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Reasons to Vote Leave Campaign for British: Analytical Essay

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Leave campaign is referred to a political campaign organization that supported Britain to withdraw from European Union (EU) in the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, also known as the European referendum and Brexit referendum that took place on 23rd June 2016. Based on the result, there are 52% of the voters choose for the British to exit meanwhile the remaining, while 48% of British people agreed for the British to stay in the EU. The main reasons of those who supported this leave campaign were actually due to the migration crisis and the weaknesses of the EU’s economic system. The EU law allows the free movements of a citizen in any EU country to travel, live and work without any barriers with other EU countries. Therefore, this law automatically urges the British to recognize all EU citizens who want to move to British without take their education level, age matters, and job skills into consideration which may possible lead to an increase in the percentage of local citizens’ unemployment rate. British people the ones who are responsible directly to the bad impact, for example, criminal issues and job market competition created from the immigration process.

As migration came to be a defining issue in the Leave campaign, the global financial crisis of the European Union that occurred in 2008 has worsened the scenario. The financial crisis gives a big impact on the EU, especially to the new members for instance Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and more. Eurozone tried their best to overcome this financial crisis as fast as they can but of course, took plenty of years for the stabilization process. At this adjustment period, a lot of workers who are from the affected EU countries most probably decided to move to British for work searching purposes. For example workers from Ireland, Italy, Poland and Romania have flocked to the British in search of a job. According to the Brexit immigration report, there are about 333 000 net migrants coming to the UK in 2015. That is quite a huge number and significant for Britain’s size. The leave vote is primary as protect against the free movement of EU citizens. British people thought if the UK decided to leave the EU, the country itself can have a more rational immigration system for instance the point-based immigration system, sometimes known as merit-based immigration where a noncitizen’s eligibility to immigrate is determined by the result of points in a scoring system that may include several factors for example language, wealth, education level, job offer, and some other factors.

Leave campaign supporter

There are a lot of people who were behind the leave campaign with several reasons. But for this research, we only focus on the two most powerful influential leaders who brought about Brexit. They are Theresa May and Boris Johnson. Theresa Mary May, formerly known as Theresa May was born on 1st October 1956 (currently 63 years old in 2019) in Eastbourne, United Kingdom. May is the only child of Zaidee Mary and Hubert Brassier. She married to Philip May in September 1980. She is a British politician serving as British Prime Minister and was opposed by the Queen on 13 July 2016 to be a leader of the Conservative Party. As been mentioned before, David Cameron was the previous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom served for 6 years and 63 days starting from 2010 before May replacing him as the leader of the Conservative Party. After most of the voters choose Britain to leave the EU in the National Referendum held in July, Cameron then announced his resignation and he passed the baton to Theresa May. May had made Johnson as foreign secretary in her new government who the one that successfully led the Brexit Campaign in the 2016 Referendum.

Boris Johnson or his full name Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born in New York City on 19 Jun 1964 (currently 55 years old in 2019). Johnson is the child of wealthy upper middle-class English parents, Stanley Johnson and Charlotte Johnson Wahl, and has another 3 siblings who are Jo Johnson, Leo Johnson, and Rachel Johnson. In September 1987, he got married with his first wife Allegra Mostyn-Own in West Felton, Shropshire. He is a British politician, journalist, and popular historian. Previously back in 2001 to 2008, he had been the MP of Henley, followed by Mayor of London started from 2008 to 2016 and in 2016 until now he served as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

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It is understood that when most of the British voters voted for Brexit, it mean that the nation agreed to leave its membership in the EU. But because of the slim majority, 52% to 48%, a debate has arisen on what exactly the plan after withdrawal, only 2 options are available, it is either Soft Brexit or Hard Brexit. In a simple word, a soft Brexit more favorable by Remain supporters where Britain would still retain a strong relationship in economic terms and allow free movement of people among EU countries. Differ with Hard Brexit, must probably be voted by the Leave Supporters that make Britain completely regain control over its border.

Reasons to vote leave campaign

i) British will be free to trade with the whole world.

“Vote leave, let’s take back control” was a slogan created for the leave campaign. This clearly illustrated how British people do not want to be overruled anymore by EU judges. As far as we are concerned, the EU is one of the regional trading agreement types under the common market. A common market here is defined as a group of trading nations within the geographical area that imposing free or no duty of goods and services, in addition with a free movement of factors of production such as labor and capital across a national border within the economic bloc. In a short run, the effect formed from this regional trading agreement lead to static effects of economic integration which emphasize on productive efficiency and consumer welfare. The static effects can be subdivided into two which are trade creation effects, where the welfare gain will be increased to a certain level for some of the domestic production as the producers can get the raw materials for lower-cost import from another country under EU. On the other hand, another effect created under static side, namely the trade diversion effect which can lead to welfare lost benefits from lower-cost producers to relatively high-cost producers within the EU countries.

Therefore, British people thought by UK’s withdrawal, the country will be free to seize new trade opportunities with all other countries in the world outside the union. In a free trade environment, a country is free to make any trade agreement with the countries they favor. Therefore, the export of goods will become more efficient with attempting export goods from low-cost countries through their specialization to produce cheap exports. For example, the British may had chance to freely trade with China, a well-known country as the largest manufacturing sector and the world’s fastest-growing market, or with India, a developing mixed economy. In addition, by signing to their own trade deals, the British can evolve more job creation all over the world. The situation could lead to positive economic growth that vitally important to achieve as it is one of the features in economic development and would increase the chance to make Britain great again.

ii) British will be free to make their own law.

To begin, the British would need to pay a certain amount into the EU budget, namely the EU membership fee but the amount varies from year to year depending on the rebate that the UK gets according to their contribution to the EU. Most of the British people thought the money that Government spend to pay the membership fees can actually more useful to be used for other public development projects in the country. These include improving their National Health Service (NHS) which is the publicly funded national health care system in terms of quality improvement aspects. In April 2018, NHS England with NHS Improvement had merged to act as a single organization. It was a great opportunity to work together in achieving the same objective in the health service department. Other than NHS, Government can also implement other expansionary fiscal policies, for instance, increasing government spending in to maximize citizen welfare by building more schools and recreational parks, providing more subsidies and benefits to the farmer, and more.

In addition, by signing off the EU agreement, Britain will be gaining the ability to control its own border, especially regarding migration issues. The government may apply fairer and more systematic laws to tackle the migration problem that gives a negative impact to the country in the long-term period. In future decades, if there are poorer countries decided to join the EU, the British will face a big problem to deal with. That is why the majorities of British people choose to leave rather than remain in the European Union.

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