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Reflection on Single-Sex or Co-educational Schools: Opinion Essay

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Today I would like to share my opinion on why I think that all schools should be co-educational. There are many reasons why I believe this, but the three that stand out for me. The first reason is that boys do much better in a school where there are both girls and boys. Second is that’s separating a student from each other teaching us important and crucial lessons for the future. My final reason for believing this is that girls.

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Firstly I believe that students, particularly boys In schools with more than 60 per cent girls, boys saw better reading scores if they were at a school with that ratio. The scientists were controlling for a bunch of variables, from school resources to race to the education of parents and teachers, and the results were only really explained by one thing: more girls. Boys were far worse at reading if they were in a school with under 60 per cent girls. A 2004 study found that having girls around shifted the study cultures of schools, encouraging better habits in boys. ‘Girls possibly set a more successful learning climate in the schools and classrooms, to which boys were more susceptible,’ the study suggests. But do boys inspire better habits in girls? However, the idea that single-sex education is always better for girls isn’t universally accepted. A meta-study by the American Psychological Association pulling together data from 184 studies worldwide in 2014 found that single-sex and co-ed schooling only offered ‘trivial’ differences in academic performance. The results involved 1.6 million students from 21 nations aged from kindergarten to grade 12, so it’s one of the most comprehensive studies of the issue ever done.

Secondly, Kids go to school to learn. I agree with that. But one of the things they go to school to learn is about social interaction. How are we supposed to learn social skills and interaction if we are segregated? As growing people, we need to think about our future, and need to learn skills, although we are still young, knowing skills that could help avoid serious problems that could result in things that us as 15/16 years olds don’t and shouldn’t have to. Part of where we learn those skills is at school. You have to give them a safe space to test those things. Children learn how to interact with each other, develop friendships, and learn social skills by being able to be among peers. If you take that away, not only will they lose a much needed social skills tool, they will end up going behind your back to see people. When you tell a child No, they will do their best to do the opposite. Parenting is already hard enough, why make it more difficult? Segregating the sexes during school won’t help. They will only sneak around, and hide things you would rather they be honest with you about. I have four girls. We are all in school. There are little to no results showing that segregation of schools by gender improves academic skills.

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