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Reducing STI and HIV Risk among the Elderly

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The, diseases contracted in human bodies are responsible for interfering with the homeostatic immune mechanisms in the body and this decrease with age. AIDS and STIs are viral diseases that weaken the body immune response and are transfused by direct sexual intimacy between partners. Currently, they are the most frequent diseases among the seniors due to a number of factors as discussed below.

A research conducted by Susan et al., (2017), indicated that, among the population of entire Americans, older people are highly susceptible to contracting STIs and HIV. The increase in divorce and sexual active nature among them has enhanced the high rate of transmission. This increase is aided by indulgence in unprotected sexual behaviors as compared to their younger counterparts. They fail to understand that they are also vulnerable to these diseases and this is because they were never educated about condom being part of sexual life. Moreover, after menopause in women, virginal tissue thin and lubrication decreases increasing the risk of tear and of transmission of diseases (Juliane et al, 2017).

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The methods showing various sexual positions as illustrated in the video “PSA: safe sex for seniors” best illustrate the common practice among the elderly. However, these methods contribute to high risk of contracting STI and HIV because most causes friction which lead to breakage of the membrane creating open surfaces for the entry of antigens causing diseases. However, I agree with the last part of the video which emphasizes the use of condoms as one of the safe way towards preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted infection among the sexually active elderly population. It’s for this reason that the aged need to be educated on basic education on safe sex in order to identify the signs and the important of the use of condom, doctors should seek to know more about the sexual activities among seniors in order to advise them accordingly, and finally distribute condoms to locations where the elderly reside and congregates (Lyons et al, 2017).

In conclusion, sexual risk behaviors among the elderly require appropriate measures which aim at reducing this norm that make them more susceptible to STI and HIV. These may include targeted education campaigns, intervention and also health practitioners need to keep the record of sexual history of the elderly as this will improve knowledge about risks and need to espouse safe sexual behaviors such as the use of condoms and refrain from rough sex.

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