, articles, etc. to read from. With those, it’s a great advantage to teach yourselves new things and be creative. Many of us learn to read at such a young age, and that is what I think starts the ideas and imagination of an individual’s mind. Reading helps you understand a wide variety of vocabulary which helps you become a better writer. “You are, right now, the result of words that you have heard or read and believed about yourself” (Learn to Read). In the reading Written Reflection: Creating Better Thinkers, Better Writers, an English teacher writes about how she wants her students to understand the greatness behind writing. She cites a book called, Methods That Matter written by Luanne Kuwalke who states, “ 'To make sure that children become intelligent, insightful, educated human beings, we educators must help them become conscious of their own learning and thought process. Instead of teaching students what to think, we need to teach them how to think, and how to think for themselves (234). Having mentors and people to help you with what materials to read can help you steer in the right direction in your desire. Also, reading is everywhere. We read Facebook or Twitter statuses’ to catch up on the latest gossip. We read the news to know what’s going on in the world today or how Trump doesn’t believe in climate change.

Why Writing Matters

“So when does the writing matter?... Is there ever just a time when it isn’t just a grade?” (Putnam Dawn, 89). Writing matters. It matters because it exists everywhere and people do it all the time. Some use it to organize their jumbled thoughts, others can use it to spark new ideas. Writing is a great form of communication as it expresses our personalities and opens us up to new things. Not only does it build communicative skills, but it also allows for employment. When you apply for a job, the skills required may mention the ability to write effectively. Good communication skills may come in handy when you want a business to strive.

Writing allows for reflection upon yourself and maybe on what others are writing. It allows for others to know your voice, “something that sets you apart from all other writers” (Donavan, 1). It can be a way for you to communicate how you feel about a certain thing or a certain profession you want to achieve. The better your writing, the better chance you have of securing a good career and good reading. It doesn’t matter if you’re great or horrible at reading or writing. The ability to learn through both is a beneficial thing to take advantage of. It’s important to educate yourself about reading or writing to be able to further understand the meaning of some texts that you come across. The organization of your writing, ideas, and themes, or the language that you put into your writing is what makes it yours. Writing can be done in many ways to express your thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. It has the potential to change the perspectives of others or it can persuade others to do things in a different way. For example, documentation of the Declaration of Independence completely changed the lives of thousands all from the form of communicating through writing.

Closing Thoughts

Reading and writing are both forms of great art. Thus, it is subject to an individual’s personal taste (Donavan, 1). You choose what kind of materials you want to surround yourself with. A wide variety of reading and writing exists to this day. It’s such a great thing to surround yourself with good reading and writing to allow yourself to expand your ideas and understanding about many things. As I mentioned in the beginning, both are great for deep thinking, comprehension, ideas, and themes. Both reading and writing are beneficial to our lives. It’s everywhere and we can’t avoid it unless we decide to live under a rock. Learning to read and write helps develop an individual to be the person they are. Many people say they don’t enjoy reading or writing. Maybe it’s because they haven’t found the right book or article to read, or maybe they haven’t found what writing holds. However, there are many others who enjoy reading and writing. They are both great tools to carry throughout your life.

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