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Reflection on Fun Home: Opinion Essay

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Fun Home: a family tragicomic is a graphic memoir written by Alison Bechdel. This graphic memoir is about Bechdel’s childhood from 8 years old to her early 20s and during the process, she discovered her sexual orientation/own lesbian sexuality, as well as some dark secrets of her father(Bruce). When people first see Fun Home, would probably assume Bechdel using the memoir to reveal the story of her childhood and her relationship with her father but the memoir is more than that. The graphic memoir fun Home perfectly shows the effect of long-term repression, the way that disgrace can drive an individual to hide that disgrace and hiding that disgrace can potentially drive individuals to the extreme and harm themself. One article, “The Father, the daughter” stated Bechdel’s used the memoir to demonstrate homosexuality is discriminated against and is not recognized by society during that era. Both, Fun Home and “The Father, the Daughter” present the idea of people associate homosexuals equally to shame, fear, and self-loathing and gays are severely impacted.

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“The Father, the Daughter” was reviewed by Anne Elizabeth Moore. Moore stated Fun Home isn't what the title appears to demonstrate a wacky, humorous sitcom loaded up with characters as interesting and recognizable as the cast of her animation strip Dykes to Watch Out For. But more of how homosexuals have to pretend to be normal in front of peoples and hide their true inner feeling and want because of society associate homosexuals equivalent to shame, fear and self-loathing. Moore also stated the success of Fun Home was very difficult and unusual. Females had been very restricted in the American comics industry. Bechdel's self-portraying story gives an approving, consoling, practically moving model for retelling the tales of our pansy fathers, filthy uncles, limp-wristed more youthful siblings, quirky. This unique strategy of writing method allowed Bechdel to achieve outstanding success in the American comics industry.

In the graphic memoir, I had read from Fun home, which consisted of the first two chapters. Bechdel consistently used Bruce’s behavior to prove evidence of how Bruce tried to hide the shame of being gay throughout the memoir. Alison portrays her dad's steady adorning of the family house utilizing an analogy that astoundingly catches the dynamic of suppression and fixation: she considers her to be as being both Daedalus and the Minotaur – both the Greek fashioner who made the inevitable maze to house the horrendous beast and the beast itself. Thusly of seeing things, the over-the-top practices are a frantic method to stow away and control the beast an individual sees inside oneself, yet they never take out that individual's feeling that the person truly is on the most fundamental level a beast. Thus even as the practices offer control, they are additionally a jail (and the 'beast' can at present now and again escape, as both Bruce's furies and issues with a portion of his male high school understudies verify).

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