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Recommendation And Justification For Carbohydrates

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As discussed in Part 3, my client’s macronutrient consumption values met AMDR recommendations in all areas. However, my client’s consumption of carbohydrates bordered on the lower region of the 45-65% range (NHMRC, 2013). Over the three days my client averaged a total of 169g of carbohydrates per day, equating to 49.6% of total energy consumed. Further evaluation of his diet can attribute this lack of carbohydrate intake to his low intake of starchy vegetables, for example potatoes, legumes and plant based products. In fact, over the three day period my client consumed no carbohydrates in these forms, with all carbohydrate intake coming from grains, dairy and fruit products.

With many modern-day fad diets turning to low-carbohydrate alternatives (Astrup, Larsen, & Harper, 2004), the benefits of a diet high in carbohydrates is often ignored. Carbohydrates primary function within the body is the provision of energy in the form of glucose (Slavin & Carlson, 2014). The energy created from carbohydrates is predominately used during high intensity activities. As mentioned in Part 2 my client undertakes vigorous intensity training two to three times a week. During these training sessions his main source of energy would be obtained from carbohydrates. Various reports have shared findings that high carbohydrate diets lead to an increase in performance and energy levels in athletes competing at high levels (Burke et al., 2011). Additionally high carbohydrate diets have also proven to enhance recovery of elite level athletes (Burke et al., 2011), when diets are adapted daily, in order to ensure adequate fuel between sessions (Burke, Loucks & Broad, 2006). This enhanced recovery is due to the increase in the body’s ability to resynthesize glycogen, after consuming carbohydrates within one to two hours after exercise (Burke, Loucks & Broad, 2006). Although my client is not competing at an elite level, there are some conclusions which can be shared.

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The recommended AMDR of 45-65% of carbohydrate consumption has been heavily studied, with many reports detailing increased risks when consumption falls or rises above this range (NHMRC, 2014). Studies have shown that decreases below 45% have been linked with obesity risks, this is due to correlations between decreasing carbohydrate intake and increasing fat intake within a diet (NHMRC, 2014). On the other hand increases above 65%, have been linked with a growth in coronary heart disease, as a result of the nature of carbohydrates consumed (NHMRC, 2014). This demonstrates the guidelines my client must follow when adapting his diet to these recommendations.

Overall, it is recommended that my client increases their carbohydrate intake whilst ensuring that the nature of these carbohydrates is not detrimental to his health. An increase of carbohydrates to around 55-60% of total energy consumption should see various physical benefits to my client. This includes increased energy and performance during his high intensity exercise sessions (Burke et al., 2011). As well as this, increases in my client’s carbohydrate intake post exercise will not only promote recovery, but also allow for increased energy stores within the body (Burke, Loucks & Broad, 2006). It is recommended that to achieve these increases, my client consumes carbohydrates in the form of starchy vegetables and legumes, whilst avoiding products high in added sugar.

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