Reflection On My Own Beliefs About Caring And Caring For Others

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Table of contents

  1. Caring Reflection Paper
  2. Caring and Nursing
  3. Challenges to Caring
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

Caring Reflection Paper

Values and attitudes inform the way in which health services are delivered and received. To achieve this, nurses should have the ability to perceive the independence and diversity of clients in different steps in their journey. This paper tries to explain the definition and the necessities of caring. This article also considers the challenges that may be accrued in the caring process.

Caring and Nursing

Caring is an important feature of nursing which includes assistive, supportive, and facilitative acts for individuals or groups. Practical care involves the relationship, mutual recognition and involvement of the nurse and the client (Kozier et al., 2018).

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There are different theories about the importance of caring. Jean Watson thinks that 'Human care is the basis for nursing's role in society, and nursing's contribution to society lies in its moral commitment to human care.' Simone Roach came up with the five C's of caring: commitment, conscience, competence, compassion, and confidence. The five C's are viewed as helpful for enhancing associate and patient connections and expanding a nurse's chances for professional success. Considering both theories of Watson and Roach, the practical nurse shows that the medical aspect of nursing is not the only sight of patient care but also a lot of nurses can feel sympathy and give the clients comfort. Patients may experience stress about their conditions, it is important for nurses to treat a patient's physical discomfort as well as his or her emotional needs. Patients look to nurses as their advocate, so sometimes a compassionate nurse is all patients need to reduce their anxiety (Kozier et al., 2018).

Understanding how knowledge and care form the critical nursing dyad is crucial to providing effective, safe and quality care. Knowledge is particular information about something specific, and care is behaviour that shows compassion and respect for others. Knowledge is outlined and described during a range of ways. Five fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing are empirical, ethic, personal knowledge, aesthetics, and social politics. A nurse would possibly use all or some of these knowledge methods when providing care (Finkelman & Kenner, 2014)

Caring in nursing is depend on the ability of nurses in making a good relationship with clients. Caring reactions are as changed as clients' need. So, it is the art of nurse to make a good pattern based on knowing the client, nursing presence, empowering the client, sympathy, and capacity (Kozier et al., 2018).

Being a nurse means seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and dealing with certain things that are not so pleasant in life. As it is clear, caring for others as a nurse is not easy at all. Nurses face everything from the biggest to the most amazing situations that would squirm or run the normal person.

When a person wants to care of a family member tends to suffer from both the ability for imminent loss and the inability to resolve the issues. A family have to be accompanying the patient, because the hospitalization removes him from his social environment, which he considers to be safe and constant, and is inserted in another environment that presents itself cold, unknown and fearful. Assisting the family with a sick relative outside the therapeutic possibilities of cure require a great deal of sensitivity from the nurse since she has many concerns regarding care and attention to her relative. It is also incumbent on nurses to train family members with the purpose of helping them to understand more about the future responses of the disease and the diversity and possibility of care. I think the family and the patient should be considered as a unit of care since the assistance offered to one of them also significantly affects the other. Last but not least, I believe A cultural approach to care must be adopted, that is an approach in which nurses take into account standardized, learned values, beliefs and ways of life (Matos & Borges, 2018).

Challenges to Caring

Even as one of the most worthwhile professions, nursing isn't without its challenges. In my point of view, protecting themselves from feeling overwhelmed is the most challenging thing for nurses (Cooper, 2001). There are some steps which I can use to reduce this feeling. I should not be a brooder, the sooner introduce myself, the easier it becomes to feel more comfortable with my new unit. Have a 'go-to' crew, I should try to find at least one nurse, one doctor, and another team member who are most eager to guide me. I need to ask questions. I need to accept that I am the most important patient and take care of myself. I need to keep in mind that I do not take things personally because it would be essential for a new nurse.


The nursing process consists stages that should be completed to assist the patient to overcome the diseases. The use of the Jean Watson and Simone Roach model help the nursing process succeed and become efficient. Our patient because of their depression and problems needs to have properly cared in different ways, it needs to be physiologically, physically and psychologically treated. The daily lifestyle of the patient is affected and nurses need to understand why this activity is carried out for their well- being. Patients should be properly informed about the benefits they will have if they cooperate with the agreed care plan. There are different questions in my mind about intimacy and ethics. We need to know more about the details and I hope to practice in multiplicity places as a student help me to figure out these facts and obstacles.


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