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Reasons Why I'm Ready to Become a Dental Assistant

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The medical field has always interested me ever since my mother became a nurse and took me to bring your kid to work day. Since then I always imagine myself as a nurse; helping people feel better. It wasn’t until I started college and taking my prerequisites that reality settled in. I discovered that I couldn’t handle the sight of blood and the inner workings of the human body without feeling nausea. After rethinking my career path I found my passion for dental hygiene while doing an internship in a dental office.

I always wanted to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. In the dental field, you’re educating the public about the importance of oral health and easing their minds on both serious and non-serious procedures. Not to mention it’s a field that is high in demand. Most dental careers have a high job growth rate for the next ten years. You can specialize in your field of work according to what your interests are. There are many career avenues like orthodontist or hygienist. Not many career fields have set hours like in the dental field. Most offices are open Monday through Friday with the hours of 8 am to 5 pm. Giving you the time to raise a family, which is very important to me. Also making lasting connections with the patients is another reason why I’m attracted to the dental field. Successful offices make their patients feel like family. Lastly, in this field, every day isn’t like the last. You’re constantly having new experiences and meeting new people so, it’s never boring.

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The reasons why I believe my personality will be a great fit for working at a dental office are my high work ethic, my love of learning new skills, I’m well organized, pay attention to details and my people skills. I’m constantly getting high praise from my supervisors and boss on my work ethic. I make sure my work is done on time and done accurately. I also help out where I’m needed the most without being asked to. Make sure to get clarification on tasks I’m not too sure on. Exceedingly open to learning new skills that I may not necessarily need to know for my job title, but will help the company run better. For any medical office to be successful the employees have to be well organized with all the paperwork and records in-trusted to be filled correctly. My attention to details will come in handy when verifying patient’s records and procedures. Most importantly, my people, skill are essential to a dental office because many people don’t have dental insurance or have the money to spend on dental care. It’s all about making people feeling welcomed and important so they keep on coming back.

The steps that I have taken in order to be ready to work in a dental office are first, shadowing at a dental office, second bring my experience of running the front desk at Smile Wide dental office with my ten plus years customer service experience, and lastly is applying to this course. I shadowed at a local dental office in Durham for a month. The office manager Pam allowed me to shadow the hygienist and dental assistant. I even got to shadow the dentist for a few days and ask him questions found it very informative. I plan on shadowing another office in the summer and one more when I get into the program. I feel the more offices I can shadow at the better equipped I’ll be because each office is run slightly different. I have training in medical administrative assisting in which I have worked in a dental office for two years till the dentist relocated to Florida. I feel this experience helps me stand out and better understand the material covered in this course. This program has high reviews from alumni students. They stated they retain all the trained, they revived and felt more than prepared for the workforce. Most of them found jobs after graduating. So if I get into this program I feel it will be the best step towards getting ready to work at a dental office.

I understand that this is an accelerated course in which it isn’t like a typical college course. We will be learning many different skills in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, attendance and studying are key to being successful. We won’t be readdressing materials as we progress or have the time to build on what was already addressed. It is up to us, the students if we succeed or fail by putting in the time both in class and outside of class.

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