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Reasons for Pursuing Higher Education: Essay

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Pursuing a college education is one of the best investments one can make in today’s society. Many go to college with the mindset of getting an education, finding a six-figure job, and going to a few football games here and there. Everyone pursues a higher education for different as well as their own unique and individual reasons. Personally, I want to get a good education to be able to support my future family, discover myself as well as new ideas, and find my true passion in life. While there are many different reasons to pursue higher education, these are the most important reasons someone could continue their education.

My main pursuit in pursuing a college education is to obtain a job that provides financial stability for my family and me. Financial security and living a comfortable life are essential to me because I never want my future family to worry about making the decision to either pay the electric bill or buy groceries. Having a sense of financial stability is something I value the most and the one way to achieve this is to secure a well-paying job so the worry of paying for bills or groceries is never an issue.

Equally important, I want to use college as an opportunity to find myself and focus a great deal on self-discovery. College is a time for becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be and trying new things. Before I begin my new life and career, I want to know who I am and build the social skills I’ll need to succeed. Two of the main goals I’ve set for myself this year are to gain better communication skills and learn better leadership skills. For my major, these two things are essential to make it as a counselor and I want to be able to set an example for myself as well as those around me. The best way to accomplish these two goals is by putting myself out there and trying new things I wouldn’t have pursued in high school.

Lastly, college is a time for self-discovery and trying new things, but it’s also a period of time to find what you’re passionate about and find your purpose in life. I don’t want to live an aimless life that has no direction. Your life should be filled with meaning and passion regardless of what your degree and career are. I want to truly love what I do with my life and never lose my passion. My belief is that everyone should find their passion, regardless of what it is, and follow it with a desire to do something that they will love.

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The structure of college can seem intimidating and at some points, it may seem pointless. Having to take the same classes you took in high school (or even classes completely irrelevant to your major) can seem like a waste of time at some points. However, each class you take can have a significant impact on your future career as well as the person you have become throughout these next four years. While each level of college may seem tedious and difficult, it’s important to remember that you’re building a foundation for a better life as well as a better version of yourself.

First and foremost, a college education will help students become socially aware individuals with a wide range of knowledge. According to Depth Requirements, the University is to create a learning environment by, “introducing ideas and issues in human thought and experience, University Studies courses help students achieve the intellectual integration and awareness needed to meet the challenges they will face in their personal, social, and professional lives.” When you attend a university, you’re exposed to new ideas and subjects that aren’t typical for people to explore in-depth in their own free time. These new concepts and ideas expose students to a new level of knowledge that will give them a better understanding of the world around them which will assist them with making any challenges they face much easier.

While general education is important to building the foundation of your career, your in-depth education is the reason most people attend college. With this education, you become an expert in your field. There are more requirements for this type of education which does make it more competitive and valued than simple general education. You’re exposed to new concepts and ideas you don’t have the opportunity to explore during your general education. You’ll become more knowledgeable and appeal more to future employers. Furthermore Lastly, the major course you will take throughout college is essential to your degree. These are most likely the classes you’ve been waiting to take since you graduated high school because they align the most with what you’re studying. These are the courses you should get most excited to be taking since many of your general education classes are the reason you’re in this specific major. Just from my breadth courses on Human Development, I’m extremely excited to begin more in-depth courses and start my major.

Currently, I’m on the path of general education. I have a long way to go until I begin taking my major classes and depth education courses. Freshmen year is one of the most important years during your college education because you’re building the foundation for the rest of your life as well as exploring new topics and discovering what you’re passionate about. Without general education, many people wouldn’t have the chance to figure out their major and future career. After countless hours of studying, too many tests to count, and whatever else is thrown your way during college it’s important to keep in mind why you decided to pursue higher education and just how rewarding it will be once you graduate.

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