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Reconstructionism: Aims of Education

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Education is the process of learning, teaching and discussion in acquiring proper learnt results of knowledge, skills, values, and beliefs. As to be known, the education systems is differentiate formally within few stages such as preschool, primary school, secondary school and then college or university. In the education system, it is compulsory up to certain ages while beyond the limit were to believe that achieving their education is independently through previous raisings and past lessons to grant. A philosophy in education is a set of statement that seeks to discover the unillustrated version of syllabus and norms but, accordingly in beliefs and values that focuses on vision and missions. Reconstructionism defines as a continuation of reforming oneself or themselves to establish social networks through learnings without correcting based on theory and it cannot be construct without foundation. Its concept is to analyze the world’s event where all beings has their own purpose to live and to use in transforming the existing society with empowerment through deep thinking and advancing from what is learnt.

Firstly, the aim of the education under the philosophy of reconstructionism is a quest to make the world a better place and a better society through experienced learnt in the education systems. Education is an activity liberating the individuals from a chaotic absurd world. It is a part of human’s desire in wanting to bring unity, peace and control to the current world for the purpose of better life as times goes by. Life is beautiful but not always easy, it has problems too, and the challenge lies in facing them with courage which allows to make the pain bearable by providing hope. Reconstructionism helps in transforming the present to a future landscapes from the aid of innate learnings by being ahead and proceed with major aspects of changes with improvements and reconstruction of society.

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Secondly, the aim of education is to reconstruct the way students perceive the world in a different manner. The beneficial of the younger generations is that they have the opportunity to learn from the knowledgeable ones who’d lived ahead before them to promote differences in believing, teaching, and opinions. It also helps in approach in changes through differences in generation gaps and miscommunications. A good education is one that emphasizes individually through intellectual journeys so that one can see and understand themselves better. It will teach the students and the future generations to know that there is more answers beyond theories and the stack of textbooks and paperwork’s on office desk. Other than that, reconstructivism makes one to understand the method of how to conduct themselves through life by grasping rules and regulations and gaining a sense of conscience.

Next, the aim of education is to reconstruct the young generation’s mindset to be more open-mindedness in acceptance of differences in knowledge of the diversity of one’s country. In Malaysia, there are 3 main nations which are Malay, Chinese and India. Each of their race has their own differences and uniqueness which can be identify in both direct and indirect manner. In the same cultures can also be judge by mixed raise due to their mind set of stereotypes. Due to these factors, opinions and suggestion of the minority were remained neglected from the majorities despite the potential ideas that was discharged egoistically. Many adults have a sense of ignorance in developing a good relationship establishment among different race due to the stereotypes rumoured. Thus, the development of open-mindedness should be spread amongst the generations not only for a good rapport between each other in one society but, to also evolve one’s thinking skills against the world’s perspectives. Variously, one will obtaining new information of the contrary between cultures, ways of living, dissimilarities in opinions and formalities in discussion of any curiosities.

Lastly, the aim of education is to help individual, mainly students to examine the abnormal side of life, the irrational as well as the good side. It helps in enhancing the independently aspects of searching for answers through exploring the list of questions of what’s wrong and why it is wrong. It also helps in strengthening one’s individual’s control in seeking their definition of truth and seeking the interests of the overwhelming majority of mankind. Every action that was taken has their individual’s consequences to be judge such as an opportunity of freedom with limitations. Through education, it will support as guidance to each of the individual’s purpose of understanding and to make the right decisions.


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