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On-campus recruitment The world is evolving at a fast pace: technology is at its peak, science is experimenting, social life is advancing and so are the values of World affairs. With such a drastic alteration in every field of society, businesses have shown a similar surge of incompetence. Everyone wants the best of opportunity and to grab the goody-two-shoe employees for themselves. Hitherto, traditional methods were employed to achieve various economic goals; however, in the time of Gen-Z a new...
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The way a recruiter executes roles and responsibilities affects the overall outcome an organization will have. The purpose of this paper is to introduce and deepen the understanding of human resources recruitment and selection and explain the different roles and responsibilities within recruitment in an organization. This paper also will explain the changes organizations have made to move forward from the pandemic and the different processes recruiters have adopted. Roles and Responsibilities in Recruitment The primary role of a recruiter...
3 Pages 1433 Words
The concept of human resources recruitment process The recruitment process is crucial to every business endeavors. This will determine the kind of people who will fill in the right job so he must be the best person to do the job descriptions based from the person qualifications. Almost all organizations said that people are their important assets therefore, they have to do the right thing in hiring them that truly they are the best persons found for the job. Hence,...
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Inception Let me introduce you first with “the concept of recruitment process”? Recruitment means selecting the right applicant for filling up the vacancies in an association. Applicants with the required skills and attitude, which are required for achieving the aims of an association. This process undergoes an organized procedure starting from sourcing the resources to managing interviews and finally selecting the right applicants. This is managed by the HR department of the company. To increase the efficiency of hiring, it...
2 Pages 1061 Words
Abstract: ‘Industry 4.0’, known also as the fourth industrial revolution is likely to impact the professional field of Human resources (HR). The new emerging reality of Automation and digitization is expected to bring about changes in all aspects of business management. Already, the corporate world is abuzz with concepts such as: Redefining sourcing and recruitment, Virtual Reality (VR) in Onboarding, removing redundancies in HR operations, Redefining learning for making it more relevant, Employee engagement apps etc. Corporates of today would...
7 Pages 3201 Words
The Universities in New Zealand have very high expectations from the potential candidates for filling up the position of academic staff. They need to have at least a Ph.D. and an excellent publication record in academic journals of good impact factor. The universities follow an outdated and archaic approach through newspaper advertisements and also, by referrals from the academic staff. The recruitment process is exceptionally slow, highly decentralized and is usually accorded to the heads of academic departments, who are...
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About the company Brief history: KARACHI, because of its geographical location is known as the gateway of Asia. It is considered as the safest harbor since Karachi was the small village for fishing in early nineteenth century. The Port is administered by the Brand of Trustees including the Chairperson and 10 trustees. At the time of independence in 1947, the Port capacity was about 1.5 million tons of dry cargo and 1.0 million tons of P.O.L. products per annum. Karachi...
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Background to the problem General introduction Human resource is one of the most significant developments in the field of organizations which has been given increasing importance. People are vital to organizations as they offer perspectives, values and attributes to organizational life; and when managed effectively, these human traits can be of considerable benefits to the organization (Ekwoaba et al, 2015). This is so because the development of people, their competencies, and the process development of the total organization are the...
5 Pages 2464 Words
Internet is a globally connected and organized network system that makes utilization of TCP/IP to transmit information through different kinds of media. With emergence of Internet from 1990’s employment practices have evolved, the transformation from billboards to newspaper’s job advertisement to online job portals and now even to social media recruitment has completely evolved the Hiring Process. This study aims to determine the factors that influence the perceptions of employees towards e- recruitment. The study indicates that factors such as...
4 Pages 1666 Words
Introduction I am Sergeant Jermaine Denee Bowens with the District of Columbia National Guard located in the most important city in the Nation. The District of Columbia is the capitol of the United States and is located in the Mid-Atlantic region. The city has a total area of 68.34 square miles (177.0km2); 61.05 square miles (158.1 km2) is land and 7.29 square miles (18.9 km2) (10.67%) is water. The District of Columbia is one of the fastest growing cities in...
4 Pages 1818 Words
Hello, my name is SGT Connor Brave with the Illinois Army National Guard. I currently recruit out of Southern Illinois with November Company in Franklin County, White County, and the North Section of Saline County. Out of those three counties, I have control of ten high schools and one community college. The overall purpose of this paper is to explain the demographics of my area and schools, schools programs, a recruiting and sustainment plan, and to explain my efforts to...
5 Pages 2181 Words
Successful recruiting for the Army National Guard can be achieved by knowing your territory, taking a “team” approach with the area schools and their leadership, and utilizing the skills and software shared through mentorship. Being persistent in reaching out to those prime candidates will exemplify the ideals of an Army National Guardsman. The purpose of this paper is to formulate a recruiting plan for the Northern Neck of Virginia. This area is the northernmost peninsula that separates Maryland and Virginia...
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