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Reflection On Bless Me Ultima: Opinion Essay

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Imagine having to make a decision that will affect your whole life at such a young age. Well Antonio Jaun Marez Luna had to do such a thing, he was stuck between his parents wishes up until ultima came to live with him in the summer when he was almost seven. His mother wished he followed her family’s path and becoming a priest over the land of the Lunas. While his dad’s plan was to have Antonio follow his wishes and become a vaquero like him. Even though his parents had wishes for his future he had something else in mind. I strongly believe that he decided to become independent and not follow the paths his parents wanted for him. Although I do believe he did take some aspects from each parent’s way of living.

There was a large amount of reasons for me to think that he’ll become a person of his own. First of the many reasons that led me to think this is a quote in the book “Bless me ultima” Antonio states “Sometimes in the future I would have to build my own dream out of those things that were so much a part of my childhood.” The reasons that Antonio said this is because his curiosity led him to experience things a lot of kids his age have not and because of this he started to question everything he did and thought throughout his childhood. This supports my claim because it proves he self-reflects and inspires himself to not follow their dreams and to become his own persona.

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Another big reason that Antonio is going on his own path is linked to the quote Ultima stated in the book “Bless me ultima” ,“ I pulled this baby into the light of life, so I will bury the afterbirth and the cord that once linked him to eternity. Only I will know his destiny.” This shows not only Antnoios mom side will know his destiny but neither will his dads side. This supports my claim because both sides of the families will not be able to give guidance to Antinio because Ultima is the only one knowing his future. Leading them to only give advice to the options he creates later on in life.

Although many will believe that Antoino will follow his mother’s dream and become a priest over the Luna’s land. Antoino’s siblings, friends, and family all encourage him to becoming a priest like his mother dreamed of. In the book “Bless me ultima” Tony’s friends state,” Yeah,Tony knows more about religion and stuff like that than anyone, Tonys gonna be a priest”. Tony’s friends then proceed to “practice” confession with Tony playing the role of the priest because they believe he’s going to become a priest. They think that because he knows the most about religion out of everyone they know. Other than that Tony believe that the golden carp is real and does not allow him to believe in one god which is part of his religion which does not allow him to become a priest like everyone thinks. I say this because in the book “Bless me ultima” Tony exclaimed “Why do you punishes florence? Why doesn’t he believe? Will the golden carp rule?” in this quote it shows Tony is still undecided on what to believe in.

Even Though he does not follow in the Lunas path he does not want to follow his father’s footsteps because his brothers had already gone down that path. I say this because in the book”Bless me ultima” Eugene had announced to his brothers, “ We have to get the hell out’a here.” In response Leon had said” Yeah. It’s hell to have seen half the world then come back to this.”

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