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Reflection on My Spring Break during Coronavirus Pandemic

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All of this really started during spring break and we ended up having two full weeks of Spring Break. And ever since then all of our classes became online for the rest of the semester which has been a challenge to get used to at first. Now it has become easier to deal with.

The entire time since the coronavirus had spread all across the world has been weird. On some commercial on tv it was saying what previous ailments and conditions would be impacted the worst. And Asthma was on that list and since I have asthma I have tried to stay inside the house pretty much every day. I have gone into places on one day but I was wearing a mask the entire time. We got our masks from someone who has made a lot of masks and is selling them. They are actually really good masks to wear when going outside.

As an introvert people would think this is a perfect time to just stay in your house on your computer. That is not the case for me because I have had trouble sitting still. So anytime one of my parents leaves to go do something I would either stay at home or just go along for the ride. Throughout this time I have mostly spent time with my family. We sometimes play card games such as scrabble slam and Uno. Both games are really fun even though we realized we were playing scrabble slam all wrong. The way we played it we just took turns to put a letter down. Its supposed to be played where people just slam down the letter to make a word. It is more fun to play it the right way. Its very easy to get competitive because whoever puts down their last card wins. Uno is fun as well but it does take a while to play. It seems like having the plus 2 or plus 4 cards to put down is very satisfying. The card set we got had blank cards that you could write whatever you wanted to do to cause the other players to gain more cards. Making them get more cards makes your chances of winning go up. Another thing to do is to watch tv together. We usually watch wheel of fortune at night. It is really fun trying to figure out the puzzle before the contestants do. Sometimes it is harder to guess what is on the board at times, but it is still fun to guess what it is.

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We also sometimes get to visit and watch my niece. She is six months old and loves to smile at us. She is just so precious and I love getting to see her. My sister sends us lots of pictures of her during the day so that we can see her even if we do not get to see her in person everyday.

Having all online classes have been a struggle to get used to. I do have one class online this entire semester and it has been a fun class. But getting used to have every class online has been a challenge. I do better in a face-to-face class. One online class is easy to get used to but having all of them online is a struggle. The coronavirus has just changed how everyone goes about their daily lives. This has also been a challenge that mostly every student has had to get used to.

I just want things to go back to normal. I think that most people are ready for things to become normal again. It has gotten tiring to just stay in one place and not travel any place. It seems that a lot of people are ignoring the whole social distancing thing. They are just doing what they normally would do even though they have been told not to do. They probably do not understand how bad the virus is in other places. So many people have died from this virus. It may not be bad here at the moment but people will always tend to focus on themselves. They do not seem to care if they might be becoming sick or if they might be infecting other people and not know it.

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