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Reflection on Beauty and The Beast: Opinion Essay

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Beauty and the beast has several messages going on during the movie. The first one being that the girl does not always pick the handsome, muscular guy like every other movie out there. The second one being that people will do anything to get with a person no matter how much money or effort it will take to be with them. Lastly, that not every horrifying person is bad. The filmmakers made sure to incorporate certain colors into the movie as they were symbols of actions. They also had many creations while drawing the beast and the meaning behind him.

The history behind the movie ‘Beauty and The Beast’ is not something people would know. The movie was directed by Gary Trousdale. It released on November 22,1991. The type of genres that the movie is related to is animation, drama, musical and performing arts, and romance. The story is about an arrogant young prince and his castles servant’s who all fall under a wicked spell. It turns the prince into a hideous beast until he knows how to love and receive love. This young, beautiful, and smart village girl named Belle enters the beast’s castle after her father has gone in there and became a prisoner. The real story behind the movie comes from the 1500s as real life events. The man’s name was Petrus Gonsalvus and he never wanted to be named the beast. He has a very rare condition called hypertrichosis, it is a disease that results in hair growing all over a person’s body. He was just missing a wife? I am pretty sure it was very hard for him to find a wife but he did. Her name was catherine de Medici. It was her personal mission to be Petruss wife. The two people were married for 40 years and had 7 children. Three of which were born with their fathers disease. Those three were given as gifts to the royal families.

Beauty and the beast was a big success both commercially and critically during the initial release. It has earned over $424 million in box office earnings throughout the world. For the commercial success, they have won the best original music score. But they have also been nominated for best picture and best sound mixing. They also won a Golden Globe award for best motion picture and Golden Globe for the best original score. ‘Beauty and The Beast’ had some excellent press for them. For an example, Gene Slskel stated “Beauty and the Beast is one of the year`s most entertaining films for both adults and children.” meaning that it is a great movie to watch no matter how you are; everyone can enjoy it. Another example of great press that ‘Beauty and The Beast’ had was “ It’s exceptionally difficult to make an audience care for animated characters unless they’re mermaids or anthropomorphized animals or insects, yet the Disney animators, with a big assist from the vocal talents of a superb cast, have pulled it off” by John Hartl. He’s explaining that it is hard to make a movie for the viewer to feel sometime of empathy for the characters and since they were able to do that the movie had a deep meaning to it.

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I think how the movie has impacted our culture is how the movie basically says that love will find you when the time is right. So people should not be going around looking for their true lover because they are not going to unless they wait for it. I think the movie has changed American because as you watch the movie you see that every woman that would be considered “popular” these days all go for the huge, muscular, tall handsome man. But you will see that he does not want them; He wants Bell. As he is a well-known person in the town and well she is not for the most part. So it is not all that the beautiful girls go out for the most attractive and do not really know their worth. It is that girls should learn their worth so then they do not end up a man who is going to hurt them in the end and truly wants them for them and not their looks. The movie has became who we are because it teaches us little life lessons deep inside the movie. Belle shows little girls and woman that it is okay to regreta man, that it is okay to be confident in who they are, and if the man does not expect the fact that you do not want them then it is okay. The beast shows little boys and men that it is okay to wait for love but eventually the right girl will come, to express how they feel, and to learn how to control their anger in different ways. Gastan shows little boys and men that it is not okay to take something important away from the girl in order to get here, not being disrespectful to her, and that it is okay to take rejection in different ways.

There could be millions of ideas what the theme could be for this movie. But in reality the true theme is love. Belle is not loved or cared for because she is beautiful but because she kind and caring. The beast is slower but not to slow for his uptake, but he does get there by making and putting effort into the affection he gives belle before the last rose petal falls off. There is different reasons as why each and every character is different in this movie. Belle longs for so much more than a normal, ordinary life. The beast is learning how to gain love for another. Lumiere is like the who is always going to say “do it” because there could be a good ending. Cogsworth is the friend that says “ no thats going to be a good idea” or a “buzz kill.” Mrs. Potts is like the most caring and confident and gives both Belle and the Beast good advice. Chip is like the little cute one who joins in all the fun that goes on. Gaston is like the big bad wolf in the movie. Maurice has that deep loving and caring fatherly love for belle and will always support her decisions. The structure is quite amazing from other Disney movies. In the exposition Belle is the outcast of the town. Gaston tries to make her his. In the rising action Belles father gets chased bu wolfes in the forest and ends up finding the Beasts castle and becomes captures. Belle tries to save her father but then becomes the prisoner for the Beast. Everyone in the castle is happy that theres a girl in the castle because they are excited that the Beast and Belle may fall in love. The climax is where everything is going to take a turn but then end up working in the end. The word gets out that Belle and the Beast have become friends and Gaston begins to create a mob of people to kill the Beast so he could have Belle. The falling action begins when the angry mob enters the castle but gets defeated by everyone who lives in the castle. The Beast kills Gaston at the end of the fight. The Beast begins to die because the last and final rose petal has fallen off but Belle tells him that she loves him. So the Beast does not respond for a solid minute but his spirit is coming back to him and he becomes the handsome prince he was because he has had a spell casted on him. Belle does not believe that it is him until she looks into his big blue eyes that she knows. The conclusion of the movie is that Belle and Prince Adam fall in love and they will live happily ever after. The artistic style of the movie is Baroque and rococo. The film combines tradtitional animation with computer animations. It blends together computer generated backgrounds with hand-drawn characters. There are many things that make the plot, artstic style, and different things special in this movie.

I think the movie is a great movie to watch. I have not watched that movie since i was 7 years old and it brought back the little kid in me. I really enjoyed watching it. The movie is whatever age. If you wanna watch the movie when you are 76 years old you’ll still enjoy it. It si truly such an amzing movie. It has so many hidden messages in there. But truly the one that stands out the most is that love takes time to find. Like I explained above Belle does not want gaston and she does not rush things with the beast but she knows she had some kind of feelings for the beast. There are so many beautiful movements in the movie. One being that belle told the beast that she loved him and saved his life because she said it.

Many people would enjoy his movie no matter what verison it is. People will have different thoughts as I but people see other things different. They will see the theme as something else, notice different things, and many more. There are different meanings to the movie but it is one that is exposed as much.

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