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Reflection on Public Shaming: Opinion Essay

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In this tech savvy world potential audience is obsessed with the social media and how to get popular on social media. However, some may not know the repercussions or being humiliated online across globe. There are two categories of people one who posts videos of being rude, arguing, littering and singing or dancing poorly to get popularity and others are one who do shame or makes trolls on those video recordings. Public shaming is bad in my viewpoint as it is not the way to put once beliefs about that act. If someone has to guide someone about their act, then they should find some good way to convey the message and it also can be done by telling privately rather than shaming in public.

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For example, a year ago, there was an ethics news regarding the ‘Bad tweets and ethics of shaming’ (Kenneth Boyd -Aug 7, 2018), that article highlighted about expressing tweets about racist, sexist, homophobic etc sentiments brought to light. The original twitter then publicly shamed for the act in one or the other manner. One more case which made headlines that time was ‘James Gunn, director of the first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies’ (Kenneth Boyd -Aug 7, 2018) Gunn publicly shamed on the bases of his past tweet where he was making jokes on rape and pedophilia. Repercussions for that happened like this Gunn’s lost his job. Societal standards change quickly and what people tweets or writes about few things when they were younger or of less age may not be the same as they would tweet now. So, making such remarks is totally unacceptable and if we look at Gunn’s story there were people who supported him also.

Public shaming is not the correct approach to make learn discipline to any child from my point of view. However, some people find some justice in this mechanism, and therefore, it raises dilemma in terms of ethics. Some people find it unethical as shaming may go viral and there is absolutely no way of not doing it as the internet never forgets also doesn’t allow audience to forget, and the victim may be scarred for life. Parents should find other ways of disciplining their children as shaming them on the internet may bring adverse effects. Shaming tactics used by parents which typically involves posting videos or photos of their children to social media such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram and those acts may include punishing the child for disobedience, teaching lessons in a very bad manner or even sometimes showing their frustration on children. Parents are posting videos of their children by making some embarrassing videos for example children getting silly and embarrassing haircuts etc. Children may lose their self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation etc. Shaming a child is entirely different from shaming an adult because they have different strengths to cope with the humiliation.

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